Wednesday, July 28, 2010

done 3rd day!

me and the whole gang
wit Dr Salleh aka Harith Iskandar..
see me?

done it the 3rd day - i must say it quite an interesting day alrite. interesting - dat is. its 'Test and Evaluation' by Assc Prof Dr Mohd. Sallehhudin Abd Aziz (UKM). a nice talk alrite. cuma early in the morn., i was kinda 'lem-pi' sket - sumer serba tak kena.. and kinda sleepy a bit yeah. but then - towards the end, it was interesting indeed. Dr Mohd. Salleh was kinda funny, serious at the same time. i love the way he laugh - it makes all of us ended up laughing as well.

received a call from dis Prof from Pakistani yg aku tolong pagi tadi - brought him to OUM since Prof Mahes mintak tolong. nthg much - he was like keep on sayin 'thank you' - again and again. nice man as well - a well educated man, not typical kinda Paki, siap ada PR Canada plak weh! hahaha


Inception, tonite. i've been waiting for dis yeah. cant wait for it. most of my frens gav kinda good response on dis one. i aint sure wat it is all about - yet it looks nice. heh.

and Kg Baru, again after dat.


OUM - 3rd day!

spent some time at Rebung - wit KC and Ted. Wawa came in 30mins later. had a great time. i took coupla pics using my old Canon (for i din bring the big bulky one) and yeah - Wawa brought his new Canon dslr as well - argkhh.. jeles. each shoots, i mean - all shoots r damn crystal clear. and sharp. padan la dgn harga, eh?

finally - after like 2yrs now, aku met up KC again. he's a nice guy indeed. down to earth, simple. we knew each other for yrs now - and it happens he knew Ted as well. aku remember we used to hav tea tarik somewhere - till late midnite. and dat was like 2 or 3 yrs back, yeah. and KC has been wanting to meet me up for cuppa again - and each time aku turun KL - my bad, i cldnt make it for so many reasons. i am sorry. but then - finally - aku made up to it, alhamdulillah. so KC - its my pleasure getting the chance seein u again. i had a great time, thanks. and thanks for the food, too. too bad my fav popia semlm sejuk.. otherwise - u know how it is. heh.

3rd day in OUM today. more presentations, group works and such. i hope today there'll be more activities. for if its jst a plain show-me-the-slide kinda thang, i'll be definitely up to the MumuLand within few minutes jer.. dats for sure.

hav a great day ye!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i must say there's a bit of frustration lingers around, definitely. especially when ur lookin up for somethg to happen, when ur waitin patiently for dat one thg to come true. errmm.. i gez - it leaves wit me no choice to choose - we planned alrite, sometimes it when it was not meant to be - then dats it. tak pe la.. tak tak jadi, nak buat mcmana. jst dat - erm, i'm so eager for dis, God sake. life is aint about u urself - its about those ppl around u as well. so, i am taking it as it is. i gez there'll always be trow, aye?

its like - it is gonna rain. to walk to Sime Darby and wait for KC to pick me up - think i am gonna get soak hell yeah. alhamdulillah - Ted called, he's gonna pick me up and we'll leave for Rebung, and thus - meet up wit KC there.

i cant wait. i am so friggin hungry, yeah.

silly me to choose a nap over a lunch. heh.

2nd day - done!

Dr Fariza (yg cantik dan sempoi) finished up her lecture by 3.45pm. kinda early alrite.. her class was nice - i was like full of energy, eager to learn more.. since - ermm.. hahaha.. theres a bit of group activities before lunch - dat was like ur forced to listen to some recorded interview, then u summarized it into one composition - as if ur givin out a Health Talk. dammit since aku and Akram were the only men in the group - aku le yg kena present. Akram bley plak lepas! heh. and since aku group last yg finished up the session - aku buat selamba je la.. and alhamdulillah - the result was like.. aku rasa puas ati la jugak, and the whole gang were ok wit it as well. bg aku nak cakap kat depan is not really a biggie - as long aku ada fact, aku tau the audience.. heh.

back to the room now. senang plak dpt taxi ptg neh - nak balik hotel tau aje driver2 neh. tp kalo aku nak menghala ke OUM; harem.

will of be goin for dinner wit KC and Ted. KC - one of my old fren dah bising sejak dr awal bulan (the 1 week aku in ere) yg each time aku dtg sini - aku never ever bother to tell him so.. and he heret Ted too; since em both r as well - knew each other quite sometime. will be havin dinner in Rebung. yayyy!!

