Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Usher. confirmed.

finally aku settled for the day. dah pukul 5pm pun now. i mean - lagik 5 minit it is. aku was like ere and there since 8 am - breakfast pun tak sempat since i was in town. Ajak dok call ajak breakie - and dun manage to answer.. siap sentap2 lagik. haiyyoooo!

seating for Usher Live in Concert dis 7th July, confirmed. yayyy!! aku remember the last time aku pu live concert was Mariah Carey - the nite when she only put on the same shirt and jeans - all along until the end. heh. Usher is one of my bloody fav., darn i cant wait for it.

registration for freshie trow. gonna be another hectic day for me trow.

living wit Streamyx-less is beyond explanation. the boredom, the only-watch-tv-wat-else-to-do is killing me.

God i gotta to 'ambush' Telekom again, trow. for they better do somethg, or else i am gonna.. err.. bakar the whole office, yeah! heh.


i think i am started to get back to the routine - woke up early in the morn., sampai ofis awal giler as if i am workin 7 - 2pm kinda hrs. but i like doin dis - i'll get the chance to arrange wat to do for the whole day, prioritize, and wats not for the day before i start workin, 'officially' at 8. so pagi ni - 7am aku dah smpai ofis - singgah beli kueh seketul dua, and bancuh a big mug of 3-in-1 Nescafe in my own room. and the smell - huargkhhh..

reached home early ptg semlm. i stranded in the jam - as usual. tp since dah promised dgn delivery kedai perabut dat they shld be in sending thgs dat i bought by 6pm - aku gigih la jugak, beratur dgn kereta2 lain, trying to beat the jam. as usual - u can see many ppl doin thgs they 'tak sedar' of doin in the car - dat others r watchin em doin so.. for example - korek idung while kereta stuck in the jam. its like.. korek2 and then wonderin where to put 'dat thang'! bley? and aku came across one guy did a bit of shaving, too semlm. i knw - kalo kat KL - dis mght be normal la.. and i knew someone is doin dat as well, yeah! but ere in Ipoh.. eh, tak cukup masa ke nak shaving kat rumah? ermmm.. heh, i'd rather go shaving kat kedai je. hehe

the OUM thang - its official. i will be leavin for KL dis Sunday, rite till next Saturday. the class - i aint sure as yet.. cld be during the 8 to 5 or perhaps - worst to worst cld be terus ke mlm.. argkhh.. i hope tak la.

heh. aku rasa Apiz is alrdy in. damn he's early la pulak today, eh? not sure wats into him anyway. and before he comes in and starts to bug me - i shall leave la. for dats wat he did like every day! heh.

will be back. u hav a great mid-of-the-week Wednesday, ppl!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i wanna sanggol my hair.

to keep or not to keep? dats the question. aku nyer rambut dah grow a bit long now - dah siap bley genggam and tarik2 (if u want to). but then - it looks so 'tak siap' - hideous, dat is. aku tried to make it look nice - putting all the wax, cream and gel - but still; at the time being.. it wont work, God sake. i think i need to wait for another like 2 weeks before it really looks like a real 'rambut'.

but i cant stand ppl asking - 'nape tak botak balik?' kinda thang - for it makes me feel like aku nak je jump into my car and head trus ke barber.. at time being - aku trimmed je goatee aku (setakat termampu) and i really look like a Santa Claus. in coloured version. heh.

shall i or not, eh?



by noon - baru siap meeting. giler!! naik tepu paler atas bawah. keji lah. sumer muka staff dah bukan lagik muka seposen - it is like - heh, aku tatau nak describe mcmana. Ajak sebelah aku dah numerous time tersenggok2 Ya Rabbana. Apiz sebelah sini plak dok belek2 henpon dr awal smpai sudah - basically in his own world, sambil sengih2 mcm budak Autism. Fina and Yus dok bisik2 - ntah apa lah dorang dua tu - aku tatau.. yg btol2 pay attention was Rod - since she kena amek minit mesorat. tu pun muka dah mcm Hulk. cuma tak ijau je.. tp aku yakin - kalu lbey sejam lagik, she'll berak ijau definitely.

it was like 3 meetings in a row. Pengarah said he got no choice for he'll be dis coupla weeks to come. and semester baru nak bukak dah - yet mesorat akademik yet to be done. so Mesyuarat Akademik - bincang hows like for next semester, hours allocated and such, then mesyuarat ko-ku (slot Apiz - dis is the only time he was like.. wow!), then Mesyuarat Peperiksaan handled by Mr Zul.

nama aku naik nominated by Bahagian Pengurusan Latihan ILKKM Putrajaya to attend a one month course run by OUM - for a month; dat is a week full swing will be in OUM KL, 2 weeks balik ofis and finally 1 one intensively kat sana balik. heh. and again - the best part is - dis is all last minit.

5hb? hello? its like next week, kan? damn.

hit me!

went work sharp at 5.30pm semlm. i gez i hav no reason to stay back, literally. i had tonne of works to be done back there at home, and i wanna get em all done as soon as possible - i cannot stand the sore of the eyes, tgk semua brg2 bersepah2 etc. so smlm - smpai je rumah, aku started wit the outside first - basically, i did some gardening - if dats wat u wanna call it then. aku susun all the pasu and such, trimmed all the plants well. baja sket. gembur pe patut. hang up all those pots which needs to be hang.. damn - i dun really remember when was the last i did so.. kinda miss doin all dis, really. i was like sweating all out - by Magrib aku cleaned up, solat and off to the gym. need to do so - i need some distraction, God sake.

Academic Meeting, today. its gonna a long one - everybdy knows it. i am all done wit the reports and such - cant wait to get it laid and get rid of it. and towards end of the week - i am gonna get myself back to the fast track, and InsyaAllah - by havin all thgs in running; i'd be able to control myself well, i wont let myself derailed God sake.

jst dat - sometimes; i cant help myself. i am jst a plain flesh and blood, God dammit. shyte - wat kinda excuse is dat? *sigh*


cant wait for the next coming week. i'll be goin off for Usher's Live in KL (yayyy!!) dis 7th July and i'll be havin more time forgetting all dis kinda office stuffs and such.

i am counting days, hours and such.


sometime in life - u hav it all. u never know how good it is, until u let it slip away. sometime in life - u wanna hold to it - somethg dat u hav, firmly in ur hand; but ur not the God. thgs around u wld be so harsh dat u gotta learn to let go. let go - dats the tough word. u may say it out dat easily yet u never know how it is - until it hits u rite on yr face.

