Sunday, April 4, 2010


semlm - Malam Kebudayaan & Kesenian KPPUK/KPPAS berjalan lancar. tho it was held under keadaan yg btol2 wit budget and facilities yg terhad - aku cld see dat all the stdnts were having fun. seein em all havin fun - makes me feel kinda good, too. around 11pm, aku dah smpai rumah. havin a bit of headache, the temperature was still raging and aku jst cldnt think of anythg at all - cuma nak mandi, and off for MuMuland. smpai rumah - i was thinkin dat mak abah dah tido - but they were not atually; dok tunggu aku balik.. so aku lepak la kejap, sembang2 and such. mak was sort of complaining dat i was 'sibuk keje sgt, tak sempat nak rehat.. mak dtg rumah pun keje..' kinda thang. i wish i cldve done somethg about dat - but i wasnt sure how.. and the 'interviewing session' went on until mak suruh aku naik for aku 'nampak penat.. pi la tido'. heh. and Soleh - his convo dis coming Monday - trow, dat is.. sorry adik, along tak dpt pi.. kursus pulak! :-(

nthg much lately. been wondering about coupla thgs - but i think, i'd be better off leave it as it is. somethg, s'times in life better left wit no answer, i think. beside i've been counting for another break - life's jst like dat..

shall be leavin for KL - INTAN Bukit Kiara to be precise - at 12.30pm jap lagik. and aku yet to pack a thang. and 9 - 12, aku'll be in an island..

i'll be back, tp mobile la kot.. i aint bringin the lappy. heh.

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