Friday, April 30, 2010

Amir, fever, runny nose..

done at work by 5.30pm - aku str8 head home. i am so damn tired. the temp still raging high, aku did take some med., and the temp will off down for awhile. and selsema too - damn, i can stand it if its jst a plain fever.. but plus runny nose - damn i am so hopeless. and aku finally managed to giv away Amir's nyer belated bird-day present. i remember he was so into Polo Double Black.. so dats wat he got. aku remember seein his face - glowing, full of happiness by the time he left the room. he told me then dat he's thankful and dat was the first so-called expensive gift he ever received. heh. nthg to be compared of the nice feelin in u by makin other's day wonderful, i think.

mlm - demam ok sket. i decided to take a walk, off to Giant for some 'minor' shopping. gotta be back and start packing for trow's trip to Pangkor.. nak tema masquerade la plak.. heh. koser aku. aku pakat dgn Ajak, Rod to jst bring some black and white casual dress for trow's dinner. kalo Bong nak ber-masquerade.. heh, lantak la. aku not really keen plak kali ni..

i think dis sedative antihistamine starts to take over me.. aku dah mula rasa drowsy, feel like on the cloud nine.. hingus dah kurang, tp pening.. :-(

hav a great Saturday nite then, peeps. enjoy!!


Jewel - You Were Meant For Me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

TGIF - trow larr!

such a hectic day for me, today.. at dis time - finally i cld rest my back, sit down and think - damn! i really do work today! and i was like managed to finish coupla thgs all the way, wit no tangguh2 anymore. i dah email to my prof regarding my project paper - and he replied dah pun! (heh, as expected - byk kena repair.. huwaaa), claim done, Pangkor nyer session/perancangan dis weekend aku dah meeting dah pun budak2 Ajak, MyCPD done and Pengarah dah counter-signed pun - except for KKM nyer web so damn ferkin CheLem dah aku tak bley xcess langsung all the points and such, let alone to print em out.. tak pe - yg penting hard copy aku dah submit. heh! and gez wat - i am done doin the e-filling too. yeah.. FINALLY!! heh - to my surprise.. gez wat? aku terbayar lbey wehhh!! tak le beribu-raban mcm org lain, tp hampir2 larr..

finally TGIF is ere, and it trow. another hectic weekend in the row - leaving for Pangkor wit Ajak on Saturday early in the morn. (no cupcakes there, of coz!! heh). far as aku concern - Mr Bong is goin, Mr Ismail, Rod. tu je la.. and like 112 stdnts. again, no foot massage at the hotel lobby, for God sake!! ermm.. done wit Pangkor on Sunday noon, gotta rush back to Ipoh since ptg tu jugak aku gotta leave for KL, Monday early in the morn i gotta be in UPM for some important thgs to be settled. so Monday cuti.. and Tuesday aku kena attend defend proposal HSR budak2 neh.. aiyoook!

gonna rush back now. its about to rain. think of headin to the gym, need to vent out all dis negative feelin in me - in some appropriate ways. and may be - a bit of jog, kalo tak ujan. kalo tak.. aku berlari2 anak/setempat je la kat gym itewww..

after all, thgs went well, so far. no FB since early in the morning. damn! wat a rekod. hahaha


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rambut. or no rambut?

nak lawan tarik rambut wit me?
u hav guts?

reached home by 3pm.. done wit my LHDN thang, off to my usual barber for my usual thang as well. LHDN dah mula pack wit ppl yg keje last minute - sama la aku pun! haaha.. but i am gonna do it thru e-filling. senang. dats wat they say. think i am gonna spend my time doin the calculation on all those shyte? hell no! lega sgt kepala neh - finally after like 2wks, aku managed to chop-off all. and the 'fur' over my face too. mamak tu tnya as if aku nak 'bogel' kan the whole face or not - kelam kabut aku ckp 'no no no.. its a no no' since - heh, nanti jambu plus no hair. and my face wld look like - erm, bola sepak. kej.

i think i wanna keep my back la dis time.. i nearly did dat, but each time rmbut aku tumbuh sikit - aku dah rasa rimas. and aku'd looked like Edward Scissorhand as well. serabut. so unkempt. aku remember the last time aku keep the hair - i hav to go thru like 3 to 4wk of 'uncertainty period'. serba tak kena. and aku keep on praying 'cepat la tumbuh..' kinda thang. and aku remember too - the first day bila the hair cream/wax worked on me - i feel like 'fcuk! dats it!!..' since the hair cream/wax managed to 'mold' the hair into some kinda civilized looks. heh. and each time abah tgk aku tak panjang2 jugak rambut neh - he'd go rambling how i look like 'garang mcm nak telan org', 'y go bald when u definitely go bald jugak nanti'. aiyoooo!! bley?

goin off for a jog now. gotta be back early for by after Maghrib, i gotta be there kat ofis - kelas yg postpone mlm semlm, on mlm ni plak. heh.

can i postpone it trow nite je? *yawn*

on the road!

so cemas.. auw!

Aku tak masuk ofc ari ni. Go arnd places for clinical visits and teaching - covering 3 klinik kesihatan; dat is KK Lekir, KJ Changkat Lada and KK Ulu Dedap. Judge em by the name, i knw wats in ur mind. Even my GPS pun cannot show the where about. No, its not like i never been ere.. Tp jarang sgt. Its like, jarang jarang sgt. And as usual, Ajak la jdi mangsa. He's the walking GPS alive. The best, arnd. He knws the where about, every turns, every traffic lites. Heh. Me? Dats my other weakness.

Aku dah dtg sini, tp like twice a yr. And u xpct me to rmbr? Heh. I knw u'd say dat! Btw, its fun to do dis.. (xcept for the travelling!!). Sittin and seein patients wit stdnts - damn i love dat. I used to enjoy seeing pts. Talkin to em. Helping em out. And i still love doin it. Cuma now, i gez - i am doin it in the other way arnd. I am helping and teaching the new generation, wit the hope they'll do xctly like wat i did before - tgk patient, talk to em and ease their life. I blve its more than jst a skill. U can develop skills. Whch mght ended up jdi mcm few medical personel yg tgk patient, check patient sentuh guna pen/pensil je. Keji, alrite. Skills wit no passion, wat wld dat mean?

I rmbr kdg2 patient neh dtg jmpak u, they dun need sgt those ubat2 for the afford to buy it otc. They jst need someone they cld talk to, someone who can listen to em, reassure em et al. And ubt comes at 2nd place. Trust me. They'll love u, trust u. And they'll listen 2u. On wat ever u mght ask me to. Jst dat nowadays, pyh nak jmpak medical personel like dat. They see u w/o seeing u in the face. They talk to u as if like 'u talk fast and get out of my room'. And tak smpat u nak giv em proper history, slip ubat dah siap.. I knw, aku tak bley bias. Too many factors contributing. But then again, its in u. U knw wat i mean.