Monday, June 28, 2010


and its Monday. the beginning for another week. and it makes me less counting now. masuk office at 7am - aku still kinda drowsy since.. watdya expect, second nites at my new places.. aku feel kinda disoriented. aku rasa rindu plak rumah lama aku - the routines aku did while aku kat sana.

basically - aku spent the whole weekend, packing, moving, unpacking, arranging stuff back into places. and Sunday - aku rushed to Parit Buntar since kena bagi talk there around 11am, till 12.30pm.. and sampai rumah around 4pm (aku singgah ngah's places first - mengantok dowhh!) - aku terus wit the mission - kemas rumah. aku focused on the outside first.. pokok2 bunga aku, porch, sampah2 and such. then masuk bilik2 kat tingkat atas.. aku nak je kemas tthe living room and dapur - but since a few perabut r not in yet; malas lah.

i am not sure wats in store for today. a part of me still kat rumah wit byk keje2 yg tak settle. went the schedule - ermm, tadak pe2 sgt ari neh - except for 2 meetings to attend. tu pun tak tau la jadik ke tak. gotta rush to TC and get my thesis re-send again, or else - i am a dead meat.

i think we shld hav Sunday, like everyday. heh.

or Sundae? ermm..

Friday, June 25, 2010

post-mating.. erk, meeting, dat is.

thgs went well during the meeting. tho it was s dead boring for me - but then - the only thg i like about Nursing College in Taiping neh.. the wifi is all over the places. and u cna even ber-FaceBook-ing wit it. erm, kalo Hospital Ipoh/Taiping, sah2 dah block. abes la sumer org berMukaBuku.. saper nak keje?

and talking about dat - dis Pengarah Kolej Nursing Taiping neh - she's a lady (of course), kiasu type.. but undeniably nice, she is. cuma when it comes to work - it is like.. argkhhh.. sket. so - by the time hp aku detected wifi signal - aku dahsengih2 seniri. Fina and CC Ton anta msg - 'pe kes senyum2 seniri?', 'angau ka?' kinda thang. Ajak pun dah lupa diri by the time tgk ada wifi free.. so dgn sekejap je - aku tgk sumer org pakat2 'khusyuk' tatkala bermesorat, paler sumer tunduk seakan-akan 'yerr.. ma'am' mcm tu. while tangan masing2 bawah meja! hahaha.. God dammit - its heaven on earth. to be frank - aku tak tau mender pun isi butir mesorat ari ni - since aku handle koir je - do koir je la my main thang.

the only thg aku realised - it is nice to be in the middle of all those yg so-darn-bloody serious all the time. aku selamba je buat lawak bodo tadik ere and there, and it is nice to see the ladies laughed out loud. and bila dorg crack jokes - aku bantai je gelak like nobdy biz.

and aku remember Kak Zaharah said dat 'it is kecoh when ur around' kinda thang.

kinda nice to hear dat, really. kinda compliment for me.

meeting, meating, mating? *yawn*

alrdy in the office - gotta gather up coupla thgs, files since i am goin off to Taiping Nursing College - ada mesyuarat konvo kat sana.. argkhh.. again. wit all the 'makcik2', aunties and such. i mean - all the senior female lecturers.. and u know how its gonna be.. i am not sure saper lagik yg goin there from here, since most of the bosses, even Pengarah also r still not in. but then - aku nampak Ajak nyer nama on list as well - so i am pulling him to get into my car and off there, together. CC Ton called aku awal2 lagik, ajak naik transport sama - i was like.. erk, no thanks! haha

final day before aku btol2 move in to the new house. i swear to God no move moving in and out like dis. even if i ada rezeki to hav another new one (house dat is), aku mls dah nak pindah2 barang mcm neh.. penat weh! i jst wanna get rid of all dis - and get back to life.. the ordinary one, it is. i know i'll be taking months to really settle down and such - but i'll make the process a bit more faster - so dat i'd be able to malas2 again on my kerusi malas.. wit remote on my right hand, OJ on my left - infront of the idiotbox.. ermm.. Astro dah tukar alamat, cuma belum tranfer pi rumah baru je. Telekom/Streamyx will be officially 'down' by 3pm ari ni, i think. and all the alamat surat menyurat, billing - aku dah settled most of em semlm - faxing letters of notification ere and there, filling up forms online and such.

theres a bit of excitement in me, of course. i am doin all dis for those ppl i love, around me. i'd be done doin most of thgs - when i am done moving in. i'd rest my head free.. hoping for the better future for all those around me.

for i hav nothg left, to cling on to. and i hav nothg left to worry.


and where is dis Ajak? meeting at 9am. argkhh!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


it is hard when thgs dat u say, is not exactly wat u mean.


aku started to feel darn bloody tired - wit lot of thgs. the tots in me, physically tired as well. semlm - aku blah left the office at 2.30pm back home - and had a sleep. a real one. aku called Mr Bong telling so - dat i am not coming back to the office for some reason. sedar at 6pm, aku baru teringat yg aku tertinggal lappy back in the office and i had to drive back and pick it, alrite.

mlm - out of doin nothg; aku pi fix the langsir for both of the sliding doors, family hall kat tingkat atas and master bed room. heh. another hassle thgs to do. tho i had em jst a plain simple one - tp still, kena panjat2 tangga kerusi segala bagai. by 11pm - baru aku balik rumah and dah tersadai kat sofa..

the back is killing me. i had dis before, and it looks like its striking me back - at the wrong time. time2 aku nak full blast pindah dis Sabtu, time ni la nak sakit2 pinggang..

at work - nothg much. i cld be back home, if i want to. Apiz in Putrajaya for his APC, Ajak ada hal kat Hospital Ipoh. yg ada Karuna, Ramesh and KF - masing2 confined duduk diam2 kat bilik.. seniors sumer tadak. aku lah senior! heh.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

watdya.. *heh*

u hate ppl do stuff to u?
so stop doin dat to others, as well!


i often hear ppl saying, or asking, "watdya think of me?", "nanti apa org cakap..", like most of the time. and sometimes - "y do u care wat others think of u?".. dis is a bit different, of course. usually they r just tryin to console someone who recently faced public embarrassment or has a moral dilemma dat may not be well accepted by their family, frens or even co-workers.

however, more often than not - dat question is merely a disguised insult to make the person feel self-conscious and even more vulnerable. so next time time - when someone asks y u care wat ur frens and family think of ur decision to quit ur job, to move out, dump someone, or even get a sex-change operation - ere's a handy reply by urs truly:

"i am not perfect. my tots, ideas and emotions r not permanent. my opinions and views change over time as i learn and as i grow. i've learnt dat in general, wat others think of me is directly related to how i think and thus act.. sometimes, it teaches me to stand by my words strongly for i'm certain dat my ideas, tho novel - r worthy. other times it shows me dat i was wrong and wld benefit from taking a look a thgs from a different perspective.

