Thursday, April 29, 2010

TGIF - trow larr!

such a hectic day for me, today.. at dis time - finally i cld rest my back, sit down and think - damn! i really do work today! and i was like managed to finish coupla thgs all the way, wit no tangguh2 anymore. i dah email to my prof regarding my project paper - and he replied dah pun! (heh, as expected - byk kena repair.. huwaaa), claim done, Pangkor nyer session/perancangan dis weekend aku dah meeting dah pun budak2 Ajak, MyCPD done and Pengarah dah counter-signed pun - except for KKM nyer web so damn ferkin CheLem dah aku tak bley xcess langsung all the points and such, let alone to print em out.. tak pe - yg penting hard copy aku dah submit. heh! and gez wat - i am done doin the e-filling too. yeah.. FINALLY!! heh - to my surprise.. gez wat? aku terbayar lbey wehhh!! tak le beribu-raban mcm org lain, tp hampir2 larr..

finally TGIF is ere, and it trow. another hectic weekend in the row - leaving for Pangkor wit Ajak on Saturday early in the morn. (no cupcakes there, of coz!! heh). far as aku concern - Mr Bong is goin, Mr Ismail, Rod. tu je la.. and like 112 stdnts. again, no foot massage at the hotel lobby, for God sake!! ermm.. done wit Pangkor on Sunday noon, gotta rush back to Ipoh since ptg tu jugak aku gotta leave for KL, Monday early in the morn i gotta be in UPM for some important thgs to be settled. so Monday cuti.. and Tuesday aku kena attend defend proposal HSR budak2 neh.. aiyoook!

gonna rush back now. its about to rain. think of headin to the gym, need to vent out all dis negative feelin in me - in some appropriate ways. and may be - a bit of jog, kalo tak ujan. kalo tak.. aku berlari2 anak/setempat je la kat gym itewww..

after all, thgs went well, so far. no FB since early in the morning. damn! wat a rekod. hahaha


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