Monday, March 29, 2010



reached home before Magrib - tho i know i did mention dat i wanna be home way early.. theres so many thgs to be done - yet i am kind of doubtful i do hav time for em all. i need to get all dis huge piles of exam papers, asgments to be marked before 1st April. or before i leave the office for like a week plus away from it. and OSCE to run. clinical reports and such - dammit i wish i cld be havin more hands than wat i am havin, now.

reached home - aku dah totally exhausted. mentally. physically. hit the shower, had a lite dinner and aku dah tersadai in my lazy chair, doin the channel surfing. theres coupla thgs caught my attention on History Channel - somethg about The Universe et al. and dat wldnt help me to stay put on it - i still jump from one to another - Lady GaGa's new clip Telephone - looks kinda kinky as well.. and by the time the big mug of OJ was done, and aku started to tersengguk2 like a parrot, aku climbed upstairs.. heh, the nite has jst begun. i gotta get thgs goin - doin the marking thang. shait.

ermm.. i was havin dis Antacid & H2 Receptor Blockers class wit budak2 Sem 2, when aku 'marah' dis boi for sleeping by tellin off 'where hav u been? to the Wonderland?' kinda thang and - heh, somethg caught my attention, again. i was wondering when the boys said 'not a Wonderland sir.. its MuMuLand!!'. i was like.. *gulpp* wat ur sayin? wheredya ppl get dat? and no one said a word.. erm, suspicious. suspicious. my blog? heh. i dun think so. my previous FB? non of the stdnts were in the list. heh!

Pinkie dah smpai rumah, alhamdulillah. she went thru a long day, God sake. and driving thru the heavy rain, on the high-way was not an easy thg to do. Johan sms-ed me - he was in the MuMuLand rite dr ptg tadik, until jst now around Isya'. and Chen - heh, i wonder where he is at.

gotta go. gotta start my thang now. or else - i'd be ended up sleepin, doin nthg.


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chen said...

chen kena molested by miss ong....