Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Selasa nyer citer..

start my day wit goin thru all dis memos, surat2 yg ntah mana2 dtg, 2 new mags, bills (of course) and few stdnt's nyer asgments yg sama2 gigih memenuhkan aku nyer pigeon hole tu. nyaris la it sticks well to the wall, kalo tak sah2 la berhambur ke lantai. heh. bill bill bill (tetiber rasa mcm Destiny Child plak.. ermm). Mr Bong walked around the rooms, calling for another meeting - dis time around meeting pemurnian soalan formatif/sumatif and nama aku sah2 la ada situ.. heh. all those Psychology/Sociology and Psychopathology - Nursing/Community/Medical. so - i was like in the meeting room wit all the bishops - betulkan, rejecting and rearrange the whole thang. alhamdulillah - soalan aku ok2 je.. sket2 je ere and there.. tp, Hafiz and KF's kena reject mentah2. heh. and siap kena sindir2 dpn lecturer lain plak.. aiyooo

and aku started the day wit kinda mixed feeling - aku received dis bad news - one of member aku waktu basic medicine dulu; commit suicide - he took dis Paraquat 100ml, off into a coma and meninggal dunia last Saturday. aku was like terkejut giler.. its Mageswaran. he's a nice guy, chaotic, easy going and love to crack jokes and such. 100ml Paraquat? God Lord - a tea-spoon pun dah enuf to kill u - slow wit deep pain of course. and dis is like 100ml! masyaAllah. and Ruzi - my fellow colleague (her hubby past away like a month back) called me; crying her hear out for she was like so serabut and needed to talk to someone. and dat was the first time ever - i talked to her. all dis while she was jst msg me thru the mobile. i feel bad - i wanna do more, definitely. i dun know how it feels, but i know how bad it is - the kids keep on asking 'ma, mana abh' kinda thang - no matter how strong gal ur; deep down - Ya Allah, Tuhan je yg tau.. so i was jst do the listening, let her cry out, console her a bit ere and there till she stopped crying and said 'thank God, i talked to u' kinda thang. i feel like crying too - for i wish i know how the pain is like..

heh. i'll be leaving the building soon - gym at 3pm. and mlm ni, insyaAllah - aku cdg nak pi tgk ayah Ajak yg still kat ICU wit his MVA wit SAH.

damn - dis Alicia Keys is killing me! i am having her singing in my head - eversince semlm lagik. so slruuppppp-icously sexy. heh.

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ezam said...

bak sini nomor nti ade masalah nk ngadu kt inchek gak ar....