Erm, mkn jom. 2 more KKs to go.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dats the fact. Aku yet to be in Pangkor like all day, tp dah tahan wit the heat. Panas sgt. Sgt2 dat is. Its the second time aku dtg dis Teluk Dalam Resort, Pangkor - kalo jadi la, dis Saturday. Last time aku kat sana was like way back in 2004 kot, time tu aku attnd dis kursus for Fasci PERASA. The resort ok sgt, best. Package dia ok je.. Nanti bila2 bley la dtg lpk sini.. Heh. 5.10pm and still dlm feri. Heh.

rainy day..

Otw to Pangkor. Ajak brings coupla stdnts as well, those yg t'libat in dealing all the facilities and such thang. And its a rainy day. Not many lecturers arnd. I aint sure the where about pun.. May be msg2 bz wit own agenda. Or may be since Pengarah itslf not arnd, u knw wat i mean. Hafiz off to Hosp Sg Siput, and ere aku wit Ajak, Epoi, Syawal, Hani, Wani and dis one gal aku tak ingat la nama dia, off to Pangkor. Aku not keen of goin pun, tp since its Razak and Mr Bong plak mtk teman si Razak to do on the arranging thgs et al. Thgs go well, so far. Jst dat, aku feel kinda incomplete today, for a reason. Aku keep on lookin at the phone screen, yet nthg's there. Heh. Cld be my feeling, i thk.

the unwanted LVs.

woke up at 6, aku feel kinda dizzy. my head is all over the places. and it is so dreadful dat i gotta go to work like dis, dis morning. i am havin dis bad LV's over my both eyes - i think due to sort of allergic reaction dat i was havin last nite.. both of my eyes was like havin dis watery discharge, and aku had to telan antihistamine for they were so damn itchy, God sake. heh.

nothg much in the office today, i think. except for i gotta finish up filling in my E-MyCPD thingy since due dis week. remeh la.. aku tgk tadik pun mcm very distasteful. but then - aku still hav to finish em all up, today.

Ajak ajak aku teman dia pi Pangkor. tgk student posting there. and he needs to go and see the facilities over dis one resort - he and his students r havin sort of motivation camp over the weekend there in Pangkor.. and aku awal2 lagik dah kena 'booked' for theres coupla slots yg aku kena run. wld be nice then - the sea, the beach, the 'minor' break-away. but on Ahad - aku kena blah awal since nak ke KL plak. argkhhh..

erm, sounds familiar eh? heh!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


its Monday!! heh. thank God, its about to be over. and trow.. it aint Monday God sake. i started the day - serba tak kena actually, since early in the morn. alarm screaming out loud at 5.30am, and i remember walkin to the washroom at 6.15am! 6.30am - i had a big mug of Milo - half of the mug ended up on my baju keje. tersedak ubatnyer pasal.. and gez wat - dats my new shirt yg aku baru je beli and nak try pakai! heh. kena iron baju lain, cari tie lain etc. by 7am aku dah terhegeh2 leaving for the ofis.

sampai ofis - as expected - 3 days since Rabu i wasnt around, my 'lubang burung merpati' penuh dgn memo, letters, bills, Reader Digest, Times. heh. biasak la tu.. and 8.15am was when every single thang went directly into the drain.. KF dtg jumpak aku, telling me dat 'kelas dgn budak2 aku at 10.30am and 3 - 5pm'. aku tersentak sekejap. aku tnya 'perubahan jadual mana plak ni eh?', and his reply was like.. aiyooo.. so tak masuk akal. and tak profesional. he said dat the hard copy yg dia edarkan utk respective lecturers, and the soft copy - berbeza.. so instead of kelas aku on trow and dis coming Friday, tup2 naik ari neh. and in roster aku; 8 -5pm ari ni; aku dgn budak2 junior doing the revision. skang dah over-lap. cemaneh? and aku remember looking at KF was like 'makin lama.. makin kecik je..' kinda thang. dah la jadual silap, bertindan plak tu, then suruh aku 'pi la cari masa lecturer2 lain, ko buat je mutual changing'. time tu - kepala aku dah berasap. heh. its not even my fault, now aku gotta go around askin 'saper nak tukar slot dgn aku' kinda thang. hey, its Monday! nobody wants to teach on Monday!!

still, w'pun aku sempat bising2 sket - aku looked at the positive side.. lambat laun aku kena masuk mengajar jgk.. cuma the fact dat dis is not the first time benda ni jadi, dat aku hav to make a decision dat aku pi jumpak Mr Bong to explain the whole situation. aku finally managed to cover up kelas budak K24 neh, cuma untuk budak2 junior tu terpaksa aku cover esok mlm.. *sigh*. its not the teaching yang menjadi masalah. i do love wat i am doin now. tp some ppl cldnt careless and effected everybdy around em, which is completely tak fair..

reached home by 5.45pm, aku thank God for the day, today. i was kinda hectic yeah, i was drive up the wall unnecessarily, tp again - aku managed to thru it all, well.

after all, its Monday. watdya expect? heh.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Din. again? wtf.

smpai Padang Polo around 7.00am. way too early - so while all the guys dok pasang2 stereo and such, aku managed to catch like 2 big rounds of jog.. kinda nice cuaca, nice sun - not too cold, not too hot yeah. its my turn to conduct the massrobic; and they r introducing dis steps for Malaysia Cergas nyer theme. if u love RTMs - be it radio ke, tv ke - u'd bugged wit dis song (i dun call it as a song!) like.. erk, 44 times a day. and yeah - theres a steps for it. aku reluctant, for aku dun really know the steps. tak susah - tp keji. imagine for the whole cacamerba nyer 15mins of song - theres like so many steps cramped into it; making it looks like a coco-jumbo. and yeah - by the time one of dis kakak covering up for me - aku cld see the ppl down there like - berterabur sgt2. sgt2, ok! euw. and the rest of like 45 mins was like, mine. thank God, thgs went well. done wit it, another round of jog, singgah kedai beli nasik lemak - smpai rumah.. heh. nasik lemak, eh? ermm..

reached home around 8.55am.. Din dok sidai baju dpn rumah. he looks at me in a kinda of 'ko tunggu sat situ Shah, aku byk benda nak ckp' thang like dat.. but - aku jst senyum2 je, parking kereta and blah masuk dlm. malas aku. a glimpse of him skang pun enuff to make me rasa mcm nak sawan! better of aku stay away from dat kinda feeling.. while aku lepak2 makan nasik lemak in front of the idiotbox, aku cld hear he tried to break some conversation wit Abg Wie (suami Kak Ida), but Abg Wie was like clearly not interested in it - he was like telling another hear-say story of him, ada polan binti si polan kat lorong-mana-ntah kena ragut watevernot. wah! ko ada talent jadi pemberita plak skang. pi la join Karam Singh Walia. ntah btol ntah idak.. aku tau - jenis manusia yg suka lepak2 pagi ptg kat kedai kopi neh - watdya expect? and wit in tak smpai few minutes pun - aku nampak Abg Wie blah naik motor kuar mcm tu je.. Abg Wie pun aku tau - he's good in interpersonal r'ship neh, in the term of 'plasticology' - he's kinda good. ada jugak pernah aku sembang2 dgn Din, Abg Wie and few other jiran - where Abg Wie really tunjuk kinda interest in Din nyer story, walhal - org dok perli2 dia, tak reti2 bahasa.. heh.

ikut ko la Din, asal ko happy.

erm, why aku keep on talkin about dis psychotic person eh? it ruins the whole thang!

jap2, nak amek tune balik.. jap lagik paper siot, at 12pm.

