Monday, May 31, 2010

Ipoh-Kuala Sepetang-Penang.

went thru folders in my lappy - i finally stumbled into all the above (and many more); the pics taken durin my last trip (short trip, dat is) to Penang.. it was like on 19 - 20th dis month. i had a lot more, but i think they shld be my own personal then.

so ere they r; pics takes all the way from Ipoh - Kuala Sepetang for its famous mee udang - Penang; Batu Feringghi et al. i wish i cld hav more time, so i'd go around a bit further.. ni sempat naik beca around Pulau Pinang, and stopped borong jam-jam tangan for few of those special in my life, for separate, different occasions. and yeah - i had my share too. i believe Penang has a lot more to be explore.. cuma masa je. ni kalo pi Penang, asyik terpa ke Batu Feringghi je, cari dvd and such; balik.. ermm.. think i shld be doin much better than thgs like dat..

Induksi kicked off. i jst did my part, contributing, doin wat i shld be doin. for petang nanti aku dah tak der..

aku hav one more folder wit pics in it - those yg aku amek on the whole last weekend, kat Kelantan to be precise. they aint miracle, but i think i'd love to share wit u guys.. insyaAllah.


Monday morn. i hardly sleep last nite - crashin a lil bit late, i found myself.. heh, as usual. by 6am aku dah alrdy siap Subuh, pakai2 baju and such. Induksi Umum/Khusus K21 shall be kickin off today rite up until 9/6. and yeah - aku r one of the fasci. tapi awal2 lagik aku dha jumpak Mr Bong, tellin him dat i am takin a half-day off today; since nak pi LCCT amek mak abah yg shall be touching down from UK by 7.55pm. yayyy!! mak abah dah balik.. huhu

nothg much. had a blast weekend. managed to spend my weekend wisely enuff, sambel heret my Nikon D3k around, amek2 gambar.. jadik la.. w'pun not much of thgs around, not much of sceneries etc - at least gatal2 tangan aku neh nak picit2 kamera aku, settled la.

heh. think i shld be started doin wat i shld be doin la kot.. be back.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

At 11am s'thg, i hit the road wit the tot of - wait, wats in my head, eh? Darn i hate of ending dis God sake. And darn i hate it for trow is Monday! *sigh*. Tot i cld jst drive, slow and easy, whch i thk i am. Dah 3hrs driving, baru kat Bukit Bunga. Stop for Zohor, jamak Asar trus. Then lunch jgk. Tot i'd skip meal for i had a pretty darn heavy kinda breakie pg tdi - nasik krabs, budu et al, tp ni dah noon, prots aku bley plak growling hell. Heh. Tot i'd jst ignore it and it'd be better, tp tak tertahan plak rasanya. Matilamelkgumok mcm neh. Wonder wat time smpai Ipoh mcm neh..

Friday, May 28, 2010


I am half way thru. Stopping for a while for Subuh. Think i am kinda dizzy, i am havin a bit of headache dat i am praying it wldnt go beyond my control. I had my Coldplay, Nidji, a bit of Oasis on the stereo to keep me company. And to keep awake, God sake.. I think i am pretty much tired. Physical. Mental. Cant wait to be where i wanna be at. So ere i am, up in the middle of Banjaran Titiwangsa.. its windy, damn bloody cold dat i am shivering shyte. Theres no coverage up ere, gez i gotta send dis of, when there is..

on the road..

I cant sleep. Perhaps, i did - for like 2hrs. But by 3am - aku dah wide awake. I was tossing up and down, when i decided - dats it, i gotta move now. I hit the shower, and hit the road. It was like 3.30am in morn. Apart of me longing to be under the warmth duvet, a part of me - i am excited to be outta town for a small fmly gather.. Its been 4yrs now. And aeter all the ups and downs, i survived. And i managed. After the shyte i went thru, i cld tell dat i am still one luckiest man alive to hav wat i hav in love - the care, the unconditional love and the tot dat i will be laving dis all thgs arnd me, alone. I am glad. And i am bersyukur ke hadratNya.. Hav a great wkend, fellas. Cu, when i cu.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


dinning out tonite. singgah my lil new house before balik rumah. alhamdulillah - lampu semua dah siap pasang - except for the lampu2 dinding. awning also dah siap, grill and such. bidai will be in by next week. cat luar dha siap - cuma cat dalam.. *sigh* aku rasa penat sgt to think about it. but still - i am gonna do it myself - for i wanna somethg left behind; wit my own hands on it. at least - theres somethg left, to be remember.