and its on KC. double yayyyy!!! haha

OUM, 2nd day!

after the breakfast - aku managed to catch a taxi. erm, not bad la today. sekali angkat tgn je to the mainroad - taxi dah dtg. but then - i am facing the same thang like yesterday - dis old man aka pakcik tak tau the where about how to get there to UOM. he was like, 'OUM? kat mana?'. heh. mcm apek smlm la jugak.. but then - i aint like forever bimbo. kalo semlm aku siap keluarkan peta segala bagai - ari ni aku cool je bgtau - its dkt UM nyer cwgan, dkt Bank Rakyat, somewhere dkt JKR sana-sana tu.. and aku feel like, 'get out pakcik - lemme do the driving!'. wah gteww.. hahaha..
aku dah kat OUM.

second day indeed. lecturer awal2 lagik dah smpai. and a few of my frens.. awal giler..

hope i wont be like Mumu-ism all thru the morn. hehe

Monday, July 26, 2010


finally, around midnite - aku tido jugak. wit the lappy on. think i've left a fren of mine mumbling on herself alone wit no reply from me.. sorry! i had my lappy on and done wit downloading all songs, God sake. owh, did i mention finally aku managed to get online thru my lappy? dats the best part about dis small hotel - not like some other big, grande hotel - wifi kemut. tp hotel ni - wifi 24/7, every floor even kat cafe dis downstairs.. and semlm, aku tgh somethg wrong wit the Avira nyer set-up, aku godek2 sket.. walaaaaaa.. and i am the happiest man, alive. heh. over plak.

terjaga at 4 or 5 - cant sleep dah.. hope thgs gonna be jst fine.

gotta run. mandi, siap2, breakie and off for OUM.

will write more. u hav a great Tuesday!

OUM, 1st day!

first day at the OUM. kinda nice - lecture in the morn., and more activities in the afternoon - leavin u no space for stickin up batang mancis to stand in between - separating ur both upper and lower eye-lids, secondary to mengantuks. dis assc. prof - for the first time; aku kinda fall for her. i must say dat her lecture was kinda.. errr.. u know wat i mean - when u hardly understand wat on earth she rambling on and it took like 15mins to elobrate on a single slide; which most of the points - did not refering to the topic, instead - to herself.. her kain baju, family, her day and such. at first - we were like.. wow! but by the second hr of she doin dat - we were like lookin to one another, asking 'pe kes?' kinda thang. tp ptg - i must say dat it is so interesting. the activities provided by her was awesome.

or perhaps - it me. may be i aint kinda guy who like to sit and listen. i prefer on doin thgs to get thgs rite. i think.

stayin at the same hotel. since i brought my lappy around - i think its gonna be worth while - wifi free siot! but then - handphone aku dpt detect and get online.. dis lappy pulak buat hal - the signal was so clear, full bar.. tp cannot be connected to the net. so frustrating. dun ask me why - God sake, i am so hopeless when it comes to all dis - fixing thgs and such. aku tekan sana, tekan sini - still kenot. menci!

but then - i jst love dis OUM thang. the wifi si everywhere. u can even get on the FB like even in the washroom. u can use the computer lab to even update ur blog as well. yeah - tell me about dis. or shall i tell dis to my Pengarah? *yawn*

got to go. see u around!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

KL, again.

Woke up early dis morning. Mandi2, aku siap2 and rempit dgn scoot aku for coupla kuehs and nasik lemak. I wanted to dis dr smlm lagi - dat is a proper breakfast - and today, wit a big mug of Nescafè; wit a bit of breezy Sunday morn sun - aku had my great breakie nicely, kat luar rmh. Siap mkn, aku try nak settle wit coupla thgs - my OUM asgments, dat is. Heh. 3pm dah nak pi KL, skang baru gedik2 cari bahan for the asgment. Rasa mcm pelaQ je.. And of coz lah, tak sempat siap pun. 10am aku dah iron suar baju batik et al, since aku kena hadir dis program komuniti kat one of skol arnd. Benci la. Its a formal thang. Tgk list jmptan, ada few VIPs. And dat explains the batik thang. Argkh. Batik on Sunday? Heh. Kej. So, be it. And as aku expected, thgs went well. Hi hi sket. Shake2 hand. Mkn2, aku balik la. Tak bwk stdnt for charity works pun, so mmg tak la aku nak tggu. Reached home by 1pm, aku had like 1.5hrs to pack. Damn. As usual, aku work better wit a bit of proper stress. Stgh jam je siap packing. 1 beg troli je. Beg lappy and beg OUM aku. Done. And aku dah on the bus pun. Its raining so very the lebat. Gez its a good time for me to visit the Mumuland.. *yawn* Mumu-ing, now!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

and its Saturday!

