Sunday, April 4, 2010


My latest obsession? Raymond vs Raymond of Usher. Damn. Its hot. Its nice and listenable. I was all over on most of the tracks, try listen to Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home). And leave it to ur head how its gonna be. Hehe.. And yeah, Glee OST. I managed to hav it thru the net, of coz. Most of the tracks. My fav? Dammit, of coz its Halo/Walking On Sunshine and Lean on Me. I keep on having em played, over and over again. Otw now, ETA arnd 3.30pm. I shall then str8 off to Bukit Kiara for registration and such.. And, do u believe me if tell u dat ada lalat atas bus neh? Ada sekor je pun, tp dok kaco aku like freakin shyte dat i cant sleep, and i cant lay still. Damn, i wish i bck at home. So dat aku cld Ridsect dis small creature down! Heh.

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Jerung Rimba Putih said...

gaduh ngan lalat plak... hehehe.... Suka kat lalat tu sbab gangu org tu tido!! kah kah kah