i am not cocooned and disconnected from the rest of the world and hav much to gain by caring about wat others think of me and why. reading someone's productivity tips is aint a self-improvement. self-improvement is welcoming criticism wit an open-mind and a good anti-troll filter..".

there goes a long one, for u. heh.


now, watdya think of me? like i care? haha

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

move on!

sometimes - in life, thgs wont be jst exactly the way u plan. thgs wont be they way u wanted it to be. no matter how hard u try, no matter how hard u try to save the whole shyte. for when it aint meant to be - then it is not meant to be. and when thgs r not they way u want it to be - wat wld u do? try to mend the whole shyte? or jst walk away? or tellin urself dat ur ok - and u gotta move on? or still - deep in u; ur still hoping?


its a long day for me, today. and many thgs happened, as well. i was like to 'tutup telinga, mata' et al - and bury my face under a pillow. but i know i cant be doin dat - dat aint healthy. dat aint gonna solve a thang. i shall take dis as it is - and face it, as it is.


i know i aint dat strong. but i will go thru dis, on my own.

and dats fact.

gotta leave u behind..
i hav to move on.

dreamin when ppl r not dreamin about it..

i cant really sleep last nite. i had a tuff time in closing my eyes and get drifted away to the Mumuland. i aint sure y, but i jst cant. the back is killing me - perhaps i've been standing a lot, and lifting heavy weights, lately. semlm - rite after work, aku off to my new place; since the technician nak fix a few more lampu dinding, porch and side hall, and timer/sensor utk lampu porch and lampu belakang - which is really taxing my time. gym canceled - since i need to be around. and waiting was the worst thg to do - by 10pm, baru aku smpai rumah.


i know i wasnt sleeping well smlm.. but in the same time, i was like having sort of dream alrite. i dun know, its not like a real dream anyway. or perhaps, my mind dun really stop workin - thru out the nite. and i am not sure y i had kinda dream. i wish i cld share it in ere. but somehow or rather - i dun see any point of doin so - at dis point, anymore.

may be i've been thinkin about it - too much, lately. and dat hurts, really..

poor me.

Monday, June 21, 2010


bila time Zohor - kalo aku tak solat je kat bilik aku neh, aku suka pi surau. and kalo pi surau - aku suka solat kat surau pempuan. ye la - time tadak org lah! surau laki and pempuan kat kolej aku neh, sebelah2 je.. tp jauh beza ya amat. surau pempuan luas. bersih. tempat wuduk sebelah dlm - tak payah nak gadoh2 cari selipar bagai. surau pempuan bersih. tak mcm surau lelaki. bersepah2. kain pelikat kopiah yg ada pun berdaki giler.. siap berbau kadang. ni sumer student nyer hal la neh.. tp surau pempuan - masuk je; terus aman rasa jiwa raga sanubari segala mala.

so ari neh - around 3.40pm aku pun pi la solat kat surau. nak lintas pi surau lelaki - ujan lebat. libat giler. so - aku decided to solat kat surau pempuan je. mmg basically dah niat mcm tu pun.. surau kasut pe pun tadak - it shows 'line clear'. masuk, amek wuduk, terus solat..

time rakaat akhir.. aku terdengar sora2 pempuan dok ngilai2 kat luar - 2 je; sama ada nak pi tandas, or nak dtg surau.. and - pintu surau terbukak.. dok gelak2 tadik, terus terdiam dorang. aku tau - sah2 la staf ofis - anak dara dua ekor kat ofis tu.. since student cuti. aku still solat slow and steady - tak kan la aku nak bangun bingkas angkat seluar lari keluar, kan? and aku terdengar sora budak2 pempuan neh dok sok sek sok sek kat luar, 'En Shah tgh solat la..', 'naper solat sini eh?' kinda thang. isk, time ni la nak dtg solat pun! aku tak pernah plak kantoi all dis time - sekali je seingat aku - dgn CC Ton. tp dia sempoi, dia nampak aku kuar dr surau pempuan and dia selamba je perli2 aku.. CC Ton tua dah pun - and aku tak heran. tp kali ni.. argkhh..

aku bg salam, aku lipat sejadah, pakai jam and bukak pintu nak pakai selipar. and dis 2 gals terpacak berdiri tepi pintu mcm tiang Telekom, tgk aku mcm nak keriaw.

'Encik Shah solat surau pempuan..', cakap si Juren.

'ye lah! surau lelaki tadak telekong!!', aku blah buat selamba je..

and both r then like 'aaaaaaaaaaa..'.


Morib vs makcik cleaner.

CC Ruby tiber2 call asking me to come up to the office - saying dat 'its urgent'. and i i was like lazyly walkin up there to the management nyer ofis. it turned out dat aku kena ganti Mr Bong off to Morib/Banting since ada Team Building Training there somewhere in Morib Hotel, tak silap aku - dis 23 - 25th June.. Pengarah called her - CC Ruby; and put in my name. bley? why me lar? heh. Mr Bong cant make it since he's having another training in UPSI. and yeah - i need to be there dgn Mr Lock. Mr Lock? erk.

aku picked up the phone - called Pengarah saying dat i cant be there for the training. i cant be there ganti kan Mr Bong. i cant be there since dis whole week aku'd be in tangle wit all stuffs kat rumah for i am moving into my new house dis Saturday. it is somethg yg aku need to go thru, finish em all up and off - go on wit life. and i cant be there - for aku not really in favor ganti2 org lain yg tak dpt pi kursus neh. to make it simple - jadi substitute. remeh.

i hope they'll find someone else lah! or, erk - may be i shld call CC Ruby, asking her to nominate nama Apiz? dat'd be great eh? muahahaha..


its confirm - makcik cleaner yg selalu dtg kemas bilik/meja and sapuu2 bilik aku tu dah pindah to another department. no wonder aku dah tak nampak dia for about more than a week now.. she's kinda woman yg baik sgt2, always talked to me regarding her family and kids and for the whole one yr now - she has been buying me kueh la, meehoon la, apa la for breakfast. i am not sure sama ada she bought it or not - since tak silap aku pernah she mentioned she cooked breakfast for her family and bawak sket utk aku.. aku tau ramai yg dok ckp2, since dorang jeles tak dpt kueh makcik cleaner.. and aku pun dah abes malu alah - tak tau lagi nak nak tolak cemaneh.. selalu nya stdnt2 yg dtg bilik aku - aku jamu je kueh2 tu.. w'pun tak byk. tp w/o her knowing lah! heh. she always told me, 'tak pe.. makcik bawak lebih.. bukan apa pun.. dah mcm anak makcik..' segala mala. lemah lutut aku dgr. and mak aku pun dah tak larat nak ckp pe.. suruh baca segala bagai jenis ayat etc - jst in case. u know wat i mean. heh. mcm2. but she's nice - she'll make sure bilik aku in order, bersapu.. she'll make sure meja aku tak bersepah.. she knows how aku'd love my files/buku2 atas meja wld be like. and pyh la nak jumpak habuk kat frame2 gambar aku.. heh.