still feelin numb. i am not sure wats in my head - it was kinda stirred, all over places. aku rasa tak sedap hati, rasa pelik and berbelah bahagi pun ada. Ya Allh - aku mohon dr segala yg tak ketahuan, tak terjangka dek kepala otak aku neh..

dah siap packing. mp3 dah charged. gps pun dah charged. bateri kamera too. back all in - cuma nak masuk dlm kete je. aku hope i'd be able to hav fairly enuff sleep tonite, for i really need a rest, God sake.. and i'd be hitting the road too - before anyone wld do.. and yeah - i need a real sleep.

gotta go. catch u around. hav a great, long weekend, ppl.


back in the office. i got nthg much to do. i feel kinda numb. i did somethg stupid - out of curiosity. curiosity makes me a fuckin stupid kinda lad. i regret it, God sake - for spoiling some ppl's beautiful day. dammit, i shldnt ask such thing. i shldnt be bothered to know pun. i feel like a crap. i feel bad. being treated wit dis silent treatment makin me feel like.. dammit.

think i am heading home now. feel like to crash. i dun feel good either. and i gotta be back by 3pm for a meeting.

ur a plain stupid arse-hole, Shahe!


life. as it is.

I gez its been a while since i last mumbling on dis thang. About life, dat is. About wat it is to us. About everythg on life. I heard a news last nite. I shldve been put a deaf ears to it. I shldve cldnt careless about the whole shyte. But then, i cldnt help myself, for i feel like i wanna knw more. For it used to be a part of my life i treasured it hell enuff. I feel sad. And i feel bad, coz i went thru the same cycle before - its a same script, different cast kinda thang. I wish i cld do s'thg. I wish i cld work out s'thg so dat life wld be fair for everyone, so dat thgs wld be fair for everybdy. There's a lot of thgs in mind, left me in wonder. The how, the why kinda thang. Wat wld it takes to make a person realized the whole shyte, for he/she alrdy went thru the whole process, again and again? And wld it takes to make a person to learn how to appreciate thgs dat u hav in ur palm; dat u shldnt let it slip away? I wonder. But then again, i am jst a plain outsider, seein thgs wit my own perspective. I am nobdy to say dis and dat, so i jst back off; saying nthg, and i'd jst pray - hoping thgs wld be better for everybdy. I do believe for wat ever it is, they hav their own reasons. Explanations. And i gez, i need to knw nthg at all. Its about own's right. I dun knw, i gez i went thru dis before. And i knw how hard, how hurt it is for me. May be i shldnt be talking about dis. Or may be, i shld keep a mum about the whole shyte. But then - i dun knw. Jst dat s'times, we tend to take thgs for granted. And when thgs happened, we r paralyze; we r in state of shock - cant believe wats happening. We started to react foolishly unkind, not to realize dat we r apart of. We did contribute to the whole thang. The action, reaction, consequence. If we gain it bck wat belongs to us, thank God. We shall then learn some lesson well. But wat if we r not? Keep on doin the same mistakes, again and again - repeating the cycle, taking thgs or ppl arnd us for granted, hurting others for ur own sake.. I dun knw. As for me, i learn my lesson well. I did mistakes before (tho God knws dat aint a mistake after all), i hurt myslf and ppl arnd me. And i swear to God, i aint gonna do dat again. For i believe life is aint about urslf. Life is about living it wit ppl arnd u, wit those who loves u, and wit those u love. Life is about living it well, and learn lessons well. Life is about u live it good, never ever take thgs for granted, and learn to appreciate thgs u hav in hand - and never let it slip away. For i do too, believe - life is a karma; wat goes arnd, will always comes arnd. Treat ppl well, if u wanna be treated so.. I dun knw. I jst wish for better thgs, in life - for all of us.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

prefect? perfect?

