Monday, April 5, 2010

1st day

Its refreshing knwing the fact dat i need not to walk to the hall and preach. And its great to realize the fact dat i am seeing and knwing new faces everyday, in ere. INTAN Bkt Kiara - i aint sure if the area is kinda huge, but God - the only thang dat i knw is, damn - i lost my way to the hall on my first day, dis morn. And i was sweating like a pig! Erm, a pink cute one heh. Dis morning, the session went well. We had dis Kiersey Personality Index Test. Heh, as xpcted - the results remain the same (i remember taking the same test in INTURA 2yrs back). I gez dats the personality is - ESFJ. I dun want to elobrate it tho. Gotta get goin. 2.30pm in the afternoon shall be starting the 3rd session, up till 4.30pm. Heh. Peanut. Erm, can i jst kursus ere, like.. forever? Hehe

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ezam said...

sodap tuh makanan kt INTAN tue....jaga2 jgn sampai mok.mok