Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the unwanted LVs.

woke up at 6, aku feel kinda dizzy. my head is all over the places. and it is so dreadful dat i gotta go to work like dis, dis morning. i am havin dis bad LV's over my both eyes - i think due to sort of allergic reaction dat i was havin last nite.. both of my eyes was like havin dis watery discharge, and aku had to telan antihistamine for they were so damn itchy, God sake. heh.

nothg much in the office today, i think. except for i gotta finish up filling in my E-MyCPD thingy since due dis week. remeh la.. aku tgk tadik pun mcm very distasteful. but then - aku still hav to finish em all up, today.

Ajak ajak aku teman dia pi Pangkor. tgk student posting there. and he needs to go and see the facilities over dis one resort - he and his students r havin sort of motivation camp over the weekend there in Pangkor.. and aku awal2 lagik dah kena 'booked' for theres coupla slots yg aku kena run. wld be nice then - the sea, the beach, the 'minor' break-away. but on Ahad - aku kena blah awal since nak ke KL plak. argkhhh..

erm, sounds familiar eh? heh!!


ezam said...

i tot 'that' LVs.....hahaha

Just me timtams said...

LV?? Wat does LV stand for?? I thot with the heading "unwanted LV's" you were giving away your unwanted LV's ie. Louis Vuitton!! Well a girl can dream :-)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

LVs - they r my eye bags. u want me, timtam? u want em all too, ezam? haha