but now - no more. its not the kueh dat matters. the presence.

no wonder la dustbin kat bilik aku dr last Friday tak berangkat! heh.

heh! big time.

pagi2 lagik dah buat aku hangen. semlm lagik, actually - tp aku tak amek port sgt. aku tak gemar sket bila stdnts called me up during the weekend - asking me dis and dat regarding office nyer keje.. its a weekend after all. kalo pasal study; nvm. and dats wat happened dr last Saturday till pagi neh - dis one Post Basic nyer student - research bwh aku.. aku dah ckp awal - as long as u dtg jumpak i, bincang, bgtau wats the problem, discuss the progress and show me ur progress - i am ok. ni tak - nama dah naik kat aku - jumpak haram, email sekali dua - tajuk ntah aper2, nak kata cerdik tak jugak. tp nak jgk tunjuk cerdik.

bila dateline dah sampai - tup2 email mengaku 'saya bwh encik, encik supervisor research saya..'. pe kejadah tu eh?

and u think i'd go playin wit ur silly game?

ko email la berpuluh2 email ke, merayu2 ke, email the full thesis ke, aper ke.. i dun know u. u came iand see me like 2 kali je - and u xpct me to remember? heh. i am seeing makcik cleaner more frequent then u God sake! and i dun know wat on earth ur doin. and stop makin me seein wat ur doin - for i dun interested. coz if u do interested in doin wat ur doin - u shldve comply to ur supervisor's.

remember when i personally called u - askin dis and dat, askin wats up wit ur paper? and u din even giv it a shyte? and u said, 'ye ye.. nanti saya buat.. nanti saya jumpak encik.. nanti saya buat appointment baru..'. and i know rite away - ur bullshyting me.

despite of seein ur email - i am writing a report now. and i shall submit it by 3pm.

do wat u shld do. as aku selalu ckp - i am easy. u go wit the flow.. or u go against the flow (if u think ur damn good lah!). the consequences is urs. and not mine.

*fuh!! lega.


panic on the road?

me? panic? nah. not me. its ppl out there. its the first day - schooling day, today. back to the square ones. gotta leave home early - or else i'd be stuck on the road - all the way to the office. nothg to rush pun - jst dat i hate to be stuck in the traffic wit all the panicky ppl; running and rushing to keep up wit time. all the supermamas, supermoms r back on the road - rempit-ing at the top speed of their Kancil - rushing the kids to the skol. heh. let alone all the morons, color-blind ppl yg rush to go thru the traffic lites - when it is sah2 kuning; which mean - honey, slow down! God sake i hate dealing wit all dat - by 6.35am; aku dah blah leaving the house.. drivin sweetly, takin my sweet time to the office.

its Monday. Ajak awal2 lagik dah msg aku mintak tolong punch-in for him. heh, as usual. i know - need not to preach me lah.. he helps me a lot, and dis is jst a ciput thang to do. after all CC pun is punching her staffs' nyer card too, Pengarah jugak once in a blue moon! erk. statement. matilewwwmelk. haha.. GMC? heh.

its Monday. looking at my clear desk - aku a bit puzzle. going thru my schedule - lagik puzzle. jst dat - last week has been the best weak of the year o-yeah. and dis week - i know it aint gonna be the same. theres nothg in my schedule (at time being) but yet - it doesnt mean dat i can go cat-walking around, dangling my balls around. i hope thgs gonna be ok, hell yeah. bdn aku still sakit2 lagik - a hell of weekend nyer hal.

and aku yet to pindah pun lagik! argkhh.. to think about it - aku feel like to muntah darah, God forbid.

its Monday hell yeah! u guys hav a great one, yea.. *yawn*. morning, anyway!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


its a long weekend. and a tuff one. and yeah - dammit a tiring one. i spent the whole 2 days in a row doin dis and dat for the new house. all by myself. believe it or not? heh - u better believe it, God sake. and yeha - i managed to spend the whole 2 days in a row, too - went off for a jog early in the morn., before had dis aerobic as usual. and as usual too - aerobic on Saturday is sucks, big time. watdya expect - all girls up there - less man around; they turned dis aerobic thang into joget lambak/tarian lilin kinda thang. and today - wallaaaa.. best. simple, high impact. and the crowd - u tell me about it.

finally i am done wit painting the whole house. i mean - the whole interior of the house, plus a bit of ere and there over the outside. i fixed the new big shower head for all bathrooms. i managed to get dis kepala shower yg besar kat hardware for reasonable price! tho they aint heavy, but the luxurious moment spend under the shower tu yg penting! haha.. and aku cuci the whole lantai rumah dgn thinner since cat bersepah2, bertompok2 atas lantai.. aiyooo.. sakit lutut2! teringat cerita Oshin cuci lantai mcm tu. seksa!

and aku dah start bwk sikit2 barang - yg besar minggu dpn insyaAllah. dgn lori, of course. kereta aku tak muat segala bagai.. and aku nak keep dis house to a minimal decor je. kalo bley - tak mo bersofa-sofi. pakai2 golek atas lantai dgn big2 pillow dah. tp mak ckp mcm sakai.. hahaha.. so - cukup la a bit of sofa kat ruang tamu, meja makan square wit 4 stools kat dry kitchen. Astro, dvd, cd, hi-fi segala mala aku nak letak kat family hall tingkat atas je. nanti kalo minimons dtg - aku suruh dorang dok diam2 atas sofa - while aku bley bergolek2 kat atas.. or ber-Sloth-ing on my kerusi malas, wit remote in my right hand, OJ in the left.. wah!

tp fikir je next Saturday - aku rasa nak pitam. menyampah la pindah2 neh. tp life has to move on! ermm, can someone pls do the thinkin, for me?


and esok kerja. and its Monday. HEH!!

shower yg i like.
i love mandi manda skang.. bley?

remember i posted dis pic before?
dis is the recent looks - tgk, dah penuh! bersepah..

dry kitchen ttp maintain -
meja tak sampai lagik. kabinet belum fix lagik.

barang2 dah mula masyukk..

the controversial staircase.
aku design senirik railing tu! cemaneh?

dis is my bedroom! the master bedroom.
simple as it can be.

lampu dpn bilik mandi main room..
mcm lampu jalan pun ada.

goin down!

the room!
wit own color coding.. haha

radio-bear aku!
tertinggal la plak..

the rooms, again.

