Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rainy day..

Otw to Pangkor. Ajak brings coupla stdnts as well, those yg t'libat in dealing all the facilities and such thang. And its a rainy day. Not many lecturers arnd. I aint sure the where about pun.. May be msg2 bz wit own agenda. Or may be since Pengarah itslf not arnd, u knw wat i mean. Hafiz off to Hosp Sg Siput, and ere aku wit Ajak, Epoi, Syawal, Hani, Wani and dis one gal aku tak ingat la nama dia, off to Pangkor. Aku not keen of goin pun, tp since its Razak and Mr Bong plak mtk teman si Razak to do on the arranging thgs et al. Thgs go well, so far. Jst dat, aku feel kinda incomplete today, for a reason. Aku keep on lookin at the phone screen, yet nthg's there. Heh. Cld be my feeling, i thk.


ezam said...

meh bagik nomor kang den sms..hahhaha

jerry maguire, jr. said...

ezam - sure? haha