Monday, August 23, 2010

choices, to choose.

its ur choice!

every human bein has the rite to choose how they feel; u can choose happiness or sadness. erm, i've been havin dat in mind since dis morning. since a young gal left my room - for a 'heart-to-heart talk'. she's been contacting me for the past 2 weeks, sayin she needs to see me, and wants to talk. she left the room wit kinda 'small smile' on her face, leavin me thousands of thgs in me - wondering wats in her mind. damn, i hope she's gonna get better. i know i aint settling her problem, for i was jst there - doin the listenin. and sharing.

i gez - u may be depressed or heartbroken - over somethg dat may hav happened to u or somethg u did a long time ago - even years ago, to urself, or to others. but u need not stay in dat depressed state any longer - at least dats wat i think.

and there is no need to carry dat pain any longer of ur heart; day after day, year after year. u must not let it grow continuously b'coz soon enuff, dat one issue ur sad or depressed about, will turn into ur normal way of thinking. we've been thru dis before, and i know u know how it feels like, yeah. damn - hit me if i am wrong, but negative thinking HAS a domino effect!

when one door closes in life - another one will open. but if u do not let go the pains of yesterday - the joys of today and trow will never, ever be discovered. they will be overshadowed by ur own misery. i believe dat we must let go of the past - to be happy. there is no 'ifs', 'and' or 'buts'!

quit living negatively in the past - its the 'now' dat matters. and focus on wat u can do about today, and in the future. u see - i gez wats happened in the past - u hav no control of, today. u cant do a thang about it - so, God sake - y live there?

we gotta start living and loving thgs we can control; such as dis beautiful day, or may be call a fren dat u had a relationship wit dat turned bad and re-kindle it well. life is short - darn u know dat well, i bet. go out and create joyous experiences and turn happiness into a constant way of thinking.

as the phrase goes - 'enuff is enuff'. do u not agree?

i remember telling the young gal dat never ever let the torments and regrets of yesterday live in her deep enuff - from covering the progression and happiness for today.

and i remember seein her eyes blinking away, as if trying to contain her tears from runnin down her cheeks.

and as usual - i beg to differ. i wish i cld do more. i wish i cld jst tell her dis and dat, a thg or two so she'll be ok. but i know dat wldnt be rite. for its herself dat she had to deal wit first, before anythg else..

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