Friday, June 18, 2010


sharp at 5pm, aku leave the building. theres no reason y i shld lepak2 kuar lambat2 and such. after all - its Friday. trow is Saturday. and a day after trow is Sunday. and motif? heh. haha.. sampai je rumah - aku decided to tukar2 baju and pi rumah baru aku. heh - rumput dah kembali panjang, wit a few lalang some more. pagar tak jugak siap pasang - the kontraktor janji akan terus pasang by the time kilang siap cat and such.. which mean by next week la kot. and so it goes - aku tak bley lagik nak fix lampu2 luar segala mala - takut nanti tinggal point je lampu ntah ke mana. and trow - aku nak smbg ngecat aku nyer master bed room. touch-up siling sket, and a few more thgs. landscaping cadang nyer - tak jugak buat2.. pagar tadak la, susah. nanti tanam rumput segala bagai - kencing plak dek anjing.. kan susah. nak samak ke eh? jap tnya Pinkie. muahahaha..

after Magrib - aku blah pi gym. perkh - gym tak ramai org. ada la dlm 4 - 5 kerat. senyum2 sket, hai2 sket - aku terus on wit the routine.. its upper chest and my fav routine - shoulder tonite. cdg nak buat arm, tp dok sengal2 lagik neh.. and to tell u the truth - Brian was being so damn nice tonite.. he put on all the nice up beat kinda song.. mash-up remixed wat ever not - i feel like shuffle pun ada. haha.. semangat weh!! by 9pm - aku dah nak terterap.. gez its time to go home! and dats wat i did.

i refused to eat tonite. i dun see any reason pun.. for i hav my early dinner pun - around 6pm wit all dis homemade sandwiches. lepak2 atas sofa, tgk2 FB thru mobile, layan MTV and OJ in the same time - aku cldnt help myself to hav dis urge - dta i need to hav somethg to eat, God sake. i know i dun need somethg heavy. nasik? sucha no no.. nak tarik selimut je! selongkar lemari kat dapur, aku jumpak dis a pack Maggi Tomyam. not my kinda favor - tp bley je la.. after 10mins - aku dah bersila dpn idiotbox wit dis big bowl of Maggi Tomyam yg berasap, siap dgn chopsticks. and after like 5 mins., i am done!!

and i was doin thgs dat i hate - cuci pinggan post-makan when aku ternampak plastik bungkus Maggi tadi.. the expired date! dammit - it was 10 April 2010. erk - but y did it taste so good? and y i din see the pack, at the first place? argkhhh..

fine. dah masuk perut pun. berdoa je la for nthg will happen. but then - it was a hell of nice Maggi Tomyam, really!


nice eh?


another non-productive day at work. let alone it is Friday God sake - aku nyer cpu plak bley on mcm biasak - tp aku cannot xcess any of the files in it - dammit aku pun tak tau nak citer mcmaner.. aku dah jenuh on and off (since it happened few times before - tp bila reboot or restart, ok je) tp still - tak bring any changes. aku penat dah berpeluh2 neh - all my lesson plans, slides in it. argkhhh.. cemaneh? and cari si Azmil komputer tech aku pun tak jumpak2. he was around early in the morn time punch card, tp skang - dah goes invisible. darn ada jugak yg lagik champion ilmu silap mata than aku neh, eh? argkhh.. not knowing wat to do - aku off je cpu hoping Azmil will be around. or else - i am a dead meat.

Apiz on leave. Ajak still tak balik2 from KL - or may be he is, tapi cuti. Ramesh - aku nampak pg tadik, tp skang dah tak nampak.. either aku yg kurang penglihatan, or.. eh, sumer org pandai main silap mata eh? kerjis. KF cuti exam. Karuna plak - PD kot, dgn Pengarah.. the rest r all the seniors and juniors lah.. seniors ramai still not around pun - cuma ada budak2 lect juniors ni la.. si Fina, Rod and Yus. dok berlonggok kat dlm bilik Yus.. sekali sekala aku dgr dorg giggle2. heh. pempuan.. kalo duduk lebih dr sorang, watdya expect? hahaha

theres a few thgs yg buat aku risau at time being. try to settle it thru coupla calls made - tp cldnt get thru. dammit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

simple thgs in life..

i was doin my routine - jumping from a blog to another, when i stumbled into dis lovely entry by Snave Guy Lavoie JR in his lovely blog (see it for urself which indeed makes me smile and thinkin, of coz. it is so sweet - dat i asked for a permission from him - so dat i'd be able to share dis - wit u guys..

go on readin - and u know wat i mean.

Written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland , Ohio.

"To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most-requested column I've ever written."

Her odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more:

1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.. (see, i told u!)
2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.
3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.. (darn dis is so true!)
4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch. (indeed!!)
5. Pay off your credit cards every month. (heh!)
6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. (ermm..)
7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.
8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it..
9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.
10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present..
(dis is nice..)
12. It's OK to let your children see you cry..
13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.
(wow!! cldnt agree more..)
15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks..
16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.
17. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
18. Whatever doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger.
19. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.
20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer.
21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special.
22. Over prepare, then go with the flow.
23. Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple..
24. The most important sex organ is the brain.
25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.
26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words 'In five years, will this matter?
27. Always choose life.
28. Forgive everyone, everything.
(it is hard to do, but it is sweet indeed, kan?)
29. What other people think of you is none of your business.
30. Time heals almost everything. Give time, time.
31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
32. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
33. Believe in miracles.
34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.
35. Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.
36. Growing old beats the alternative - dying young.
37. Your children get only one childhood.
38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.
39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.
40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.
41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
42. The best is yet to come.
43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
44. Yield.
45. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift..

done readin em all - i was like takin kinda pause thinkin - darn dis is so true! tho some of the above - tak la sgt2 go along wit me (esp the miracle thang) but theres no harm to think about it pun.

afterall, its ok to disagree, rite?

hav a great days ahead, ppl.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


day dreamin!

damn - its like 19 days to go.. and i cant help my self to start counting days, hrs, minutes and such.. ermm - its been ages since i last did dat.. the counting down thang.