4.33am nyer citer..

tido at 11pm, ere i am wit the books et al again startin at 3am tadik lagik. dah sejam neh - i am taking a break jap. turun bawah, bancuh Nescafe in a big tall Tupperware - aku selongkar fridge lookin for somethg to munch. lapar la plak.. masak Maggi pun sedap eh? tp aku malas. cukup la Nescafe satu Tupperware besar neh. i know - kalo mak tgk ni; sure she'll go startin on 'verbal diarrhea', fulfilling me wit good words and such - for she knows i shldnt be taking all sort of caffeine alrite.. tp Nescafe is a part of me meh! time2 study mcm neh la, kalo kena Nescafe.. whoaaa.. sorga.

to think back - i aint sure of wat i am doin in ere. heh. i know - i am havin like another one paper to be done by 12pm today. and after dis - i am kinda free, except nak kena pulun wit dis report ere and there, 2 minggu after the exam. the thg is - i aint sure y i am doin all dis. while ppl r in their MuMuLand - aku dah mcm zombie kg pisang at meja study; scratching, goin thru all dis shaits yg sah2 kalo aku were given a chance - heh, u think i'd like doin all dis? tido lagi baekkk.. sleep at 11pm, bangun at 3am? duh. its the last thang i wanna do.

but then again, its the choice yg aku dah chose. aku anak sulong - u know wat i mean. fmly aku fmly sederhana je.. and family all comes first. aku remember aku had tawaran like a few good ones; tp aku had to dropped em all for aku 'terpaksa' amek Form 6, since.. adik2 come first. aku remember cryin shait out, for kwn2 blah pi IPTA bagai.. tp aku stuck amek Form 6 je. but then - aku tak pernah nyesal pun. its the path yg aku dah pilih - for myself, mak abah and adik2 aku. now look at em all - kak yang will be back from UK doin her phd next year. cik dah siap his master.. Soleh, adik bongsu aku sorang tu pun - damn, he's one smart bloke. and i know he's gonna do alrite, god sake. and now, aku plak yg terhegeh2 nak siapkan all dis, one by one - following their steps, instead. theres always sort of inferiority complex in me bila tgk adik2 aku dah all the way leavin me behind. tp - i am proud of em. God dammit, i do proud of em all. for wat they r. for who they r. and aku taking em all as my inspiration to move on.. 'kalo adik2 aku bley, pe sal aku tak bley' kinda thang. i will be finishing dis one insyaAllah. yet aku still hav a long way to go. and i aint gonna stop, hell yeah. aku nak mak abah aku too, bangga wit me - tho aku 'lewat' sket; yet aku still can excel. heh. after all, learning is a long life thang.. u know wat i mean.

erm, despite coupla thgs in my mind now - i cld say i am havin sort of clear, fresh at head now - and yeah, think i shld be continuing my thang. coupla chapters to go, and i am all out for my Psychopathology of Children and Family paper at 12pm nanti. and if aku sempat siap - i mght be goin of join member2 aku kat Pdg Polo for the mass-aerobic. heh.. lama tak pi sana.

enjoy ur MuMu experience. think i'd be join u ppl before the Subuh soon, for a while. nak tin-ton dah paler aku neh!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Din, jiran yg gampang.

i never complain about most of the thg. i mean - kdg2 tu mmg ada la.. tp aku rasa, aku hardly complaining pun. but lately - theres one thang yg btol2 drives me up the bloody wall. its the jiran-thang. well, i had great jiran. bukan pe - taman yg aku stay neh mmg ramai non-Malay je pun.. Ipoh. watdya expect? cuma ni je la yg ada nyer Mlys around my house neh - kiri ada 4 rumah, kiri 1 bijik je rumah. kiri kanan rumah aku nice, really nice nyer jiran. tp rumah yg kedua sebelah kanan ni yg selalu bikin aku gila.. and his name is Din, wife Liza. anak 3. dari luar nampak ok je - plain Mly nyer fmly. dual-economy; laki bini keje. sama je dgn fmly2 lain. but if u stay around em, then u'll know. they scream out shait to each other at home. nak suruh anak2 mandi pun jerit mcm nak terkeluar halkum. nak suruh anak masuk rumah since dah maghrib pun - kejar dgn rotan. pintu rumah berdetum2 meletop bila anak2 laki bini mengamuk. ada sekali tu, siap terjerit2 'ko kuar, aku bunuh ko kang' since anak tak nak kuar bilik air. eh, tak kuar bilik air pun nak bunuh2 ke? ni bukan main masak2 weh! ini tak bley, itu tak bley. semua tak bley. anak retaliate, they scream to each another too.

but then - aku dun giv a shait still. lantak korang la.. aku dah mangli. further more, si Din laki bini neh keje spital jugak - as Attendant. Liza keje shif, Din ofis hr. Din neh aku nampak kdg2 mcm tak keje je pun ada.. tak faham aku. still - lantak ko lah, keje ko. w'pun aku sama kementerian, tp lain jabatan.

Din laki bini ni 'spesel' sket. tipikal jiran melayu. aku angkot sofa baru - esok lori pun smpai dpn rumah ko; sofa baru jugak. lagik grand! kak ida sebelah rumah amek flat skrin, ko pun gigih berhutang bagai nak jugak flat skrin. kitorang sumer ada Astro - ko ckp 'wat pe Astro, ulang2 citer yg sama.. tak tgk pun', tp after a week - ada org panjat bumbung ko fixed the Astro. Iswara merah aku tak dak - Civic dpn rumah; ko sibuk2 tnya itu ini, apa kete nak amek segala bagai. 'spesel' kan?

pun aku tak kisah.

tapi lately ni je - aku marah sgt2 dgn si Din neh. mulot mcm bontot ayam, ngalahkan bini dia. since aku buat rumah baru neh - byk plak dia komplen - itu tak kena, ini tak kena. the best part is - dis tak plak ckp kat aku - pi bgtau jiran2 yg lain. nape la dapur Shah mcm tu, nape la buat pintu mcm tu, kontraktor mana amek - mahal la, tak profesional la.. apa la. ada jugak dia sekali sekala melaung-laung panggil aku dr dlm rumah - semata-mata nak komplen pasal rumah aku. bley? eh, keji la.

