Friday, April 23, 2010

first day? done.

done wit 2 papers today - in the morning, i think i am doin alrite - tho theres coupla q's yg sah2 aku tau yg aku jwb mcm gampang sket.. i mean, sket. heh. other than - i think i shld be doin alrite. again - i think. but paper petang tadik - sah2 ampeh. i dun really know wat i'm sayin. i mean - i dun really know wat on earth the q's about, let alone the answers lah!! tho i was like the second person yg paling last kuar dewan (dammit u Hafiz!!), i am sure its gonna be disaster. but then - heh. i am not sure of wat i am feelin about the whole shyte. gez aku dah anticipate about dis, so i wasnt like nak throw fits for the rest of the evening. i was like - heh. be it. aku rasa mcm 'tenang' je.. of course, theres a bit remorse in me. for i know i cldve done damn much better.. tp, aku rasa mcm ok je.

so mlm ni, i am gonna sit again. and read. Psychopathology of Children and Family on Sunday. and dats it. esok tadak paper - so.. ermm - JJ? haha.. no way Jose!

rumah dah mcm nak siap. cuma tiles over wet kitchen, cabinet of course. think i can be moving in in June la.. hope so. pindah awal, so aku cld stay a bit longer then! heh.

gtg. and read. be back, again.

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