Tuesday, May 4, 2010

its Monday! erk, no. Tuesday!!

nice kinda hell.

hell of the day for me - today. but in a good way, yeah. i mean - i am in control, precisely. 8 am till 10am, aku kena handle taklimat exam paper aku - as ordered by Mr Bong. aku amek peluang untuk go thru for the final time - few killer topics dlm paper aku dgn budak2 neh. jst go thru and gav em a bit of reinforcement. paper aku most of the time - test budak2 neh punya critical thinking and such - and theres no such tny definisi all the time. and dats the point yg buat aku suffocate each time. methodologically, memang we introduced to the stndts how to think critically, but most of the time - bdk2 ni suka hafal instead of comprehend the whole thang. hafal ni susah la sket - kalo jatuh terpijak sabun and terhantuk kepala ke lantai.. abes sumer facts berabur and such. heh!

2 to 5 - aku kalot dgn kelas budak2 Post Basic Primary Health Care, regarding Wellness Concept. argkhh.. another 'yawn-able' kinda concept to introduce. aku hate taking about all those concepts, policies yg damn nice, beautiful on papers - tp when it come to implementation - its like pieces of shait. kej 44x. but then - the kelas went well. budak2 (not budak2 la.. tp stdnt dewasa la kot..) contributing well on discussion and such - making the whole plot nice. aku aku pun byk bljr, instead!

cant wait for trow. will be off again away from the office. hehehe

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