Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rambut. or no rambut?

nak lawan tarik rambut wit me?
u hav guts?

reached home by 3pm.. done wit my LHDN thang, off to my usual barber for my usual thang as well. LHDN dah mula pack wit ppl yg keje last minute - sama la aku pun! haaha.. but i am gonna do it thru e-filling. senang. dats wat they say. think i am gonna spend my time doin the calculation on all those shyte? hell no! lega sgt kepala neh - finally after like 2wks, aku managed to chop-off all. and the 'fur' over my face too. mamak tu tnya as if aku nak 'bogel' kan the whole face or not - kelam kabut aku ckp 'no no no.. its a no no' since - heh, nanti jambu plus no hair. and my face wld look like - erm, bola sepak. kej.

i think i wanna keep my back la dis time.. i nearly did dat, but each time rmbut aku tumbuh sikit - aku dah rasa rimas. and aku'd looked like Edward Scissorhand as well. serabut. so unkempt. aku remember the last time aku keep the hair - i hav to go thru like 3 to 4wk of 'uncertainty period'. serba tak kena. and aku keep on praying 'cepat la tumbuh..' kinda thang. and aku remember too - the first day bila the hair cream/wax worked on me - i feel like 'fcuk! dats it!!..' since the hair cream/wax managed to 'mold' the hair into some kinda civilized looks. heh. and each time abah tgk aku tak panjang2 jugak rambut neh - he'd go rambling how i look like 'garang mcm nak telan org', 'y go bald when u definitely go bald jugak nanti'. aiyoooo!! bley?

goin off for a jog now. gotta be back early for by after Maghrib, i gotta be there kat ofis - kelas yg postpone mlm semlm, on mlm ni plak. heh.

can i postpone it trow nite je? *yawn*

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