Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sedim, Kulim, Kedah.

i wanted to post these above pics long time ago - its been weeks now, i know. but - biasa lah. i wasnt dat bz, yet kdg2 mls. dats the thg. but i finally did dis. heh. abes citer. and i dun think i'd go and put captions individually - mls la.. so many of it. hope u'll love the pics all rite - as much as i do. dis was my private, family thang - which i really enjoyed myself up to the max. it was a bit susah nak kumpul all family together for some outting - masing2 bz. ni pu Kak Yang and family was not around - for they r still out there in Leeds. so Kak Yang - dun eat heart, eh. we'll hav another grand one, insyaAllah - bila Yang balik sini, eh!

heh. darn i feel like today is Monday!

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