Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nasik krabs hell yeah!


brunch? dis is wat i had. nasik krabs plus sambal sotong. heh. shut up. i know - kinda heavy. i will then - skip my lunch, my dinner, even my breakie fro trow - if needed. heh. as if! aku dgn Ajak tried out dis new stall by the main road - yg baru bukak, tp dah ramai org.. and it happens to be like.. 'wooowww!..'. the food not bad - tho Ajak initially merepek2 jugak since 'pe neh, sumer menu Kelantan mari je?' kat aku. he ended up makan nasik lemak, which he was like 'sedap jgk, Shah!' to me. aku plak - pe lagik, nasik krabs lah! i am proud myself for havin a perfect well-balanced meal today - starting the day; nasik wit sayur fresh (the ulam2, it is), sotong and such. erk. i know. can we forget about the calories and such, for a while? i am tryin to enjoy life in ere! heh.

KF buat hal. changed the schedule sesuka-suki hati dia je.. and effected my schedule as well. tiber2 Mr Bong called me up - saying aku ada kelas dgn budak2 Ajak - on Antacids and H2 Receptor Blockers - on Clinical Pharmacology, to be precise. pe neh? no earlier info pun? its not like aku tak bley ngajar. material sumer dah ada. tp aku need some preparation on it. aku need to be well-mastered on it. dats my principle. and Pharmacology is not my core pun. heh! and abes jadual aku ari neh la.. mengong. so - after kena panggil dek Mr Bong, aku panggil la KF. and dia - mcm biasak - trying so hard to find some other soft spot yg dia bley point to, and put the blame on. heh. sorry - dgn aku, jgn main2. kalo bab ISO sumer - sedap je komplen org. tp keje senirik mcm gampang. bosan aku.

perut dah kenyang. mata ngantok. lambat lagik pkul 5pm.

cemaneh? haha


Anonymous said...

leesapnye. nnt bawak fad g tmpat tu!

Ez ChaEz said...

salam... hi... :) ... ez of brunei..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

fad - surely hell! dtg la..

hi Ez!