Sunday, April 18, 2010

calling it off..

Heading back to Ipoh. Its been a long day, but i finally glad it ends jst the way i want it to be.. Breakie wit ZZZ, off for class at 11am after a bit of shopping kat JJ Maluri. Thanks to ZZZ - the time, the companion, helping me to get the taxi jst to make sure aku sampai to Baitulmal Kg Pandan. Such a nice guy, it is. And after the class - lunch at Maju Junction for some quality private time for myslf.. Done wit all dat, i am glad for several reasons. Harap2, aku x lagi dah pi classes and such. For i am finishing it off. Tp sdey la jgk.. for some reasons, too. Erm, its raining. Thk i shld catch a Mumu while i can..