Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on the road!

so cemas.. auw!

Aku tak masuk ofc ari ni. Go arnd places for clinical visits and teaching - covering 3 klinik kesihatan; dat is KK Lekir, KJ Changkat Lada and KK Ulu Dedap. Judge em by the name, i knw wats in ur mind. Even my GPS pun cannot show the where about. No, its not like i never been ere.. Tp jarang sgt. Its like, jarang jarang sgt. And as usual, Ajak la jdi mangsa. He's the walking GPS alive. The best, arnd. He knws the where about, every turns, every traffic lites. Heh. Me? Dats my other weakness.

Aku dah dtg sini, tp like twice a yr. And u xpct me to rmbr? Heh. I knw u'd say dat! Btw, its fun to do dis.. (xcept for the travelling!!). Sittin and seein patients wit stdnts - damn i love dat. I used to enjoy seeing pts. Talkin to em. Helping em out. And i still love doin it. Cuma now, i gez - i am doin it in the other way arnd. I am helping and teaching the new generation, wit the hope they'll do xctly like wat i did before - tgk patient, talk to em and ease their life. I blve its more than jst a skill. U can develop skills. Whch mght ended up jdi mcm few medical personel yg tgk patient, check patient sentuh guna pen/pensil je. Keji, alrite. Skills wit no passion, wat wld dat mean?

I rmbr kdg2 patient neh dtg jmpak u, they dun need sgt those ubat2 for the afford to buy it otc. They jst need someone they cld talk to, someone who can listen to em, reassure em et al. And ubt comes at 2nd place. Trust me. They'll love u, trust u. And they'll listen 2u. On wat ever u mght ask me to. Jst dat nowadays, pyh nak jmpak medical personel like dat. They see u w/o seeing u in the face. They talk to u as if like 'u talk fast and get out of my room'. And tak smpat u nak giv em proper history, slip ubat dah siap.. I knw, aku tak bley bias. Too many factors contributing. But then again, its in u. U knw wat i mean.

Erm, mkn jom. 2 more KKs to go.


Jerung Rimba Putih said...

Aww.. that is sweet of you ash...
Oso done it before for a couple of times while my sister stay at the hospital to give a birth to my minimonster
Talks with em.. Makes them laugh is not easy but it worth it to try.

My face is like a brute maybe for them but my heart told me that I'll be like them someday.
Love em or coz youll be like them someday...

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Awww.. to u too, Jr! kudos!!