Friday, April 9, 2010

bisou - the bake shop!

Heh. Howdya pronouce it? U tell me! (for i knew it alrdy). Nah. Its not Bi-so. It aint Bi-soul God sake. Bisul? Euw. Its a CUP CAKE God forbid. Kerjeh lah. Its Bì-Su. Yeah. Bisu. And its a cup cake shop. Yay! Now dat i can do my gastronomic routine in KLCC, for Bisou is arnd. I use to cupcake-ing in Pavillion, The Curve as well for they r havin CupCake Chic, o yea. Bisou? Damn. The selections wld drive u ga ga. The taste drives u gu gu. Except the word Bisou. The gal there told me like 'abg nak bunyi BM ke, French?'. The spelling is French, yet the pronounciation is Malay. Bisu. Heh. I gez it deserve the purpose. Put it a bite ön mouth, and u go 'bisu'. Sedap, siot. Heh. Bisou-time. Daa!

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ezam said...


my faberet!!!!

esp kapkek chic...

chic habesss kolo makan...