woke up at 7.3oam - aku terus off for a shower, and siap2.. planned of getting some decent proper breakfast - tp bila dah bancuh Nescafe and such - aku rasa malas la plak.. so a big mug of Nescafe is just fine for me, alrite. its a weekend, yeah. and i was used to hav a plain mug of Nescafe and nothg at all - so it doesnt mean a thang pun.. erm, if i ever wanted to hav a good proper nasik lemak beli kat depan taman where i am stayin - i think i shldnt be sleeping again after solat tadik.. shldve go get it and come back and eat. ni dah lambat - malas la..

and yeah - its a weekend, yet aku hav to go the the office and teach.. around 20 to 25 students (in a group) were askin me to hav sort of 'kelas ulangkaji' since ada yg still blur ere and dat. blur, eh? damn. i started to think dat, dat 'blur' thang is their middle name pun.. tp again, tak baik la.. so - aku pun setuju je lah.. since next week - the whole week i wont be around. so - apa2 pun better off aku settle dlm sehari dua neh - sebelum aku off to KL trow.

aku dah arranged transportation for budak2 koir neh berulang alik praktis koir, aku dah arranged the lecturer kolej nursing sana pun, aku dah assigned Firdaus the conductor to look after the boys and such. aku even dah remind Kak Ton the CC numerous times regarding dat as well. aku malas nanti ada isu driver la, apa la.. kalo aku around - senang je aku sinsing lengan baju. tp kalo aku jauh - to deal wit dis management thg - secara 'remote control' from afar - heh.

aku feverish still. think aku kinda stressed-up a bit. work schedule aku so damn fcukin pack. forget about gym-ing and jog - nak had a proper lunch pun kdg2 tak sempat. balik by 6pm - 8pm aku dah kena blah tgk budak2 latih koir for the convo. asgments lagik, keje ofis yg aku bwk balik etc etc.. lack of rest/tensed up will put ur immunity level down on the floor. when ur immunity off to the drain - u tend to hav all dis thgs all. after all - fever is aint a disease itself. its a sign anyway. showin dat u hav to slow down, pace down and take thgs slowly.

heh. how i wish.

Friday, July 23, 2010


since budak first semester r not havin anythg - aku masuk kelas.. covering the topic yg tercicir today - i mean i supposedly to hav class dis morn wit me all, but i wasnt around. i was kinda tired, i barely hav my voice out pun - but then, aku kena finish up the class still, for the whole next week, i wldnt be around. after all - i am glad i am done wit most of the classes, alhadulillah.

and as usual - i wasnt in the rite mood the post-Penang thang. i know dis is so usual to me. i shldve known better. but then - i jst cant help myself. i ma tired, really. mentally, physically. i am tired wit all dis shait around me - as if 'theres nothg left, yet ur fighting for it - not knowing if it'd do good to u or not' kinda thang. i know giving up is so not me - but dis time around - i dun know.

i know - by doin all dis - putting all dis into words, all dis negativism is so not good - for me and for u guys too. but i jst need a space to vent dis out, for i hardly talk regarding dis as a real me.

and it helps to release my tense, as well.

to the moon, and back.

leave home early dis morn. by 6.30am, aku alrdy on the road, headin up north. i hate doin dis, but i was left wit no choice. i've postponing my f/up for so many times and those ppl r like calling me up like nobdy biz i started to hate it alrite. but i've made a pack before - i've promised myself dat i am gonna do the best - the least - and i did. i reached there rite on time, do wat i hav to do, meet up those ppl i need to - and off i traveled back home to the office.

otw back - i remember havin dis empty-minded. i am not sure wat i was thinkin - basically i had nothg at all in my head. i feel less worry. i am not scared. i remember i was really enjoyin life to the max lately - my family, thgs around me, those ppl close to me, the ups and down - i wish for nthg else, God sake. i am glad i am breathin still, even now. i am glad i am still be able to go thru coupla nice beautiful thgs, indeed. i am grateful to hav all those great ppl around me, alhamdulillah. if ever anythg happens to me - i hav no regret.

few more moths to go. i nearly forget the whole shait. i was counting before - yet now, i cldnt careless. life is like ur driving in high-way; u hav to move on. u hav to go thru the road well, and theres no such thang u'd be able to turn back watever shait it is.

