Saturday, April 10, 2010

finally.. yay!

Reached Mersing arnd 6.30am. And we missed our first boat which is supposed at 5am. So the other one wld be at 9am which makcik kaunter tiket tu like 'pi la mana2 dulu, 8.30am standby'. Bley? The journey was kinda torturous for the whole 6hrs plus, the bus was like tak berhenti at all, the driver was like terburu2 - asek langgar lampu merah je.. and nak terkenching Ya Rabbana! Heh. Smpai Mersing, tandas rosak. Kena la download all thang kat R&R Jetty neh. At time being, i am having my breakie now. Roti chanai 2kpg wit tea tarik krg manis gelas besar suam. And these guys r having nasik lemak masing2.. Cant wait for the bitch. Eh, the beach dat is. And the journey will be like 2hrs in the boat.. *yawn*

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