Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dammit, aku lambat pg ni. Aku tdo arnd 1am, trying to finish up my writing part. Half way thru now. Set jam at 5am, for bus aku at 6, tp last2 bg 5.30am - imagine kelam kabutnya aku. Heh. Aku off outta town again, today. And its a day trip je.. Hate doin dis, but aku left wit no choice. Jst dat, i hav to. Tak pa la, after all - it is goin to be a nice day, today - i bet, for one sweet reason. And no more after dis. I jst want some simple, ordinary weekends - where i can jst lazying arnd doin nthg - no reading, no feeding my brain wit megafact stuffs. Aku rindu those days aku bley woke up late, cookin on Sunday, a bit of gardening ere and there. Shyte. And to be frank, aku rasa mcm serba tak kena je pg neh. As if sthg is not rite, s'where. Argkh. The bus is moving. Thk aku shld of Mumu again. Perut lapar, my head is spinning. Damn. Thgs shld be better than dis.

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Alex Madina said...

it is sunday, chill bro