and so do i. i'll move on.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


around 11pm semlm - aku alrdy home. its a long day, alrite. i mean - another long day in a row. it was raining heavily downpour semlm - aku nearly nak je cancel latihan koir to Kolej Jejururawatan Ipoh; tp mengenangkan the students lagik gigih siap awal algik waiting for the transport and such - aku paksa la jugak. by 6pm aku alrdy at home - mandi2, siap2, had a lite dinner and after Magrib - drive off for KJI. another mentally torture - suara budak2 neh lintang pukang, tadak fokus, suara pempuan sama je mcm suara lelaki.. geram weh. tp, instead of crying screamin out shyte and makes me even more tiring - aku ckp elok2, make em understand and such. by 9.30pm, bbaru aku bley senyum after like dorang kena did the vocal like byk kali. heh.

smpai rumah - aku dah flat. aku gulin2 kat sofa bwh, did a bit of Mobile FB-ing; aku aku nealry dozed off. bgun mandi, jump into a boxer, press baju keje and off aku fly to the MumuLand. aku dun remember anythg at all- expect by 6am - Sony Cube aku terjerit2 wit the alarm. heh. aku din even remember to apply any of the ubat mata mlm tadi - especially the Fucidic ointment yg mcm ubat gigi tu. euw.

pagik tadik pun - dtg keje.. it was kinda gloomy day, indeed. a bit of rianing kucing dan anjing. ujan2 pun still ada makhluk Tuhan yg bengap and bodo tak reti bahasa neh - bwk kete mcm pelesit tak pi skol - potong ere and there, jst becoz of some stupid time-management yg tak btol. isk - malas la nak fikir. especially all the ladies neh - bwk Kancil, pecut mcm samseng.. kalo ko drive sorang, its ok. eksiden - mati sorang2. tp ni kat elakang ada anak2 - nak pi skol etc. bodoh la.. heh.

done wit 3hrs of teachin on Psychiatric Nursing - Treatment and Management of Suicidal / Depression / Aggressive / Food Refusal / Insomnia Patient. a long one, indeed. since aku dah bagi notes a bit earlier - aku jst masuk bincang, bg preview wat to read and wats not.and yeah - some Q&A session. and by the time tekak aku dah perit - aku walk-off.

petang ni another 2 jam - Personality, and by 4.30pm terus ke Kolej Kejururawatan lagi, latihan session petang. huwaaaa..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


when i talk, u dun talk.
but if u wanna talk, come in front and talk.
therefore, i wont talk.

and no such i-talk-u-talk..
coz dat wont work!

by 4.30pm, basically i am done wit the class for today - on Drug Dependence - Treatment and Rehab. i started to fall for dis group of stdnts - budak2 KF neh; during the teaching session, jarang sgt2 jumpak yg tido. and during Q&A session - there'll be like a lot of questions asked. itu during my classes lah.. during lecturer lain nyer period, aku tak pasti. normally aku will hav like 6 to 7 questions - be it, it had to do wit the topic, or it is somethg out general and had nothg to do wit the topic. mcm tadik - as youngsters; i know dis topic is kinda 'hot' for em - especially bila aku ckp tentang 'poppers', dabbing (when u take drugs thru ur arse - mucous membrane lining), fumes, 'slamming', stuffing, cracks etc plus PnP, 'chems', 'gear' etc. kadang-kadang aku risau jugak - if they get to know all dis - nanti balik dorang menagih dadah plak. hahaha.. but then - by givin em such knowledge before u kick off wit ur lecture - trust me; it'd do they good, for they will have the 'readiness' in em, and they wanted to know more.. and by the time aku cerita ere and there based on pengalaman sendiri or somethg like dat - lagik la dorang pay attention. example - seksanye nak berenti rokok (for the nicotine inside), and involving aka havin frens yg amek weeds dsbnya. yeah - not forgetting Ecstasy aka Ice etc. and by telling em all yg nearly everyone of us uses some non-prescription drugs in a way or other, in away - dah cukup open up their mind. mcm Red Bull to perk u up, a cigar to calm u down, a stiff drink after a long hard day.. u know wat it is.

hehehe.. trust me, i know how it is. and i know how it makes u feel. dammit - it makes thgs easier - i mean, to explain thg or two; so dat the students wld understand.

