Friday, March 19, 2010


Woke up early dis morn., i didnt sleep dat much pun mlm tdi. Cld be b'coz of too hot. Or cld be thgs in my mind. No, pls. Dis time arnd, nthg biggie. I am glad thgs go on as usual, and dat i managed to make up coupla decisions yg all dis while i dun i'd be able to do so; makes me feel like.. wow. I knw. It sounds foolish. But come stepping in my shoes, for a day or two. Then u'd comprehend. I am sad still, for i wont be able to up wit my initial plan dat i've planned mths ago, but i gez its ok. It'd do good for everybdy. As long as ppl'd be smiling and thks its ok wit it, i gez i am ok wit it. I dun thk i'd go planning such plan, anymore. I am running out of time. Anyway, dat wont be a big deal, tho. Tadak rezeki la kot. Its ok. I gez, dats life is. Its like we r travelling on the hi way, at nite - wit the lampu on. U cld see wats infrnt of u, under the bright lite. And nthg beyond dat. We cld go planning thgs, hoping and wishing for the very best. We work out thgs well, hoping everythg wld be alrite. Yet, the end result - it dpnds. One thg dat i've learn, again and again - expectation. U knw wat i mean. And damn, dis Alicia Keys really drives gu gu wit her freakin voice.. Heh.

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