Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i gez i shld stop doin thgs i am doin now. kinda givin hope. clinging on hope - where as i know theres nthg left for me then. its done. its all over. i hav to face it as it is. i knew the fact all rite - but to get rid of it is kinda tough for me. damn. i am a plain stupid kinda man who never learn a thang. sometimes, i am ashamed of myself. i shldve hav more pride. dignity. i shldve stand my own stance - and make sure dat i'll get thru all thgs, alrite. i aint lose a thang. i aint a loser. for i deserve the very best. and i gotta move on. shld live life, as it is.

time flies. i hate to think all dis. but i somehow or rather, i jst cant help myself.

damn. bygones gotta be bygones!

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