nothg much at work today. aku was appointed as Ketua Pengawas handling stndt2 yg re-sit/repeat the papers today - pagi and petang. haiyoooo.. bosan weh! the hall was so bloody cold, stdnts plak tak ramai. naik muak aku mcm Statue of Liberty duduk kat dpn, doin some reading - tryin to kill some time. lookin at the phone pun doesnt make a change. it was like quite all day, since the morn. ermmm.. but the the good thg is - aku managed to finish up nearly half of the book 'I Can Read You Like A Book' yg aku beli kat Kino last Februari - tp tak jugak sempat2 abes.. kinda interesting. its like once u start readin - u'll get hook up to it well. but then again - since ekon sejuk giler.. i cannot help bein so sleepy-headed, at the back of the hall. heh.

i am celebrating few important dates, starting by trow, up till mid of next month. i feel like celebrating. i feel like takin off-days and outta ere, for sure. yet again, my schedule for dis coupla weeks - i dun think will allow me to do so.. *sigh*.

another mesyuarat tomorrow. aku not sure if its on or not - but tentatively; aku dah jot down dlm aku nyer schedule neh.. argkhh.. malas weh mesorat mesorat neh. kalo ada mkn free, ok gaks! huhu..

gtg.. nak singgah Pos Malaysia jap. hehe.. jog soon, and gym at nite - kalo rajin. will catch u ppl, later.

Ajak, hepi bird-day!

Ajak on ur left. ur left, ok!

Dis is Razak. Or i called him, Ajak. Most of us call him Ajak. Or Chor, as his fmly members called him. Dun ask me wat the heck, coz i hav no idea. Yeah, Chor. And not dat Cur. Haha.. matilerrmelk. But ppl, Ajak hav no rite to blow his top, today.. for today, is his 35th bird-day! Huhu..

Erm, let me make dis a bit more dramatic. Let me tell u a thang or two abt dis fat, erk ampun - healthy guy. He was my junior during our skol menengah time. Its like aku form 2, dia form 1. Tp again, he was a junior of mine. Junior means, junior lah! Thus aku tak la amek port sgt. Bley? Aku tak brp knl pun. The thg yg aku tau, he's a taiko. Bdk Ipoh, skol pun kat Ipoh - watdya xpct? Aku hilang sandal sbelah pun kat surau dulu, baru je like last yr aku tau - yg Ajak la yg amek and campak dlm semak. Aku rmbr lps solat Isya' dat nite, aku mcm OKU.. jalan balik hostel wit sblh je sandal on. Sori Ajak, dah berkodi2 aku nyumpah.. Brp thn dah, weh! Alasan dia, 'aku nyampah tgk ko b'jalan, heret selipar.. bising lah!'. Bley?

And during waktu keje, we were together as PERASA nye fasci. Aku Hosp Taiping, Ajak Hosp Ipoh. Pun tak la kamcheng mana. Hai hai, bye bye je most of the time. Tp time UniSEL, kitorg jmpak lg. Tak sangka dpt twran kursus yg sama. And we too, ended up sewa apartment yg sama kat Shah Alam Sek 7 tu, wit like 4 others; incldg KF (argkh!). KF asyik kena buli je dgn Ajak. Yet, aku tgk je. Thk KF deserves so. Erk. Haha.. And then, aku tak sangka posting keje pun sama! Ajak is one nice guy, helpful. Resourceful. He's like, 'ko ada je pe2 problem, ckp..' kinda thang. Saman, kete rosak, nak beli kete et al. Haha..

S'how a fren like him makes everyone nye idup easy. And meaningful. Tp again, in life - thgs wldnt be dat nice, bed of roses, all the time. Aku tau Ajak went thru hell tough time in ere. Aku pun tak pasti wat and why. But then, ada hikmah sumer ni. I knw..

So Ajak, lets cut dis short - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ajak. Ko dah 35yo dah, wey! Aku doakan ko pjg umur, murah rezeki dlm keimanan, ketaqwaan insyaAllah. Rmber, bkn senang nak jadi senang. Hehe.. Aku glad dpt kwn mcm ko, sng keje, sng b'tolak ansur. Hope dis frenship last long. Ko jgn pindah KIST senyap2 plak.. Erk. Ampun! Haha

