Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stupidity around u!

i am having a headache today - so many thgs to be done, yet i had a ciput kinda time in hand. shut up - i know wat it is. its Time Management, arse-owl. i was supposed done wit the pemurnian soalan for formatif/sumatif yg started since smlm - but then, tiber2 Mr Zul called me up to assist coupla thgs 'yg sepatutnya dah siap, yet it did not' kinda thang. f*uk! and like - eh, aku tadak keje lain ke? and so thg goes into the drain, berpinau2 bijik mata aku tgk screen lappy like aku wanna puke out rite on the screen alrite so dat Mr Zul wld like 'ok Shah, ko tak sihat.. sile balik bilik dan rehat kat bilik yerrr..' kinda thang. heh. in my bloody freakin dream!

and aku kept on receiving dis bloody shait kinda msges - aku not sure who it is, God sake i dun who it, whose number it is. the first msg was like 'u look kinda nice guy physically dat i'd like to know u better' hell yeah. i asked - who is dis, where do u get the number and such.. but to no answer. and the msges keep on coming in - and i started to bug me like fuckin shait. after a while - aku ended up sendin a msg to tell quit playin games for i aint interested in one, and if its goin on like dat - dat wld be my last msg.. and i did keep my word well, yet the msges keep on coming in. adoiii.. wat kinda sick in mind is dis? wat kinda stupidity, God sake is dis? pervert? up till now - i still receive msges from the same number - yang aku rasa tak perlu la kot aku reveal wat it is - and aku ignore je each msges wit the tot of - damn, the sender wld be tired soon.

wat la..

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