Saturday, April 17, 2010


I gez it a cucur day. Or 'cucoQ', as mak wld call it. Cucur or cucoQ, heh - its the same thang. Kalo pg tdi mak buat cucur udang and makes her anak2 'payah sgt nak tggal meja makan', ptg ni - as for tea, mak buat cucur pisang plak. Or cokodoQ. Cokodot, as we wld name it. And the best part of these cokodot - mkn panas2 time baru kuar kuali, go get a bit of butter; esp yg litely salted. Then mkn lah cokodot dgn butter tu. See it melted.. aiyo! Sdp siot. I knw all dis will make u thk, 'mati la.. mkn je', 'gumok in the making' or a lot more.. but who cares. Aku bkn selalu pun balik kg for mum's home cooked. And aku thk once in a while, aku shld celebrate. Hehe.. Nanti aku balik Ipoh, aku diet la, eh. Gym. And such. Heh. In the mean while.. 'mak, nak tea o!'.

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