Saturday, March 6, 2010

subconscious mind? wtf?

"we r where we r becoz we r wat we r, and we r wat we r becoz of the character of our accumulated consciousness, our mode of thinking..". nice, isnt it? well, i do believe in so. its the truism of the new psychology. ur a success of a failure - very largely becoz of the character of ur tots.

if u think in terms of mediocrity, or constant fear - ur inevitably the victim of those negative tots. dammit - trust me; ur not gonna succeed.

if u think in terms of self-confidence - or determination, if u hav a wide vision, mission, and if u hav a great interests - dat is the law. dats the first step-to-u-know-where. sooner or later u'd objectify in external manifestation dat which u store up wit in.

so much of subconscious mind.


ezam said...

dulu asal ambik subjek psych je mesti pening2 lalat....lagi2 clinical psych...haisshh...

jerry maguire, jr. said...

ezam -

i loikeee!