19 days to go, yeah.


makan sajork!!

had a breakie wit Apis dis mornin. way darn too early, i know - it was like 9am and we were alrdy at kedai bawah pokok having mee kicap (for Apiz) and beehoon kari for me. i know it was so darn bloody heavy for a breakie - but Apiz was treatin me, for watever lah! but then - aku still kenyang giler rite up till now.

not a productive day, it is - today. i mean, dis whole week la kot. boss is not around, semi-big boss are not as well, leavin all those yg perasan-boss je, so go to hell lah. masuk ofis by 9.45am - belek dis and dat, aku tolak tepi sumer2.. susun cantik2 - to settle trow lah! heh. YM! wit coupla bff (bley? hahaha), browsing thru the net from one page to another - i cant help myself from yawning every now and then like a beautiful, sweet lil hippo. yeah - sweet, beautiful one, ok. it was the bila CC called aku to the office (heh!) to hav some air zam-zam (since dia baru je balik umrah), kurma and all those thang from Mekah. cant believe she's bringing like a big jug of air zam-zam. and aku tgk staff ofis neh minum mcm air oren je. ada yg ckp nak pass exam la, bg cerdik la, terang ati la.. but then - minum berdiri, minum sambel ngumpat2. haiyooo.. barakah sgt2, kan! i shall then reserve my comment - sengih2 je sket, tuang sket, selawat pe patot, doa dlm ati and minum then aku chiao. aku remember dis one clerk (yeah - she's a gal) makin a 'nice joke' suruh taruk cordial F&N dlm air zam-zam tu - so 'baru la sedap sket.. ni payau je rasa..'. bley eh, ckp mcm tu? nak cakap 'bodoh' depan2 bley je.. aku peduli pe. tp malas la.. tak smpai ati pun ada. heh.

12.30pm Apiz ajak kuar lunch. again? crazy. told him off dat i am so bloody full and i aint gonna be dead bloated. he was like, 'ko sajer je..' and walked off. hahaha.. aman dunia. KF tadak - aku je la jadik mangsa - kuar masuk bilik aku ajak nyembang, guspi segala mala.. hahaha..

kalo pi surau tido, aci tak?


idiot drivers.

bloody shyte!

i dun wanna be bias. it aint good after all - u know it. and dammit - i know it as well. but i was so damn bloody angry smlm - i cant express it wit words. i was there on the road drivin back from the office around 10pm; on the str8 road wit less car - when dis Waja happily ever after masuk macam tu je into the main road from simpang sebelah kiri aku - w/o stopping and gav any signal. laju plak tu. i was drivin at the speed of 80 - 85km and i was nearly smack into her car, and aku had to mengelak - i drove to the mid of the road and nearly crash the divider! alhamdulillah - i managed to stop the car rite away, i wasnt drive dat laju pun. and tak byk kereta. she (yeah - the driver was a lady!) pandai plak stopped the car, look kinda pale and shocked. yeah - tell me about it! i was so furious, angry dat i went out of the car - walked up str8 to her and i din say a word when she confessed, 'mintak maaf abg - tak perasan.. i saya dok tengok citer..' while pointing the dvd screen rite beside her. bley??

i remember feelin so bloody angry, geram - rasa nak maki sumer ada - aku marah sgt dat i dun know wat to say (as usual) - and aku remember theres only one word came out from my mouth. i went into the car, drove off leavin her trembling by the road side.

i was scared shyte, God sake. been in a car accident once - dis is not somethg yg aku wanna talk about.

but can u imagine? driving and watching dvd at the same time? tak de rumah ke nak tgk segala mala tu? or ur damn bloody bz u din find enuff time to do so - dat u hav to squeeze sometime while drivin and did dat? gross. and y la fix such thang at the first place? one word. bodoh.

i gez dat is lah - our drivers. masuk simpang tak reti2 nak bg signal. dah lambat nak pecut2 on the road. u drive turtle-ing on the road - yet nak jugak drive on the side. gigih!! and bwk on the left side mcm drive kat Taman Tasik Taiping. and yeah - bila perempuan drive on the road.. damn. hate me no, but dis is the fact. they shldnt be driving at all!!

heh. such a ventilating, early in the morn!

p/s; God i feel much better now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i hate to deal wit dis. i've finished up my part - my work for today.. yet i cant be out of ere. mr Bong asked me to stay put - and wait for his call aka instruction for some urgent thang.. yet tak jugak call2. heh. waitin must be a real pain in the arse - i must admit. so ere i am - a bag of irTWISTIESable(cheese as usual), a mug of plain water, YouTube to browse on (currently i am ga ga over Madonna Sticky and Sweet in concert yeah!) and coupla thgs, including FB-ing. heh. a bit of bosan alrite - but can i complain?

off to the bank for a while during lunch time. bank in cek from LHDN, post-declare all the cukai pendapatan et al last time - aku managed to bank in like 2rats lbey. yayyy! i know previously aku kira on-line, i was supposed to hav like 5rats lbey sket.. i gez aku kira silap la kot. and i gez dorg re-kira, of coz. heh. ok la tu, rather than nothg at all. tak le smpai bley raya KELs, tp its somethg for me, yeah.

at time bein - i hate wat i am havin i me. the doubts. the silly-ness. i am pretty sure i'd say hell NO, but a part of me was like.. argkhh. i dun wanna be an idiot. i remember how it was like for me before. the humiliation and such. i dun know.

NESLO now, anybdy? heh.

it aint Monday, but it feels like one!

in high heels, wit no saree yeah!

alrite. i know it aint. its Tuesday. but as for me - it feels like Monday, darn it. theres nothg at work, most of the lecturers r not in pun - its a skool break, semester break for the stdnts in ere; bet they din see any reason y to stay back in ere pun.. but as for me, i had mine starting last Thursday.. shldve be back to work by yesterday, but i managed to extend a day after. heh. unfortunately - aku had to dance wit coupla thgs yg dah flood my 'lubang burung merpati' in front of my room.

mum, angah and the family is ere - for a break. tolong packing pe patot.. and they really do work! managed to pack half of the thang - books, trash and such. byk jugak yg aku buang - berbeg2 plastik, leavin there out of the house tunggu org2 angkut naik lori smpah. and all the books - USM la, UniSel la, UPM la, magazines la, all those novels la, apa la.. sumer dah angkut to the new place.. tinggal kain baju and such je lagik. and brg2 yg besar la. thanks to kak ngah and my lovely mama - they r way darn good in doin all dis. kalo tunggu aku.. heh.

and the minimonsters.. hahaha.. wat else i can say? they rocked the house down, they turned every single thang into.. somethg yg aku tak bley explain. sometimes i lost my head over em - jerit sekali tak faham.. nak kena jerit berkali2 baru nak dgr. heh. yet sometimes - they make me go crazy guling2 on the ground laughin wit their own kerenah. especially si Kimie and Hazwan (angah and acik). berlari2 turun naik tangga - do the Otoromen thang la, Gaban la, kejap angah keriaw, kejap acik jerit for help wat ever not. dinding aku baru cat over the staircase - penuh dgn cap tangan dorang.. keji skals!! naseb la bley wipe dgn kain buruk je.. gtew. haha.. and the best part is - mum will be doin the karipap - my fav, ptg ni. yayy!!

