Friday, March 19, 2010

Pullman Lakeside, Putrajaya.

I always wanted to come ere. And stay in ere, as well. Been ere once during b'buka puasa last Ramadhan, and i remember keeping it to myslf, i hav to come in ere, again. Stayin in. And may be, photohunting as well. Gez wat? I am in, today! Staying in the Borneo block, the room is freaking superb! I managed to get a nice price, for a nice room. Heh. FYI, aku neh bkn jns fond of staying kat hotel2 mahal. Bkn tak mampu, tp bg aku stkt nak tdo, mandi, tkr bju.. tak pyh la mhl2 ko. Bg aku la. Tp dis Pullman is really sthg. Hehe.. Worth paying.. i thk. Big bed, pluffy pillows (and so many of em!), nice washroom and a lot more. Heh. Tak kuar bilik pun tak pe la kot..
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