Friday, April 16, 2010


Reached mak's around 9.15pm, saved arnd 1hr God sake. First time bwk the Honda Civic home. Heh! Cik alrdy there. Hasif and Sarah siap terloncat2 seeing me driving in. And mak, tak pyh mtk2 terus hidang my first proper dinner, for the week. The menu? U gez. Its sambal tumis ikan bilis petai, petola masak lemak, ilan sardin grg, sambal belacan, ais kosong. Damn. God Lord, forgive me i've sin. Haha.. Heh. Like i care. Mggu dpn diet lah! Huhu.. 10pm, angah and co. sampai. Lagi kecoh! Cukup la all the minimonsters in the house - excpt for kak yang's la.. Riuh giler rumah mak. Mcm nak runtuh. Mak is the busiest lady in the house. And abah, as usual duduk diam2 je tgk all these minimons loncat tak hengat. At time like dis, i wont ask for anythg at all. The kids, my bro and sis, mak abah, the laughter.. damn, i am home.

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