Saturday, August 28, 2010

i miss you.

i am not sure wats wrong wit me today. or tonite. i keep on havin one thang in my mind - and its kinda botherin me. no - not dat kinda botherin dat u want it to get the hell away from u. its kinda feelin - buggin u, botherin u in a sweet way - u knw how it is, when ur missin someone, so badly; and it starts to hurt urself.

i knw dis aint rite. restrictions. the dis and dat. i dun know - but i cant help myself to struggle wit dis kinda feelin in me - damn it really hurts me, alrite.

trow another day dat i've to go thru - i somehow; crazily waiting form Monday. call me idiot - but if i hav to be one, and wld be able to deal wit dis thang in me - it'd rather be an idiot.

think i shld hit the sack, havin dis feelin buggin me to sleep then. i wish i cld hav the power to manipulate words - make em all in lines; so i cld tell how it feels. i wish i cld hav the guts to jst tell tale rite on - jst like dat - but life wldnt be dat easy. the restrictions, again. the dis and dat.

gnite. and sleep tite.


singAsong said...

Hi Shane... nice blog...

jerry maguire, jr. said...

thanks! hope u enjoy readin em.