but then - for the whole 2 hrs and the half - aku need to scream at the top of my lungs.. suara aku yg baru je nak ok - ari ni perit balik tekak. its becoz the clip-mic rosak. geram aku.. and the hall dah la besar.. wit like 12o students. aiyoooo.. pengsan. tp looking at the students nyer eagerness and attention - lupa jap perit tekak. but by the time aku masuk bilik and put down my arse - baru rasa the discomfort. my tekak, dat is. heh.

and my hours of teaching dah mula reducing. its like dat la.. seminggu dua bukak sem je aku really need to dance like a bloody Zombie yg hook on some sort of stimulants - running ere and there, in and out. and esok - 8 to 9 am, 10.30 to 12.30pm, ended up by Human Psychology; Personality at 2 - 4pm.

i need a drink la.. and my mata kiri neh.. alarrrr.. cross infected plak ke, eh?


McD is to blame..

aku woke up around 6am - 30mins late than usual. bancuh Nescafe, mandi2.. tgk muka kejap dlm bilik air - my (R) eye.. nothg much. except less reddish, yet still ada discharge. i think dats the way it is la kot.. it'll take time. aku bubuh je ubat on the both - tho its unilateral - but eventually; dis conjunctivitis will definitely get hold both of my eyes, God sake.

no class dis morning - but i'll be havin at the afternoon (2 -5pm), no meeting, no clinical as well.. so - hehehe.. heh. i managed to finish up coupla thgs, proudly yeah. done wit my LP, an few thgs more.

owh - aku amek the above pics sebelum aku balik semlm. dis used to be the place aku jog tiap2 ptg for the whole like 4yrs now.. but lately - since the KSKB is in progress around dat area - aku dah tak jogging situ anymore. pokok2 kelapa pun byk dah tumbang - i am not sure y. jalan sempit, kotor and byk lumpur.. aku remember aku used to spend for about an hour doin the cardio around ere - wit the free fresh air God sake. skang - aku lari dlm gym je.. and it sucks, big time.

think i shld be doin dat back again. be it la wat it is - may be.

erm, cardio, gym. y shld i be think of all dat? jst becoz aku lunch McValue Daouble Cheese Burger, Ribena and big pocket of fries?

damn. think i am utterly fat now. arkhh!

Monday, July 19, 2010

koir, again.. *yawn*

Heh. Again. Basically aku penat. And mata aku pun mcm still watery, w'pun instead of bd as per ordered - aku hentam bubuh like prn. Back then, watdya xcpt - bukan bley sembuh like sekelip mata pun. Mata, again eh? Aku had coupla thgs yg belum2 siap pun - case clerking bdk2 tak check lg, research bdk2 aku tak tgk2 lagi.. Koir neh, sah2 la abes arnd 10pm sthg. By the time aku smpai rmh, sure dah flat. I gez dis is the way its gonna be for the rest of the week. Penat, it is. But left wit no choice, for next wk - aku dah tak de.. Better of aku kerah bdk2 ni b'latih, and next wk - aku serah kat Daus je.. he's the conductor. And gez wat? The convo is on dis coming 31st July - last day kat KL. Cemaneh?

manic Monday. sakit mata. heh!

meja aku ari ni -
and its Monday!

Kimie and Hazwan - the minimons tunjuk skills
kat pak long dorang.
bola Waka Waka yg byk bwk musibah!

pokok bunga mak.

Haziq - the other minimon wit his
multiple Ultraman maneuver.

ni plak pokok bunga abah!


lucky 27~

ni also pokok bunga mak..

second generation..
we r no minimons!
try 'teka' - which one is kak ngah,
which one is kak yang?
p/s; cik dgn Soleh tak masuk frame. ampun!

but these r the minimonsters!
but i love em all.. jst the way they r, indeed.

pics can tell thgs better. better than words, indeed - dats wat they say. so - i am puttin up all the above pics, for u to see.. and for u to come up wit watever comes across ur mind.

its been 2 days now - mata kanan aku berair, a bit of reddish. but no gritty feelin, no sandy sensation watever not. i am wearing lenses - so sometimes aku prone to hav sort of allergics, reactions - sometimes. but dis red-eye over my right eye ni - aku find out to be a bit of merimaskan - since the discharge is there.. masuk dua hari - baru aku teringat, dis cld be a plain conjunctivitis. conjunctivitis kalo bacterial mmg senang nak detect.. and so forth allergic conjunctivitis. tp viral - its different sket. so abes kelas at 12.30pm tadik, aku rushed pi klinik member aku jap - look for sort of second opinion. aku tend to self-treat je sometimes.. tp bende2 mcm ni, risau plak aku. so - its confirm la.. i am having dis (R) Viral Conjunctivitis. aku bring back an eye drop, plus eye ointment yg mcm ubat gigi. heh. menci aku.. aku paling tak suka dis eye ointment.. Fucidic ka, CMC ka.. sama je.. mata melekit2 mcm tak cuci taik mata 2 - 3 ari. heh!

