Monday, March 22, 2010


saper nak - angkat tangan!

back to work, as usual. checkin my mails - the snail mails dat is - full of trash. memos and such. heh. my emails? dat is s'thg else. flipping thru my schedule for the day - ermm.. not to say n'thg much either, but.. heh, i think shld be ok la kot. i'll be invigilating 2 papers, today. helping out my colleagues to be precise - dat is 8.30am till 9.30am - Anatomy & Physiology, 2.30pm - 3.30pm - Clinical Pharmacology. i think i am havin a class to run as well - at 10.30am rite up till 12.30pm - Introduction on Sociology wit the juniors. heh. think i'd be taking less than 2hrs la kot to deliver. its a short topic and i bet the students will be begging for some 'time off' nak go thru books and such - for they r havin papers - like a lot of it, dis whole week.

awal2 pagi lagik makcik cleaner dah hulur nasik lemak sebungkus kat aku.. heh. smells better! and CC aku plak bagi donuts - aku was like.. aiyooo.. nak sabotaj kah? tp rezeki. aku terima je la.. and as usual - stdnt2 yg dtg lepak bilik aku nyer rezeki la jwb nya!

its Monday. watdya expect? i was like in the class, yet my mind still wandering somewhere else..


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