nak je aku maki. ko saper? aku guna duit ko ke? rumah aku - aku nak extend mcmana pun, ko gado pesal? ko ke yg nak duduk? bukan aku suka2 pilih kontraktor tepi jalan je.. aku tinted cermin rumah - ko ckp 'pe pyh gado2 nak upah Cina tinted, tinted sendiri je senang.. pakai air sabut je.. bukan susah.. membazir duit walhal bley buat sendiri.. ' ko ckp nak buat sendiri, skang sumer rumah dah buat - ko tak buat2 pun? ko ingat tinted cermin rumah mcm tinted kete Iswara ko je ke? aku tukar railing tangga - bini ko pun sebuk2 nak tukar.. bila dgr harga - ko cpt2 ckp; mahal la.. cari kontraktor lain la.. pattern serabut la.. adoi. pe cer? tangga rumah ko ke? ko tak mampu, mcm2 plak ko ckp. bodoh sgt2. bukan aku tak tau - time sumer org keje, time aku keje - ko pi ronda2 rumah baru aku time kontraktor dok buat keje.. aku ingat lagik kontraktor tu yg bagi tau aku ko dtg tgk rumah aku 'muka masam mcm tak suka'. heh - dats the real word aku pinjam dr si Ah Ki kontraktor rumah aku tu.

bila aku tak kuar lepak dpn rumah smpai tgh2mlm, sembang2 melalak2 gelak smpai tgh mlm - ko bgtau sumer jiran yg aku neh 'tak pandai berjiran'. owh, nak berjiran kena dok bertenggek dpn pagar - sembang bukan2, kutuk polan ni polan tu ke? may be ko bodoh - jiran2 yg lain tu sumer baik dgn aku... dorang profesional, tak perangai kolot mcm ko.

at time being - aku sabar lagi. aku still tegur ko time nampak ko kat luar rumah. aku tunggu je.. aku pun dah nak pindah.. aku mls nak amek port dah pun. cuma aku kesian dgn kak ida sebelah kanan rumah aku and si kak sue sebelah kiri ni je - masing2 dah mcm hilang akal, sakit jiwa dgn Din neh. mana tak nyer.. kdg2 ko suka2 je lalu dpn rumah dorg, terngintai2 tak tentu hala. bukan aku tak tau. naseb la aku lelaki - ko intai aku pun; aku peduli apa.. tak luak pun. tp dorg bini org.. eh jap, bini ko ada kat rumah kan? so? aku cool je. tp time ko bukak je mulot ko nanti komen itu ini pasal rumah aku - siap la aku taji. bukan pe, kdg2 elok lagik jiran2 aku yg non-Malay. ok je. baik. tak bodo bangang w'pun ciri2 Jinjang or Bukit Merah ttp ada.

ada jiran mcm ni pun susah. amek tau, gila. tak amek tau pun susah. its all about mentality la kot. nak aku banding2kan profesionalism bab2 keje - nanti aku tak bersikap adil plak. ada jugak Attendant hospital kwn2 aku yg bagus2, baik hati budi - tak pun perangai melaun mcm neh..

lain kali, kalo aku beli rumah baru lagik - aku upah ko je la Din. senang.

bodoh sgt. i mean - sagt2 bodoh. heh. puas ati aku. hahaha


woke up at 3am jst now - aku still stuck at the desk, doin my thang. been reading, went thru all the notes and such - heh, i am glad doin so.. for i do think, dis is good for me.. rasa mcm 'masuk' je rite into my silly head. now is like 5.45am, org dah start ngaji at surau dpn, Nescafe aku pun dah abes.. and paler pun dah mcm ting tong.. erm, i shall wait till Subuh done, terus hit my MuMu la..

wanna join?

Friday, April 23, 2010

the flow?

theres 2 thgs in life - u go wit the flow dat brings u, or u go against the flow - and see wat life brings u. it depends on how u want ur life to be. it depends on wat u want in life, too. and yeah - it depends on how strong ur in life, of course. as for me - i know i aint dat strong. i mght look like one (or i mght not), but deep down - i am jst a plain freakin shyte.

dun worry - i am good today. i am doin alrite, yeap yeap. but for the past coupla days - they really hit me alrite. i was happy and sad at the same time. i am pretty confused of wat life brings me. the uncertainty. the expectation. gosh - i aint hav any, but then - it still hurts me life shyte. for the first time in life - i stand my own stance - my own ground. and be my fcukin self. i gez i am tired of bein wat ppl wants me to be. i am tired of bein wat i am not. i am tored of bein told wat to do, wats not - dis and dat. yet - demi Allah; i am scared. wat if i am wrong? wat if i hurt someone's feeling? and wat about my feelin?

its matter of time. i know i am gonna be ok. its jst a matter of time, yeah.

its not like i am in deep shyte now. i am doin alrite. gez its for the sake of ventilating. i am havin dis tot and need to let go. so here i am doing it - so dat i'd be at ease, and i'd be able to concentrate well on my notes, books, journals, modules etc - soon.

first day? done.

done wit 2 papers today - in the morning, i think i am doin alrite - tho theres coupla q's yg sah2 aku tau yg aku jwb mcm gampang sket.. i mean, sket. heh. other than - i think i shld be doin alrite. again - i think. but paper petang tadik - sah2 ampeh. i dun really know wat i'm sayin. i mean - i dun really know wat on earth the q's about, let alone the answers lah!! tho i was like the second person yg paling last kuar dewan (dammit u Hafiz!!), i am sure its gonna be disaster. but then - heh. i am not sure of wat i am feelin about the whole shyte. gez aku dah anticipate about dis, so i wasnt like nak throw fits for the rest of the evening. i was like - heh. be it. aku rasa mcm 'tenang' je.. of course, theres a bit remorse in me. for i know i cldve done damn much better.. tp, aku rasa mcm ok je.

so mlm ni, i am gonna sit again. and read. Psychopathology of Children and Family on Sunday. and dats it. esok tadak paper - so.. ermm - JJ? haha.. no way Jose!

rumah dah mcm nak siap. cuma tiles over wet kitchen, cabinet of course. think i can be moving in in June la.. hope so. pindah awal, so aku cld stay a bit longer then! heh.

gtg. and read. be back, again.

and let the war, begins!

i dun know wat i am doin. i've been readin, glancing and all those kinda thang wit all the books, notes, modules and such - think i am gonna go crazy now. sleep at 2.30am last nite, aku wake up at 4 to continue doin so. by 6am, aku dha ting tong.. sgt2 dah i crashed for a while, bangun balik mandi2, Subuh etc. now - i am ready to leave the house for the hall.

u wanna know how i feel? damn. i bet u know. my hands start sweating. theres too many thgs in my mind i dun know which is which. each time aku pegang all the notes - keep on havin dis feeling 'eh, ni dah baca ke eh?', 'aiyoo.. dis is crucial.. nape tak ingat?' and all sort of thang. aku wanted to read all dat come up to a point - heh, dats it. aku simpan masuk beg.

que sera sera lah. watever will, be.. will be. its not dat aku tak baca. well i did. and aku berdoa as well. its time to bertawakal.

wish me luck. all the luck in dis whole wide whole, dat is! see u.. ptg nanti.

gosh. i feel like shytin!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


its a beautiful day indeed. woke up early dis mornin - arnd 4am; done wit my isya', i managed to do some stretch up - i realized dat i've left my wt-lifting thang too long - thnk aku shld start usin it bck now. made a bekpes - aku sempat jgk go thru CNN World News; shyte - no news is a good news.

at my stdy desk by 5.30am - my bldy desk is floodin wit notes, modules and such - penuh meja! yeah - definitely feel like to puke; but i try to smile indeed. i aint gonna start my day grumblin. yeah - a smile. a plastic one pun ok larr.. rather than none. kemas2 meja, aku started to read. the theories. dis and dat.. i feel like to explode. but - yeah; smile baby.. 8am; i was done wit Cognitive Psychology. literally. heh.

esok - anthr pre-week end in the drain. i am havin 2 papers trow, none on Saturday, one on Sunday. and dats it. i cant wait. i jst cant fuckin wait, hell yeah. talk about beautiful weekend.

it is gonna be a nice one, darlin.. today, dat is. *yeah, rite* stop grumblin! *yeah.. yeah* i gotta smile. i really gotta smile.. its only 12.30pm in the afternoon.. *does a fake ones count?*

may be i shld drag myself to the washroom now. take a bath, change myself, and jump into the crib.along wit all those notes, yeah. and my mobile as well. and my Mobile FB. damn, i dun think i'd be ended up reading after all..


