Thursday, April 1, 2010

April bodo..

aint a fool!
(but April is!)

woke up damn pretty late today! aku tak sedar bila aku hit the snooze and the snooze went off like - heh, merajuk terus tak bunyi2.. sedar2 dah like 6.30am.. Subuh belum, apa pun belum.. kelam kabut jugak aku.

its a brand new day. its a brand new spirit. say watcha want - i know its a mid of the week alrite. but there is nothg wrong to start a beand new day, like everyday rite? theres no general order (GO, dat is) saying dat 'never ever start ur brand new day in the mid of the week' watever not. heh! and flipping thru my schedule - i was like.. yayyy!! i am only havin OSCE at2 rite up till 5. and thank God - its Mr Zul yg jadi Chief, not Nazri. God Lord - i rather kill myself if its Nazri heh! erk - sorry. negative energy. shooo shoooooo..

and its the 1st of April. damn. the so-called April Bodoh. i gotta be prepare myself. not dat i interested in pulling other ppl's legs, tp most of the time.. aku yg kena 'kencing' (erk, bukan kencing tikus.. ok). pe pun - awal2 pg dah ada sorang aku kenakan. hahahaha.. it wldnt be dat grande. tp simple je. muahahaha

gotta go. gotta get goin. its Thursday! huhu


ezam said...

dah april kah???????


jerry maguire, jr. said...


nope. its December.

bley? huhu