Monday, April 5, 2010


Alone. And dats the thang. I knw it'd be nice. But to thk it bck, i dun thk i can be like dis up till 9th. Heh. The room ok. Ok2 sgt kalo nak compare wit INTURA. Mcm hotel pun ada, cuma kena msuk before 12am. Had supper wit Hazman, Budd, Arel, Hairie, Wawa, Pinkie and Za'ama. Had a great time. Hazman shldve send me bck, tp last2 Arel and Hairie je since otw to their places. Erm, gotta leave for MumuLand now. Wonder wats in store, for trow. Gnite.

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ezam said...

dengan den bilo laie????