Friday, April 23, 2010

and let the war, begins!

i dun know wat i am doin. i've been readin, glancing and all those kinda thang wit all the books, notes, modules and such - think i am gonna go crazy now. sleep at 2.30am last nite, aku wake up at 4 to continue doin so. by 6am, aku dha ting tong.. sgt2 dah i crashed for a while, bangun balik mandi2, Subuh etc. now - i am ready to leave the house for the hall.

u wanna know how i feel? damn. i bet u know. my hands start sweating. theres too many thgs in my mind i dun know which is which. each time aku pegang all the notes - keep on havin dis feeling 'eh, ni dah baca ke eh?', 'aiyoo.. dis is crucial.. nape tak ingat?' and all sort of thang. aku wanted to read all dat come up to a point - heh, dats it. aku simpan masuk beg.

que sera sera lah. watever will, be.. will be. its not dat aku tak baca. well i did. and aku berdoa as well. its time to bertawakal.

wish me luck. all the luck in dis whole wide whole, dat is! see u.. ptg nanti.

gosh. i feel like shytin!


Anonymous said...

InsyaALLAH............semuanya akan berjalan dgn lancar....and gud luck....

artisticklytouch said...

dah shyting jangan lupa flushing

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Anon - thanks..

Art - kan! heh.