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i gez i shld stop doin thgs i am doin now. kinda givin hope. clinging on hope - where as i know theres nthg left for me then. its done. its all over. i hav to face it as it is. i knew the fact all rite - but to get rid of it is kinda tough for me. damn. i am a plain stupid kinda man who never learn a thang. sometimes, i am ashamed of myself. i shldve hav more pride. dignity. i shldve stand my own stance - and make sure dat i'll get thru all thgs, alrite. i aint lose a thang. i aint a loser. for i deserve the very best. and i gotta move on. shld live life, as it is.

time flies. i hate to think all dis. but i somehow or rather, i jst cant help myself.

damn. bygones gotta be bygones!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i choose life. i choose to live wat left for me. it may sound pathetic, but i've made up my mind. its not like i am givin up - i am fighting for it.

i am living life, as it is. naturally.

Monday, April 19, 2010


i started to feel restless tonite - for trow, i gotta travel outta ere, for somethg i totally dislike of doing. but for God sake - i dun think i can bear wit it anymore, and the tot of - about so many thgs.. i dun know.

and trow, after the class, i gotta do the 'running' so dat i cld be back in piece by 5pm. its so sickening to live life, dis way.

wish i cld share dis. wish i cld talk to someone regarding dis. aint no one mistakes - but i gez its all mine.

may be i shld jst bring all dis, in one piece - along wit me, all the way, there.

Monday? i loooike.

tell me about it! its Monday. and i never fell in love wit Mondays as much as i do, for dis Monday - and its today! gez wat? its a public holiday for us in Perak for its Sultan Perak nyer birthday! huhu.. ermm.. dun go askin me more, for i dun really know the details. but its PH, so be it. and its PH! huhu..

slept late last nite. and yeah - i woke up pretty darn late as well, dis mornin. after Subuh, aku hentam se-round lagik tido! tho awal2 pg lagik mak dah called asking dis and dat - telling me 'jgn tido dah pe Subuh neh, tak baik..' kinda thang. but the panggilan bantal tilam ans such for the MuMuLanding is too much to bear wit - heh, at 10am baru aku really outta bed and do thang alrite.

contractor yg nak pasang grill rumah/pagar and such.. 9.30am lagik dah called. bergegas2 jugak la aku siap2 - since dia nak masuk rumah and fix all the grills. so far, alhamdulillah - pagar rumah dah naik, extension dapur aku pun dah naik, grill - aku rasa dorg dah siap pasang la kot ari neh - and cuma tunggu pagar je nak ukur btol2 and such. and aku harap, wit in dis coupla months - all in and aku bley pindah masuk rumah baru dah!

aku still on goin wit my last report. esok keje sehari, aku mght amek cuti off days 2 hari to confine myself and read - since Jumaat - Ahad aku will be havin my final papers. final, as it is. i hope so..

theres so many thgs aku nak accomplish before the period. and theres a few major thgs aku dah settled - hoping i'd be prepared.

gtg! nak jog jap!! huhu.. damn. i love Monday. huhu

Sunday, April 18, 2010

calling it off..

Heading back to Ipoh. Its been a long day, but i finally glad it ends jst the way i want it to be.. Breakie wit ZZZ, off for class at 11am after a bit of shopping kat JJ Maluri. Thanks to ZZZ - the time, the companion, helping me to get the taxi jst to make sure aku sampai to Baitulmal Kg Pandan. Such a nice guy, it is. And after the class - lunch at Maju Junction for some quality private time for myslf.. Done wit all dat, i am glad for several reasons. Harap2, aku x lagi dah pi classes and such. For i am finishing it off. Tp sdey la jgk.. for some reasons, too. Erm, its raining. Thk i shld catch a Mumu while i can..


Dammit, aku lambat pg ni. Aku tdo arnd 1am, trying to finish up my writing part. Half way thru now. Set jam at 5am, for bus aku at 6, tp last2 bg 5.30am - imagine kelam kabutnya aku. Heh. Aku off outta town again, today. And its a day trip je.. Hate doin dis, but aku left wit no choice. Jst dat, i hav to. Tak pa la, after all - it is goin to be a nice day, today - i bet, for one sweet reason. And no more after dis. I jst want some simple, ordinary weekends - where i can jst lazying arnd doin nthg - no reading, no feeding my brain wit megafact stuffs. Aku rindu those days aku bley woke up late, cookin on Sunday, a bit of gardening ere and there. Shyte. And to be frank, aku rasa mcm serba tak kena je pg neh. As if sthg is not rite, s'where. Argkh. The bus is moving. Thk aku shld of Mumu again. Perut lapar, my head is spinning. Damn. Thgs shld be better than dis.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I gez it a cucur day. Or 'cucoQ', as mak wld call it. Cucur or cucoQ, heh - its the same thang. Kalo pg tdi mak buat cucur udang and makes her anak2 'payah sgt nak tggal meja makan', ptg ni - as for tea, mak buat cucur pisang plak. Or cokodoQ. Cokodot, as we wld name it. And the best part of these cokodot - mkn panas2 time baru kuar kuali, go get a bit of butter; esp yg litely salted. Then mkn lah cokodot dgn butter tu. See it melted.. aiyo! Sdp siot. I knw all dis will make u thk, 'mati la.. mkn je', 'gumok in the making' or a lot more.. but who cares. Aku bkn selalu pun balik kg for mum's home cooked. And aku thk once in a while, aku shld celebrate. Hehe.. Nanti aku balik Ipoh, aku diet la, eh. Gym. And such. Heh. In the mean while.. 'mak, nak tea o!'.

minimons at Ceria mode..

And dats they do. Dat means, u wont get the chance to watch wats in ur mind. No CNN, no MTV, no nothg. Wit minimons arnd, dat means - Ceria rules. Or Cartoon Network. Kej la bdk2 neh. Change the channel and they will scream the shait out. Change the channel and they'll go throwin tantrums. Last2 aku jgk kena mrh wit my mum wit the tot of, 'hang ni tadak keja, kan?.. Heh. Benci la. TdoQ lagi baek!


