Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i wanted to help. theres nothg in between. i jst wanna help. i want everybdy to be happy. to be able to live life as it is - to share thgs, loves, attention and such. for life is too short for any argument. for any bad tots. life is too short to be damn selfish - when u started to think about urself - again and again, and starting to forget dat others might as well need some space to breathe, some space to live their own life; as it is.. and need a bit of time to make their own self happy, for they might not be as happy as the way u can be.

in a way - i feel bad. i am not sure if i am doin the rite thg. and i gez - dis put me in sort of difficult situation. not dat i am complaining - for demi Allah - i do wanna help. jst dat may be - did i do it in a rite way? did i hurt s'one else's heart? God.

for who dis may concern - jst live life as it is. its urself first dat u hav to take care of, make urself happy - for if u dun care about urself, u wont be able to care a thang about anythg at all.. and if ur not happy, u dun expect others to be happy as well, kan? and dun bother too much about wat ppl mght say - its so subjective for ppl love to see thgs, in their own perspective, not considering how its gonna be for ur own sake.

life is about sharing. and caring. u know wat dat means. and life is too short to complicate the whole thang - badly; dat one day u'll regret for complicating it too much u lose ur time in enjoying it well..



thoyol said...

i think that for sure, that you can only hope for the best for them..


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sHaH said...

i don't quite get it but what i do know is live life to the fullest..