frankly speakin - if u ask me again - do i or not fall in love wit painting (the wall, dat is) - it is definitely a no no. its so messy, so remeh. nampak senang. and the worst part is - time panjat tangga. hahaha.. i know dat i aint dat tinggi, so panjat tangga is like a compulsory thang to do. and after the incident aku tergolek jatuh dari tangga coupla days back - serik plak rasa. haha.. tp - best la jugak.

and i had one more room - master bed room to finish of the whole shyte. darn time fly so slow! haha

Sunday, June 13, 2010

whole day in bed, can i?

in bed still. i dun feel like doin anythg today - except lazying around. but then - i dun think its possible anyway. theres too many thgs to be done - yet i am havin a lil time in hand. i made a call to En Shah sayin dat aku malas nak turun conducting the mass-aerobic today; telling him 'i am not feelin dat well'. heh. i am sorry - i had to made up dat one, alrite. and gym soon - i am not sure of shall i go or not.. and few other thgs. heh! wonder wats get into me eh?

kinda hungry alrite. i had an early dinner last nite, and dats about it.

think i shld continue my journey to the Mumuland for a lil while.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

one year, now.

within less then 5 minutes from now - its gonna be officially one year. a one thg i never get the chance of havin all dis time - all dis years, but i do, dis time around.

i feel so damn honored. i am not sure wat else to say, wats left wit all those beautiful words to be used, to portray the feelin in me. it is so deep. intense.

one year past me by.. wit ups and downs. shyte and such. happiness et al. and i am prayin to God above - hoping for good thgs, and for more to come.

i gez it worth the pain and shyte i went thru, before.

its Saturday, mate!

nothing new, today. except i had a great sleep and woke up around 9am in the morn., wit the tummy growlin to be fed. done wit breakie - aku head for my new house; i need to continue wit my routine - same mission as yesterday - but different colors and different places.. i am done wit down floor.. and today - i am tryin to siapkan setakat mana yg mampu at tingkat atas. 3 rooms to go, and a family hall. and 3 bathrooms, too.

and finally - by 6pm - aku managed to finish up 2 bathrooms, family hall as well. darn i shldve done better then dis! but then again - aku penat giler ari neh.. started at 10 approximately - and i am done by 6pm somethg.

and aku nyer right tumit rasa sakit la plak, berdenyut2.. aku had dis history of plantar fasciitis on my right heel, before - and was on painkiller; nothg much. but dat was those were the days.. lama dah aku tak hav such pain - but today, i had a bit of pain there. and i hope it was jst minor pain due to prolong standin je.. and hope the Brufen will shooo it away, God sake.

for some reason - somethg made my day, today. and i am happy to see thgs, the way it used to be.. hehe

Friday, June 11, 2010


i am tired. damn bloody tired. tot mengecat rumah wld be fun - i mean - it wasnt dat bad. it was OK. but i hate to deal wit all the messy thgs, doin the routine again and again.. duhh! but then again - by the time ur done, u see the end results.. it was like 'wah! i did dat eh?' kinda thang. and there'll be one wide smile on ur face, God sake. so - for today, i am done wit the hall, feature wall. dapur basah and the dry one tak pyh cat - for they were alrdy cat-ed.. bilik bawah aku rasa tak payah la kot cat.. heh, tadak org duduk pun. and trow - upstairs. all the rooms up there plus family hall there. ermm

i feel like hitting the crib soon. but i got lot of thgs up there in my head. a part of me still lingers around somewhere else, yet to be home. i wish i cld hav more time. and i wish i cld be doin a lot of thgs, too.

FB is no longer the same, i think, its dull. empty. 'no body' really there, God sake. i was wandering around to see wat i wish i cld see - but its none. ermmm..

think i need some changes.

i am a Nippon-san.

its Friday. and i am takin another off day today - wit a mission - i am gonna go and cat setakat mana yg mampu - the interior walls of my new house thru the 3 days in a row; Friday till Sunday. its a really tuff mission for me - for yeah; i never do such thang, before. yeah - i did.. i think. the last time aku pegang tin cat was bila kak ngah nak kenduri kahwin dia - and abah mintak aku tolong cat her room - same colour. not much of hassle. and abah was around me then, cik pun. Soleh too. sikit2 aku cld jst screamed out their names for assistance. but dis time around - i am goin to deal wit it - the whole house, God sake.. own my own. alone. i know u'd go makin faces, but for someone yg not really keen in doin all dis DIY thang - i find all dis sucha 'argkhhhh' thang to do. again - of course, i can jst panggil Indon and do it for me.. tapi budget dah berterabur.. and again, i wanna do somethg, on my own - for the house, dis time around.

but i take dis as a challenge. i am gonna dis alrite. and i am goin to finish up wat i started. dari pagi tadik, the small dining hall dat siap.. may be nak re-apply another layer la kot.. dats wat uncle kedai cat tu ckp. i've done studying the YouTube on how to cat rumah, and i've jotted down coupla crucial advices given by coupla nice frens of mine - i want all dis to be somethg nice, God sake.

and yeah - lalang di tanah sebesar kangkang kera tu, dah mula naik.. tensi aku weh!! kalo racun je, bley tak? hehe

the hall - before.

the hall, after.. not really done yet

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wat about u?

stuck in the middle?

I gez life is about choices, ur always left wit choices to choose. Life is about preferences. U pick one thang and u go deeply-dy wit it. And u fear the rest. I believe dat life's like dat. Wat ur into, wat u like and wat drive u ga ga wld not be a cuppa for others. We cant go blaming the others for not havin the same frame of mind, for theres no two ppls; or more - in dis whole wide world having the exact way of thking. But of coz, we can convince em alrite.

Theres a vast of differences in every each of us, dat make us darn unique. After all, dat explains why we all hav our own print of DNA, different from one another. Even if ur sharing the same womb! The differences make life merrier, colorful, less monotonous. So wat ru? Wat makes u different from others? Hav all dis, ever come across ur mind? Wat do u like of doin? And wats not? Ru jst kinda gal/guy - follow wit the flow, hav no stance to stand? Dat u jst do thgs for every one is doin it. For its a trend and u find its kinda cool.