Haha.. I cant sleep post Subuh. Even if i do, it'd be disastrous. So wat shld i do? Heh. Haha.. Its a paybck time. Let me do the shuffle. And wakes all the minimons. Haha.. Dr dorg wake up first, and distrupt my Mumu mode. Kimie was like 'pak long bodo' bila aku suruh dia bgun. Tu aku tak goncang lagi katil! Haha.. Mak and angah kat dapur. The menu for breakie? Cucur udang. Wah! My other madness. Wit ketchup, ye. No cili sos, pls. It jst doesnt masuk akal. Cili sos? Euw.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Reached mak's around 9.15pm, saved arnd 1hr God sake. First time bwk the Honda Civic home. Heh! Cik alrdy there. Hasif and Sarah siap terloncat2 seeing me driving in. And mak, tak pyh mtk2 terus hidang my first proper dinner, for the week. The menu? U gez. Its sambal tumis ikan bilis petai, petola masak lemak, ilan sardin grg, sambal belacan, ais kosong. Damn. God Lord, forgive me i've sin. Haha.. Heh. Like i care. Mggu dpn diet lah! Huhu.. 10pm, angah and co. sampai. Lagi kecoh! Cukup la all the minimonsters in the house - excpt for kak yang's la.. Riuh giler rumah mak. Mcm nak runtuh. Mak is the busiest lady in the house. And abah, as usual duduk diam2 je tgk all these minimons loncat tak hengat. At time like dis, i wont ask for anythg at all. The kids, my bro and sis, mak abah, the laughter.. damn, i am home.

another TGIF!

morning!! heh. its Friday alrdy.. sekejap je.. baru je aku rasa last week when i was there in INTAN for the last day before aku off for Tioman - and dat was like, last week Friday! goshh.. time really flies.

woke up early, w'pun aku off for MuMu darn pretty late semlm.. around 1.30am finishin up my thang. erm - tak siap2 lagik pun. kena sambung jap lagik. its Friday - so baju melayu la.. aku remember pagi tadi, realizing dat aku belum press any for today; aku main capai je, mix and match. the end result is like - aku ended up in baju melayu hitan hitam putih. heh. mcm taik cicak la plak..

scheduled for Sociology class today dgn budak2 Hafiz - tp aku postponed je ptg kang - let the stdnts buat a bit of homework on the topic before aku masuk ptg kang and run the whole shait je.. CME pagi neh, by one of the senior. nak pi la jap lagik..

and kena jadik MC bidan terjun (not dat aku jadi bidan) for majlis perpisahan Mr Kesavan and Along - one of the best kerani around during the lunch hr. keji la dorang neh.. time2 mcm neh, aku jgk yg kena.. why cant i jst go in, hav a seat, sembang2 and mkn free je?



Tioman Marine Park/Pulau Rengis

Paya Beach Resort
@ Tioman

in LRT - Sentul Timur to Plaza Rakyat.

i bet u've seen dis. in my FB, yeah. i am not sure wat to upload - the pics; aku still need to go thru for which is which and which is not. for the time being - the above r among the few yg aku personally like, when it comes to own or self-pic lah!

credit to the camera man, eh?

and as aku stated before, i'll upload all the sunset/sunrise pics, real soon.

wat about now.. (in Malay)

Amri (feat. Nawal) – What About Now Malay Version

Bayangan mengaburi
cinta yang pergi
Pada apa yang terjadi
Tiada lafaz kata
Mampukah kita harungi
Hingga ke akhirnya

Langit berubah warna
Oh di kala senja
Dirimu yang membuatku
Terasa bahagia
Biar semua kan hilang
ditelan malam, bukannya kasihku

Apa katamu
di saat ini
Pabila dirimu merubah diriku
Dan cinta kita~~ yang bersemi di hati
Namun tak terungkap, dengan kata-kata
Mahukah kau terima.. ku
Di saat ini

pagi bersinar
Dan hari bermula
Hati ini yang terluka
Perlukan kasihNya

Gelap diganti cahaya
Aku disisimu
Bersama cinta

Apa katamu
di saat ini
Pabila dirimu merubah diriku
Dan cinta kita~~ yang bersemi di hati
Namun tak terungkap, dengan kata-kata
Mahukah kau terima.. ku

Dan sekarang
Kita di sini
Beribu halangan ditempuh
Usah kau berundur
Aku kan menemani
Sepanjang hayat hidup

Apa katamu
di saat ini
Pabila dirimu merubah diriku
Dan cinta kita~~ yang bersemi di hati
Namun tak terungkap, dengan kata-kata

Apa katamu
di saat ini
Pabila dirimu merubah diriku
Dan cinta kita~~ yang bersemi di hati
Namun tak terungkap, dengan kata-kata
Mahukah kau terima
Mahukah kau terima
Mahukah kau terima
di saat ini.

p/s; dis has been my fav - all time fav song, God sake. seen dis clip on YouTube. the vocals r suck. big time. but the lirik.. gosh.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

a br8? heh.

i wanted to write, but i was so hooked up wit so many thgs need to be done - while time is running fast. i need to upload so many pics; yet.. argkhhh.. again, it takes time and such - which at the time being, i need to allocate it for somethg more crucial.

the writing part - i need to submit it real soon. papers starting next week on 23, 24 and 25/4. class dis Sunday. gotta run to mak's sekejap esok, coming back in ere on Saturday ptg. renovation rumah dah start - grill la, contractor la, apa la.. all in, in time ni la jugak! keje - dun start. it never be done until aku get the hell out of dis office - for good. God sake. and i jst cant wait for dat, too.

Penang trip aku dah missed like 3 times now. they keep on calling, fixed me new dates and such - but i jst cant see any perfect time for it. i cant be down in deep shait each time i am done wit the trip - for i cant afford to hav any negative energy in me, at time being. i am happy for i am in now, for wat i am now. be it.

dammit. its raining. gotta rush back. gym perhaps. and again - terperap in bilik study again, tonite!

i'll write more, definitely. for those yg msged me asking 'wats wrong wit the blog?', 'y the silence?' and such - thanks. i am so damn honored!

be back!

Monday, April 12, 2010

final day.. argkh.

It the last day. The boat shldve be in by 9am, but tak nampak2 lagi pun. Bosan jgk kena check out awal2 lagi mcm neh. Not many ppl arnd. Its a wkdays, watdya expct. Heh, i started to hate the whole idea - get bck to work, study and such. Argkh. Wish i can jst stay back in ere for coupla days more. Eat. Sleep. The beach. The sea. Stars. Sea breeze. Gym. Erk, gym? God sake. I forgot the whole shait. Thk i am getting 'bigger'. Heh. Aiyo, mana boat neh!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the sunset.

Its the sunset. Dinner time. So we had the dinner by the sea, watching the sun goes down. Time like dis u dun it to ends. Time like dis u never knw when its gonna come back. I had a great time. I had a blast great of time. Really.


And i thk i am getting darker. Tot i had enuf sunblock, sundefense watever not. Had a great time dis morning. 9am we off to Tioman Marine Park, and to Pulau Rengis after that. Frankly speaking, Pulau Rengis is way much better than the Marine Park. Ask me why, heh - i dun knw. Jst dat the fish, the coral reef is way much better. By noon, aku dah penat. Dehydrate sgt rasa. And all i need - is my beauty sleep.. Ptg ni nak berendam lagi, dpn bilik je la.