aku balik rumah wit the tot of nak baring2, nak gulin2 dpn lappy aku - and u know wat? aku nyer lappy dah ting-tong tahap cipan. cipan pun tak mcm ni. dah tak bley catch wifi rumah aku.. dis Vista dah goes haywire, God sake. so aku called aku nyer comp tech., suruh dia tgk pe patut. and dat means - aku kena pi ofis balik larr! heh.

mlm - aku shall be there kat Nursing College Ipoh - training choir budak2 neh, nak synchronize vocal segala mala.. malas la.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

simple, yet..

..fcuktastic. Dats how it is, dinner for tonite. Mak masak pucuk paku masak lemak, ada acar limau my fav and ikan sardin goreng, panas2. Nasik putih panas2. Argkh, forget about diet. Forget about restricting myslf from tak makan nasik. Its like - aku kat kg, mak masak sdp2.. how cld i resist? Heh.

formal informal?

I was jst baru bgun tido ptg when aku rcved a call - mintak aku go giving a health talk trow kat Taiping. Taiping? Esok? Damn aku was kinda sceptical - aku cuti, baju formal aku tak bwk, kasut pun tadak. Argkh. Tapi nak tolak aku tak daya. Kesian la pulak. Aku pun bkn kat Ipoh, kampung aku ke Taiping tak la jauh sgt. Aku tau aku cuti, tp ni s'thg yg aku suka - giving back to the community and get mingle wit org2 kampung. Aku called the organizer tnya the dressing code - and they said its ok, majlis kinda formal tp as penceramah, aku bley pakai casual smart. Heh. I loike. So esok - aku pakai khakis je, and t-shirt berkolar (argkh!) yg aku pinjam dr abg ngah, adik ipar aku. And gez wat? Baju dia sumer saiz L. Aku pakai mcm pakai baju kelawar je. Labuh giler kalo tak pakai suar pun dah bley solat, since dah cover lutut. But i had no choice. Sah2 la aku tak patah balik Ipoh, dtg balik Taiping, then balik kampung balik and ptg balik Ipoh. Mmg tak la. Erm, my concern now is - aku tak kisah sgt pasal talk esk pg.. free flow je - cuma tshirt tu la. Taubat la aku tak nak tuck-in mcm cikgu2 displin. And tuck-in while aku pakai cargo? Owh tidak.

picit2 time. picit kamera lah!

sampai je rumah - first thg first - kamera aku. heh, dah lama aku tak picit2. gtew picit2. hahaha.. i mean - lama dah aku tak go around and snap some pics and such. ni kira nak lepaskan gian je larr.. i think most of the time - same subjects la.. but its ok. same subject, different angle. katanyer.

rumah mak skang dah ada wifi. abah baca paper pun online. aku ajar mak mcmana nak tgk thgs online - and she's on cloud nine. abah senggih2 je.. Soleh la neh - dia requested abah to subscribe Streamyx coupla months back - and since mak abah sian dia duduk rumah sorang2; bosan, sunyi and such - abah on je.. now Soleh dah kat Melaka - and surprisingly abah tak pulak ckp pe2 nak cut off ke aper. i know - at least abah sure bley online dgn kak yang. errmmm.. kelezz.

pi kenuri tadik - rumah kak shidah and abg din. kak shidah was my ex-staff nurse during the first coupla years aku baru masuk keje dolu2. kak shidah was one the good woman yg pernah aku jumpak - she's good, she's jst like my mum. aku ingat waktu aku duduk quarters dulu2 - she used to send me meals, fruits and such.. and once in a while - she'll jemput aku mkn dgn family dia. abg din - too, nice and simple kinda man. and the kids - so rapat dgn aku. of course - waktu tu sumer kecik2 lagi.. termasuk la Farin yg skang dah kawen pun!

so - aku get the chance jumpak staff2 lama aku, org2 kampung and all those ppl yg baik dgn aku waktu keje kat Kg Sg Bayor dulu.

heh. perut kenyang. mata makin ngecik. watdya expect? kipas. bantal. damn. sucha good combination!