Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i think i've made a pack. its gonna hurt, alrite. but then - if dats the road i hav to follow, i shall then go wit the flow. i hav to bear wit the consequences. i've made a mistakes - and for the first time, i am OK wit the tot of - i shall accept wat ever it is.

Mr Gomez called me up at 7pm s'thg jst now - MAKNA A Meaning Of Life - Reaches Out Programme community service will running down in ere - in Ipoh for the first time, and its gonna be kinda grand dis weekend. he was asking me if i'd spare some time joining them to run the whole thang. its been a while since i last join MAKNA nyer programme. join em, to be around wit em, the patients and all - makes me feel so comfort, brave and givin me sort of spirit to walk on wit life. the suffer, the pain and such. damn i feel like at home.

it'd nice if i can go. but in the other hand - i am havin somethg planned which i've been waiting for it, for ages.

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