Thursday, April 15, 2010

a br8? heh.

i wanted to write, but i was so hooked up wit so many thgs need to be done - while time is running fast. i need to upload so many pics; yet.. argkhhh.. again, it takes time and such - which at the time being, i need to allocate it for somethg more crucial.

the writing part - i need to submit it real soon. papers starting next week on 23, 24 and 25/4. class dis Sunday. gotta run to mak's sekejap esok, coming back in ere on Saturday ptg. renovation rumah dah start - grill la, contractor la, apa la.. all in, in time ni la jugak! keje - dun start. it never be done until aku get the hell out of dis office - for good. God sake. and i jst cant wait for dat, too.

Penang trip aku dah missed like 3 times now. they keep on calling, fixed me new dates and such - but i jst cant see any perfect time for it. i cant be down in deep shait each time i am done wit the trip - for i cant afford to hav any negative energy in me, at time being. i am happy for i am in now, for wat i am now. be it.

dammit. its raining. gotta rush back. gym perhaps. and again - terperap in bilik study again, tonite!

i'll write more, definitely. for those yg msged me asking 'wats wrong wit the blog?', 'y the silence?' and such - thanks. i am so damn honored!

be back!

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ezam said...

taw tuan umah bizi...

tunggu ajelah...

*sambil menopang dagu*