I has been a great vacation so far, apart frm the inefficiency during check in which has been a total disaster, the rest has been superb. Great wheather, nice food and good company.. Althought there are not as many activity as compare to redang, it is still nice. I guest it is not where u are but who u are with.. :-) going to marine park soon. Cant wait..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

nite @ Tioman

Its never better. And i never been dis alive. Happy. Lepak2 by the sea, hav a plain talk wit frens, do the ppl watching, the sea breeze, the stars et al. Damn. I gez i need no further explaination. U knw how it is. And u knw how it feels..


Tggu ABC, tggu rojak. Sape nak? P/S; frust la tak bley post pic to FB wall. Heh. I mean, HEH!


After get myslf a bit of sleeping, aku decided to hav a stroll by the beach, and its snapping time. Aku bring the camera arnd, its kinda hot still. The beach is like ok la, byk batu karang. And its kinda kotor. Air pasang tho. Tak de pun org2 mandi laut.. Heh. Cant wait to get myslf wet. Erm.. Be back.


Finally, for the first time aku alrdy ere. Paya Beach Resort @ Tioman. The sea is calm. The water is damn clear. And tak ramai org. Heh. Gotta change. Its berendam time! God knws how i love the beach. The sea. More than anythg at all. Heh.

finally.. yay!

Reached Mersing arnd 6.30am. And we missed our first boat which is supposed at 5am. So the other one wld be at 9am which makcik kaunter tiket tu like 'pi la mana2 dulu, 8.30am standby'. Bley? The journey was kinda torturous for the whole 6hrs plus, the bus was like tak berhenti at all, the driver was like terburu2 - asek langgar lampu merah je.. and nak terkenching Ya Rabbana! Heh. Smpai Mersing, tandas rosak. Kena la download all thang kat R&R Jetty neh. At time being, i am having my breakie now. Roti chanai 2kpg wit tea tarik krg manis gelas besar suam. And these guys r having nasik lemak masing2.. Cant wait for the bitch. Eh, the beach dat is. And the journey will be like 2hrs in the boat.. *yawn*


Heh. Shldve be on the bus by now, its nearly 12am alrdy, yet bus still still tak mandang. Obviously, its delayed. Sah2 la smpai Mersing pun lambat, and its surely hell kena catch the second trip redah laut to the other side at 9am. Paling busuk pun, 11am baru landing there. Bley? Its so damn hot kat Pudu neh, ventilator sharp at midnite dorg tutup. So - bepeluh2, damn fcuking stuffy. Pening seh! Heh. Geram plak rasa, delay2 neh. Kalo bus cap ayam ke, kindir ke - aku tak kisah. Ni Transnasional. Mcm.. argkh.

Friday, April 9, 2010

bisou - the bake shop!

Heh. Howdya pronouce it? U tell me! (for i knew it alrdy). Nah. Its not Bi-so. It aint Bi-soul God sake. Bisul? Euw. Its a CUP CAKE God forbid. Kerjeh lah. Its Bì-Su. Yeah. Bisu. And its a cup cake shop. Yay! Now dat i can do my gastronomic routine in KLCC, for Bisou is arnd. I use to cupcake-ing in Pavillion, The Curve as well for they r havin CupCake Chic, o yea. Bisou? Damn. The selections wld drive u ga ga. The taste drives u gu gu. Except the word Bisou. The gal there told me like 'abg nak bunyi BM ke, French?'. The spelling is French, yet the pronounciation is Malay. Bisu. Heh. I gez it deserve the purpose. Put it a bite ön mouth, and u go 'bisu'. Sedap, siot. Heh. Bisou-time. Daa!

5th day

Dah 5ari? Heh. Well dats the fact. Shall be checking out today. Wat time, aku yet think about it.. Cuma aku cant help to hav dis 'rasa tak sbr2' to start the journey for my anthr short breakaway. Aku teringat smlm, one of the kaunselor tny aku if aku went bald b'coz of a hair problem ke, aper.. I told him dat i was kinda comfortable wit dis head. And he told me i look kinda 'garang' in dis look. Heh. Really? And dat the client wld be scared. Heh. Again.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

4th day

Thk i started to feel 'tepu'. Its kinda nice to be away from the ofc., but then - the surrounding is kinda monotonous. Kecuali after ofc hr la.. Went thru the schedule, ada 3 slot - pg ni Kaunseling Individu, t'hari Kajian Kes 1 and ptg - Pembentangan Kajian Kes 1. Heh. I gez anther diskusi, and presentasi la kot. Skipped my breakie, for malas la nanti b'ulang pi washroom. Hope its gonna be a great day, today. And same goes to u!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Done wit the day. Finally. Awal lak tu. 4.15pm dah dismiss. Mr Badrul Hisham, psychologist from JPA kinda nice and good in delivering his talk - probably dia dah lama keje and byk pengalaman. So wat to do? Tdo? Heh.

3rd day

Its gonna be a long day, today. And i am jst about to start the day, yet i cant stop thking how its gonna end. Sleep early last nite. By 10.30pm, aku dah tdo2 ayam.. Jap tdo jap t'jaga. And 11.30pm, aku bgun tukar short and such, mandi2 sket, masuk tdo properly. And aku t'sdr by 6.30am when the alarm screamed out loud.. Skipped breakfast - dwn mkn is serving the same kinda meals, most of the time. So aku jalan slow2, lalu tp kantin and sggah for my daily dose of Nescafè. Its a normal day for me, today. Dun go ask me how normal, is normal - for its jst the same. I am looking forward to the end of the day, today. For at least dat'll be a great time, indeed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Bored nthg to do, aku decided to go to MidValley je la.. for dats the closest spot (at least) to INTAN neh. Tot of catching a movie je la kot, Clash of Titans perhaps. Tgk la.. apapun, aku lapar giler since aku skipped lunch today. Wld be nice if i cld catch a meal first. Again, tgk la.. At time being, aku having problems uploading pics thru FB Mobile. Pesal, ntah. Byk yg aku dah anta, tp tak masuk pun. They r not even on the wall, God sake.. Erm, nape eh?


No. Not dat jejantz. Or jejantas. Or, heh. It aint bohjan jgk. Its jajan. Its like some mknan ringan dat u cant help urslf away from keep on having it. Damn. Dats wat i do. I keep on buying all those kacang and few other thgs to keep my mouth moving. I had dis belief - keep ur mouth moving and ur eyes wont go stick to one another. Tak pulak aku tau ada yg t'tdo during dok mengunyah jajan. Heh. So today, aku skip lunch. Perut kenyang dek kacang kopok segala bagai. Heh. Matilewwmelkgumok.

