Wednesday, August 25, 2010

life statement..


i will go thru dis life - only once
and i shall hav but one chance to live
not all ppl will like me -
others may even despise me
as i may not be easily understood
yet i will take dis chance - still;
to live
and i will reach out in ways i know
and i will love those whom i can
and i will strive to
understand them more..

not all days will bring me sunshine
not every endeavor will be a success
but i will savor the victories i achieve
and i know - not all dreams i dream will be mine
but in time new dreams will fill my heart
and my soul
and as from a star those hopes will propel me forward
doin everythg the best way i know i can
no fear shall trample me watsoever
tho some tasks seem to outweigh my strength;

i will only do wat i hav to do..
and God will take care of the rest.

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