Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i gez i shld stop doin thgs i am doin now. kinda givin hope. clinging on hope - where as i know theres nthg left for me then. its done. its all over. i hav to face it as it is. i knew the fact all rite - but to get rid of it is kinda tough for me. damn. i am a plain stupid kinda man who never learn a thang. sometimes, i am ashamed of myself. i shldve hav more pride. dignity. i shldve stand my own stance - and make sure dat i'll get thru all thgs, alrite. i aint lose a thang. i aint a loser. for i deserve the very best. and i gotta move on. shld live life, as it is.

time flies. i hate to think all dis. but i somehow or rather, i jst cant help myself.

damn. bygones gotta be bygones!


Hafez Zahruddin said...

Lama tak baca blog ko. Lepak lepak depan laptop, makan biskut sambil baca entry entry lama ko.
BTW, blog lama aku kena hack, hilang semua. Hampeh. Star again with some fresh new entries.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hi Hafez!

wow.. its been awhile. thanks for following. cant believe wats happenin to ur old one, kinda sad aye?

i bet u'll up wit more fcuktastic entries, eh! hehe