Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pangkor - end of the day..

Finally, dis is it. Aku reached the room feeling damn tired. Yet aku rasa so satisfied. The stdnts enjoyin emslf, and i gez dats about all dat matters. Ajak cld be smiling i bet. Mr Bong too. The real objective is to let loose, hav a break before tideous wks of exams, starting next week. I had a hell great of time, too. Let my senses off guard. And i thk, Ajak too. He's hell difrnt dat most of stdnts hardly he's kinda cool. Me? Heh. They knw me. If i shut up and if i dun go poking others, dat aint me then. Dis is goin to be another sweet time for me.. I love being surrounded by em. The fun, the joy.. It makes me feel damn alive. I am gonna miss all dis, for sure. I am tired. Gotta jump into my boxer and doze off. I am havin a bit of headache. And a bit nauseated. G'nite, peeps.

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