Friday, April 30, 2010

Amir, fever, runny nose..

done at work by 5.30pm - aku str8 head home. i am so damn tired. the temp still raging high, aku did take some med., and the temp will off down for awhile. and selsema too - damn, i can stand it if its jst a plain fever.. but plus runny nose - damn i am so hopeless. and aku finally managed to giv away Amir's nyer belated bird-day present. i remember he was so into Polo Double Black.. so dats wat he got. aku remember seein his face - glowing, full of happiness by the time he left the room. he told me then dat he's thankful and dat was the first so-called expensive gift he ever received. heh. nthg to be compared of the nice feelin in u by makin other's day wonderful, i think.

mlm - demam ok sket. i decided to take a walk, off to Giant for some 'minor' shopping. gotta be back and start packing for trow's trip to Pangkor.. nak tema masquerade la plak.. heh. koser aku. aku pakat dgn Ajak, Rod to jst bring some black and white casual dress for trow's dinner. kalo Bong nak ber-masquerade.. heh, lantak la. aku not really keen plak kali ni..

i think dis sedative antihistamine starts to take over me.. aku dah mula rasa drowsy, feel like on the cloud nine.. hingus dah kurang, tp pening.. :-(

hav a great Saturday nite then, peeps. enjoy!!

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ezam said...

get well soon SS!!!!!