Let me tell u wat i believe in. Wat i like. And wats not. I believe in potentiality - every one of us do hav sort of potential in life. 2 thgs tho; s'ada u do knw wats ur potential is or not, and s'ada u do work on it well enuf or not. I believe in taking chances, while u can. For once u let it slip away, u mght not having the same thang, again. I belive in taking a risk; wit a consideration u knw wat it is, u hav wat it takes and once u hav it on ur own way - u shld never look back, for God sake. I believe in love, of coz.. and i dun knw how to go explainin dat. Haha.. I dun believe in co-incidence. Or miracle. For i never hav one, and i dun knw how it is anyway. But i believe in fate, qada' dan qadar. Its like if its meant to be, then it is meant to be. I believe in life - dat u hav to live ur life, and learn. Live life, and be free. Live life, before life leaves u. Tho s'times life wldnt be dat fair for u. So wat the heck? Who says life is fair anyway? Ur mum? Go get a life. Then again, it wldnt be dat bad.. trust me. Fair or not, we gotta move on still. Crushing ur head over the question of fair or not in life, will make u a dull Jake. For life is a karma. I believe in wat u giv is wat u get. U do good thang, u'll get one back in return. Wat goes arnd, will definitely comes arnd. So u götta be careful. Its a simple rule, God sake. I believe in good tots on others, for tho s'times ppl do shyte on u - they hav reasons for it, hell yeah. And u gotta take it. And telan. Or u leave it. I believe in hope. For hope gets us goin, holdin on, cling on s'thg so dat we can go on. I believe in a big mug of Nescafè early in the morn., as a start so i cld go kickin arses. But i hate coffee. I am a 'tea-man'. Haha.. I love ketchup. Or tomato sos, in case ur wondering. I cant see any reason y i shld take cili sos. Argkh, need not to convince me, God sake. I believe in punctuality. Time management is crucial hell yeah. I love a bit of stress to keep me goin - so i cld handle task nicely. Time management? Yeah. Yet i am kinda 'last minit' man.

I believe in jeans, round neck tshirt. Tshirt berkolar will make me feel like Guru Besar SRK Jalan Menteri. And i need to pee now. Bila bus neh nak benti weh? Shyte i feel pissin in my pants. Argkh.

outta ere! huhu


heh. nothg at work. off for a brunch wit Ajak - came back and do dis and dat; nothg berbekas pun. Ajak kinda struggle wit his jadual kerja, while me? darn i am done like last week lagik. muahahaha.. and Apiz? erk, the last time i saw his was like at 8.30am walkin in like a Zombie and now - i cant see him anywhere, at all.

i am outta ere. be back next coming Monday. leavin town and back in by Thursday nite, since ada dinner dgn budak2 neh kat Hillcity Hotel - i dun feel like goin, tp Mr Ismail really want me to go. tgk lah! Jumaat - Ahad, its paintin time.. nak cat2 rumah.. hahaha

better get goin. u ppl hav a great weekend ya! i'll be writing more, mobile lah. see ya! show.

Sit down, give me your hand
I'm gonna tell you the future
I see you, living happily
With somebody who really suits ya
Someone like me

Stand still. Breath in

Are you listening?

You don't know

Somebody's aching. Keeping it all in
Somebody won't let go of his heart but the truth is
It's painless
Letting your love show

Break down. Give me some time

I don't want the fear to confuse ya
Right now, it's so wrong
But maybe it's all in the future with
Someone like you

Stand still. Breath in

Are you listening?

You don't know

Somebody's aching. Keeping it all in
Somebody won't let go of his heart but the truth is
It's painless
Letting your love show

Maybe truth, maybe lies

Made me want you
Maybe dumb, maybe wise...?
I don't know

Somebody's aching. Keeping it all in

Somebody won't let go of his heart but the truth is
It's painless
Letting your love show
You don't know
Somebody's hurting. Holding it all in
Somebody can't let go of his heart but the truth is
It's painless
Letting your love show

Love show

Letting your love show..

Love Show;


the initial look..

the whole shyte!


gross, my hands!

yayy!! finally..

and dis is wat i've been doin for the whole 3 days in a row now - aku tried to squeeze in between after work, before Magrib and in between of my gym session. i cant believe i am doin it too, for God sake. but yeah - i finally did pun!! i wanted to settle wit dis tedious thang earlier - but i kept procrastinating, for.. aiyoo, how to explain?

to tell u the truth - dis is the first time aku pegang cangkul back again after years! i mean - so many years, God sake. and it taxing my back hell yeah. the pain is there, each time aku stand for a bit longer.. and bila aku pakai kasut keje (thank God aku tak pakai high hell pi ofis! heh). and yeah - i bought myself a new cangkul for the whole process. darn it is somethg i shld be proud of. i think. hahaha

nah - i know. theres nothg to be much ado of, alrite. after all tanah tepi rumah baru aku tu pun tak le seluas sawah padi nan terbentang sejauh mata memandang.. cuma sekangkang kera je (or sekangkang kucing, as mak said semlm..). and i cld jst spend some money (mcm cik buat - kan cik! haha) and hav dis whoever on earth come and do every single thang for me - dari menyangkul, bajak (erk, perlu ke bajak?), tanam balik rumput yg aku berkenan and coupla big trees.. wallaaa.. siap. take out some cash, and u then can sit tepi rumah, wit big mug of Nescafe in ur hand - cuci mata. and may be u cld go like 'heh, aku buat sendiri ni semua..' each time bila ppl tanya dis and dat. but ppl told me - if u do thgs on ur own, for ur own place - it'd be meaningful. i gez. yeah - meaningful. meaningful, alrite. the torture u go thru and such. and the end results - wld definitely satisfy u yeah.

well the plan is simple - rumput carpet. tp after talking to a fren of mine - he told me dis and dat - darn how tedious it'd be! hahaha.. 3 layers of different tanah, and a lot more. now i am contemplating. carpet or ordinary rumput je eh? hahaha.. dasar pemalas! heh.

but the then - my back! argkhh.. i am popping Brufen mcm kacang putih je dis coupla days. i started scratching my legs too - may be because of the tanah la.. God forbid hope it aint gonna be scabies! heh. and my hands - argkhh.. i shldve put on the boots then. and the sarung tangan. damn - mengada sgt2.. mati le kalo abah tau! hahaha

owh, yes - dis is my new wet kitchen. brand new. cabinet tak siap lagik.. aku sempat bwk masuk coupla brg2 elektrik je.. yg besar bagak kendian lar.. i love the blind, really. hehe

and the sink!

and the dry kitchen. i am thinkin of getting a simple square coffee table wit four stools. enuf la.. dapur pun tak le sebesar padang bola. hehe.. see the water filter? darn i fix it myself! hoho.. damn i am so proud of it. haha.. and yeah - the induction cooker too. no cabinet as yet - tak siap lagik!

my fav - sunset in front of my house..
every single day!

darn now wheres my Johnson & Johnson hand lotion? argkhh..