2nd day

Had a gr8 sleep. Mlm ni tadak nyamuk. Wifi ada, tp lappy tak bwk. Gampang tak? So aku tenyeh guna hp je la. Mlm2 bley plak tgk FB, tp pg2 tdi tak bley plak. Kej. Sgt2 kej. Heh. Tgk schedule ari ni, so so la. Cuma there's 2 slots by dis psychologist yg adoo sgt. Suara merdu, tp slow giler, kept on asking 'setakat ni ada apa2 persoalan' again and again, but when question posted, she never 'answer' well. Selalu lari tajuk. Heh. All dis contribute my mind to fly like far far away to the MumuLand, and having a tuff time to force the eyelids utk bukak mcm biasak.. Erm, hope for the best lah, today.

Monday, April 5, 2010

1st day

Its refreshing knwing the fact dat i need not to walk to the hall and preach. And its great to realize the fact dat i am seeing and knwing new faces everyday, in ere. INTAN Bkt Kiara - i aint sure if the area is kinda huge, but God - the only thang dat i knw is, damn - i lost my way to the hall on my first day, dis morn. And i was sweating like a pig! Erm, a pink cute one heh. Dis morning, the session went well. We had dis Kiersey Personality Index Test. Heh, as xpcted - the results remain the same (i remember taking the same test in INTURA 2yrs back). I gez dats the personality is - ESFJ. I dun want to elobrate it tho. Gotta get goin. 2.30pm in the afternoon shall be starting the 3rd session, up till 4.30pm. Heh. Peanut. Erm, can i jst kursus ere, like.. forever? Hehe


Dammit, i cant sleep. I was like asyik t'jaga in the mid of the midnite and aku cld feel like my brain was like still working on thgs. Its like aku was kinda failed to mute it. Or shut it down for a while. Arnd 5.30am, aku t'sdr and was wondering - aku rasa mcm aku t'dgr s'thg. And was wondering wats the time and why on earth alarm hp aku tak b'bunyi2, where as i am pretty damn sure - it was supposed to, by then. And damn, the phone was sort of 'hang' and kena re-set the whole shyte. Nsb la awal lg. Kalo t'jaga at 8am, tak ke haru? Heh. Malas la nak bgun, mandi. Can i jst skip the taklimat at 8 nanti? Kat mana pun tatau. And heh, t'ingat soya cincau PappaRich la plak. Argkh.


Alone. And dats the thang. I knw it'd be nice. But to thk it bck, i dun thk i can be like dis up till 9th. Heh. The room ok. Ok2 sgt kalo nak compare wit INTURA. Mcm hotel pun ada, cuma kena msuk before 12am. Had supper wit Hazman, Budd, Arel, Hairie, Wawa, Pinkie and Za'ama. Had a great time. Hazman shldve send me bck, tp last2 Arel and Hairie je since otw to their places. Erm, gotta leave for MumuLand now. Wonder wats in store, for trow. Gnite.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


My latest obsession? Raymond vs Raymond of Usher. Damn. Its hot. Its nice and listenable. I was all over on most of the tracks, try listen to Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home). And leave it to ur head how its gonna be. Hehe.. And yeah, Glee OST. I managed to hav it thru the net, of coz. Most of the tracks. My fav? Dammit, of coz its Halo/Walking On Sunshine and Lean on Me. I keep on having em played, over and over again. Otw now, ETA arnd 3.30pm. I shall then str8 off to Bukit Kiara for registration and such.. And, do u believe me if tell u dat ada lalat atas bus neh? Ada sekor je pun, tp dok kaco aku like freakin shyte dat i cant sleep, and i cant lay still. Damn, i wish i bck at home. So dat aku cld Ridsect dis small creature down! Heh.

travel-lite, wat?

aku must confess dat another weakness of me is - packing for traveling.. gosh - kalo bley the whole house aku nak bawak. and aku jst cant stop. the more aku left the bag open - the more aku'd stuffed in thgs. heh! and for the next like 10 days aku away from the house - aku dah pack like 2 bags (not dat big, medium size) - one for official, and another one for the non-official. bley? mak was like 'along nak pindah terus ke..' kinda thang. dun smile like dat la bro.. byk nak bwk wat! baju keje, baju batik, baju tido, suar slack, suar jean, suar bwh lutut, suar tido, suar kecik, kain pelikat, toiletries, perfumes, ties, socks, belts, kasut keje, kasut tak keje, kasut selipar.. and the list goes on. crazy? nah, i aint. i think u do - for if i dun bring all dis, i mght ended up being crazy. erk, dats somethg else.

the fever dah ok sket - aku telan Brufen je senang. kills off my body ache and lower down the temperature.

gotta go. mak dah bising - mandi belum, bekpes belum et al.



semlm - Malam Kebudayaan & Kesenian KPPUK/KPPAS berjalan lancar. tho it was held under keadaan yg btol2 wit budget and facilities yg terhad - aku cld see dat all the stdnts were having fun. seein em all havin fun - makes me feel kinda good, too. around 11pm, aku dah smpai rumah. havin a bit of headache, the temperature was still raging and aku jst cldnt think of anythg at all - cuma nak mandi, and off for MuMuland. smpai rumah - i was thinkin dat mak abah dah tido - but they were not atually; dok tunggu aku balik.. so aku lepak la kejap, sembang2 and such. mak was sort of complaining dat i was 'sibuk keje sgt, tak sempat nak rehat.. mak dtg rumah pun keje..' kinda thang. i wish i cldve done somethg about dat - but i wasnt sure how.. and the 'interviewing session' went on until mak suruh aku naik for aku 'nampak penat.. pi la tido'. heh. and Soleh - his convo dis coming Monday - trow, dat is.. sorry adik, along tak dpt pi.. kursus pulak! :-(

nthg much lately. been wondering about coupla thgs - but i think, i'd be better off leave it as it is. somethg, s'times in life better left wit no answer, i think. beside i've been counting for another break - life's jst like dat..

shall be leavin for KL - INTAN Bukit Kiara to be precise - at 12.30pm jap lagik. and aku yet to pack a thang. and 9 - 12, aku'll be in an island..

i'll be back, tp mobile la kot.. i aint bringin the lappy. heh.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April bodo..

aint a fool!
(but April is!)

woke up damn pretty late today! aku tak sedar bila aku hit the snooze and the snooze went off like - heh, merajuk terus tak bunyi2.. sedar2 dah like 6.30am.. Subuh belum, apa pun belum.. kelam kabut jugak aku.

its a brand new day. its a brand new spirit. say watcha want - i know its a mid of the week alrite. but there is nothg wrong to start a beand new day, like everyday rite? theres no general order (GO, dat is) saying dat 'never ever start ur brand new day in the mid of the week' watever not. heh! and flipping thru my schedule - i was like.. yayyy!! i am only havin OSCE at2 rite up till 5. and thank God - its Mr Zul yg jadi Chief, not Nazri. God Lord - i rather kill myself if its Nazri heh! erk - sorry. negative energy. shooo shoooooo..

and its the 1st of April. damn. the so-called April Bodoh. i gotta be prepare myself. not dat i interested in pulling other ppl's legs, tp most of the time.. aku yg kena 'kencing' (erk, bukan kencing tikus.. ok). pe pun - awal2 pg dah ada sorang aku kenakan. hahahaha.. it wldnt be dat grande. tp simple je. muahahaha

gotta go. gotta get goin. its Thursday! huhu