Thursday, August 19, 2010


I gez its a long week for me, tho i knw it aint at the end as yet. But when ur into deep wit sthg, when ur waiting for sthg to come true.. darn u knw how it is. Time crawls like a limping cockroach, yeah. Cockroach? Heh. Now dats sthg else. But it is damn so slow for me, indeed. And wit in dis coupla days, at least 3 persons lend my ears for basically the same story - its like 'am i falling for him/her, yet he's/she's jst a fren, i'm kinda confuse i dun knw wat to do' kinda thang. I gez its normal. Ppl went thru dat as well, like most of the time. Its easy to say thgs till when it hits ur own face, damn - then u knw how it is. The falling in love. Infatuation. A fren. A lover. A lover and a fren. I've been there as well, i knw how it is. The strugglin in u to say 'no, i aint fallin.. he's/she's jst a fren of mine' kinda thang, yet u knw ur reaction is completely different. Even ppl arnd u as well, cld tell dat u both r so deeply-dy in love. The denial. The suka tp tak cinta thg in u. And it hurts. Ur tangled in between. To tell, or not to tell. If u do tell - there's definitely risk to take. He/she will get shock to death and 'wat the hell is wrong wit u?' at u, and leaves u. U'll get in deep shait. But if u go pickin up the second option - not to tell thang, there's still a risk God sake. U'll go around carryin the uncertainty feelin in u, draggin u each and every day. U mght go for mad, to insane. And the worst thang is - he/she mght leaves u as well, for he/she finally finds s'one new. And dats not u. He/she will go enjoyin life while ur at home blaming urslf for being a moron, never initiate a step at the first place. So how? Damn. Choices. Choices. Choices. To choose, or not to choose. So watcha gonna do? Keep thgs to urslf, and be a loser? Or go tell tale, and dats it - ur a dead meat? Erm, frankly speakin - i dun hav the answer. Even if u ask me wat wld i do, i jst dun knw wat to tell. For its so subjective. For its so dpnds on wat u want in life, and how badly u want it then. And how good do u knw urslf or not, plus ur readiness to change, to commit. To be in love is a commitment. And to commit urslf, damn - its a huge thang. To fall in love is easy. But to stay in love - dat wld be sthg else. I dun mean to scare u, but dats the thg. Love is a sweet thang. And it has to stay sweet all the time, yeah. I knw its hard - the confusion. To choose either one - fren or lover. No, theres no such thang 'in between', for oii! dis is life. U aint gonna get the cheese and the cake, at the same time! (cheese cake eh? how? haha). So, think. Wit ur heart, and ur head on it. Put a bit of rationality in it. The pros, the cons. Jst dun rush into thang - only fool rush in. I wish u out the, the very best. In life et al. Life's easy. Life's sweet. So go kickin some arses, before its to late. Perkh, sejuk weh aircnd bus ni. Nak terkenc lah! Argkh.

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Anonymous said...

Try an error. Do mistakes as much as we can so one day, we'll know how to handle thang. Thats for me. U? dunno. lol

Patut ah menjela2, dalam bas rupanya.. :)