Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday? i loooike.

tell me about it! its Monday. and i never fell in love wit Mondays as much as i do, for dis Monday - and its today! gez wat? its a public holiday for us in Perak for its Sultan Perak nyer birthday! huhu.. ermm.. dun go askin me more, for i dun really know the details. but its PH, so be it. and its PH! huhu..

slept late last nite. and yeah - i woke up pretty darn late as well, dis mornin. after Subuh, aku hentam se-round lagik tido! tho awal2 pg lagik mak dah called asking dis and dat - telling me 'jgn tido dah pe Subuh neh, tak baik..' kinda thang. but the panggilan bantal tilam ans such for the MuMuLanding is too much to bear wit - heh, at 10am baru aku really outta bed and do thang alrite.

contractor yg nak pasang grill rumah/pagar and such.. 9.30am lagik dah called. bergegas2 jugak la aku siap2 - since dia nak masuk rumah and fix all the grills. so far, alhamdulillah - pagar rumah dah naik, extension dapur aku pun dah naik, grill - aku rasa dorg dah siap pasang la kot ari neh - and cuma tunggu pagar je nak ukur btol2 and such. and aku harap, wit in dis coupla months - all in and aku bley pindah masuk rumah baru dah!

aku still on goin wit my last report. esok keje sehari, aku mght amek cuti off days 2 hari to confine myself and read - since Jumaat - Ahad aku will be havin my final papers. final, as it is. i hope so..

theres so many thgs aku nak accomplish before the period. and theres a few major thgs aku dah settled - hoping i'd be prepared.

gtg! nak jog jap!! huhu.. damn. i love Monday. huhu


chen said...

tak aci, aku kena koje, huhuhu....

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