Thursday, March 11, 2010


despite aku rasa a bit penat and easily tired - aku've been thru kinda hectic day, today. masuk keje at 7am - aku dah started workin. damn - aku really 'do work' today, God sake. i mean - not much of other unnecessary thgs, alrite. heh. its not like all the other day aku tak keje la.. tp tak la se-busy mcm neh. by 7am - aku managed to settle up coupla thgs and by 8 to 10am, Pengarah ajak ber-diskusi la, Hafiz plak sibuk ajak minum for he 'needs to talk to me' on coupla thgs - his personal thang, alrite. and 10.30 am rite till like 11.45am - aku ada tutorial plak.. heh. nothg much - i wasnt dat structured - so aku diskus regarding their up coming soon-to-pass-up assignment. by the time aku tinggal je lecture hall - and dats the hell time, alrite. they started to flock into my room for more explanation and such.. at 2pm, aku hav like 5 stdnts in-line seeing me regarding their HSR. and goin thru one by one, like - heh, i need some extra air, God sake.

aku received sort of confirmation letter - i gotta be there in INTAN Bukit Kiara for a course on Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Menerusi Kaunseling dis coming 5 - 9 April. phewww! finally. official break-away out from dis office, hell yeah! yayyy!!

theres a msg in the inbox over my FB - making me smiling from ear to another. it sounds like dis -

"hey shah got a confession to make. i am one hell of a silent reader of ur blog tp x pernah comment and i find ur writing is full of black humor kind of written by some bro in t Bronx tp intersperse with m'sian twang n humor bley? keep updating n i do thoroughly enjoy reading ur writes.."

i dun know wat to say. and i gez i need not to say anythg at all. and i am jst glad! thanks..

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