Monday, May 24, 2010


woke up early dis morning. by 6.30am - aku dah panaskan enjin kereta and ready to shoo out from the house. at the office by 6.50am, aku baru sedar aku like havin 3 hrs of lecture ptg ni; dat is 2 to 5pm on HSR - Presenting Your Report. heh. and the best part is - aku tak wat pe2 lagik! argkhhh.. so there i go - keepin myself, confining in my own room workin out on methodology to deliver the topic. kejis la, last2 minute past such thang to others. heh sgt sgt. so - by 2.30pm aku dah there in the hall, and by 3.30pm aku dah called it off. budak2 neh pun since result segala mala dah kuar and dis Friday is the last day for the semester - masing2 muka mcm cipan dlm kelas.. like 'ur there, yet ur not' kinda thang. and bila aku post some question to the floor - msg2 tarik badan melorot atas sit, hoping i wont see their head and i wont screaming out their names. kerjeh lah! hahaha

and erk - the fact is.. aku pun not really in the mood to teach la lately neh. kesian jgk aku tgk budak2 neh, they shldve been back home now, tp kena stay back 2 minggu dlm kelas.. motif? kalo la aku jadik Pengarah. ermmm..

ciwi jam baru ari neh! huhu.. semangat neh. awal seawal isya' lagik aku dah screwed aku nyer wardrobe cari baju and suar as if bley matchin the jam baru neh. cemaneh? excited. hahaha.. mcmbudak2 la plak. tp its kinda fun. i bought dis watch in Penang - for my own self; together wit 2 others.. and dat 2 r aint for me lah. hahaha.. tak la mahal mana - its Casio Edifice nyer series.. no Swiss no nothg pun. tp aku suka since its white, and square. now i am havin like - errmmm.. kalo 2 minggu pakai pun every each different ones pun, tak abes lagik koleksi jam aku neh! huhu..i jst love to hav more and more watches. beside shoes lah.. ermm.. i aint sick, rite?

headin back now. gym soon la kot. kot. hehe


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday wit colors.

managed to finish up coupla thgs today - i dun really feel like doin anythg at all; but i gez i need to, God sake. and today - again; i am in all dis 'rumah' thingy - semlm dah ada org dtg ukur bidai, langsir, gate and awning (shall be there by next week), tiles dapur dah siap, cat dapur aku pun dah nak siap, plus pagar, fix the air-cond, water-heater.. and such. ari ni - aku go around survey cat dlm rumah/bilik etc. i swear to God i never know how to dis, alrite. i never did dis before pun.. dulu cat2 rumah sumer org buat or dah beli and such. and for dis house - aku decided to work on a bit by myself - at least ada la jugak kesan tgn aku nanti to remember when i aint around. so dah mix and match; aku decided pi kedai cat and let them do the thang.

the catalog. they can jst make ur eyes bersilang wit one another. aku had a though time to come up wit a decision (as usual), tho initially aku dah ada series of colors which is and which is not.. tp time sampai je kedai - i gotta bring the catalog back (a new one) and do the re-match again. heh.. i decided to stick to pink for one room, bluish-colour-i-cant-remember-wats-the-name for one room, and 2 greens tone color for my own room.. the rest of it - the whole house.. erm, nanti dah siap la eh.. it is fun to do dis alrite, tp byk2 fkr.. alaarrr.. benci la.

kedai cat aku beli cat (of course) in Bercham there.. the uncle, auntie and his son kinda nice ppl, they helped me a lot in matchin warmth harmony watever not colors wit one another. to be frank - dis id the kinda shop aku bley kira dgn jari berapa kali aku masuk for buying stuff and such - kedai hardware. heh.

uncle neh tgh mixing the colors. skang senang je.. main masuk kan je nama kod, tekan2, letak tong cat putih in color.. then they'll customized it for u. tak payah kacau-kacau dah - the whole can dorg bubuh dlm mesin, and the mesin will goncang the whole can.. taraaaaaa.. ur desired color dah siap. now - go back and cat lah! *argkhh*

the whole stuff. and look at the chart there.. sah2 sawan tgk. aku teringat kalo beli perfume - byk2 cium different kinda smell; u can go neutralized ur olfactory nerve using coffee. tp tgk color chart neh.. heh.

its gonna be another hectic week for me starting trow. gotta leave for Penang, again. again - i hate it, yet i was leave wit no choice. perhaps i do hav choices, but i chose a better one, i gez. so i aint goin to complain a thang.

God, my head!