Thursday, April 22, 2010


its a beautiful day indeed. woke up early dis mornin - arnd 4am; done wit my isya', i managed to do some stretch up - i realized dat i've left my wt-lifting thang too long - thnk aku shld start usin it bck now. made a bekpes - aku sempat jgk go thru CNN World News; shyte - no news is a good news.

at my stdy desk by 5.30am - my bldy desk is floodin wit notes, modules and such - penuh meja! yeah - definitely feel like to puke; but i try to smile indeed. i aint gonna start my day grumblin. yeah - a smile. a plastic one pun ok larr.. rather than none. kemas2 meja, aku started to read. the theories. dis and dat.. i feel like to explode. but - yeah; smile baby.. 8am; i was done wit Cognitive Psychology. literally. heh.

esok - anthr pre-week end in the drain. i am havin 2 papers trow, none on Saturday, one on Sunday. and dats it. i cant wait. i jst cant fuckin wait, hell yeah. talk about beautiful weekend.

it is gonna be a nice one, darlin.. today, dat is. *yeah, rite* stop grumblin! *yeah.. yeah* i gotta smile. i really gotta smile.. its only 12.30pm in the afternoon.. *does a fake ones count?*

may be i shld drag myself to the washroom now. take a bath, change myself, and jump into the crib.along wit all those notes, yeah. and my mobile as well. and my Mobile FB. damn, i dun think i'd be ended up reading after all..


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