Wednesday, March 31, 2010


can i hav more coffee, pls!!

nothg much for today - i need to finish up the marking, key in the marks.. and i am done then. but then - looking at stdnts' papers - aku dah cukup mau jadik gila mcm neh.. soalan kacang (as for me - for it is so not analytical nyer soalan pun!), klu dah kasik, latihan dah buat.. tp still.. taik jugak yg aku dpt. ada yg jst salin soalan, ada yg MCQ lnsg tak bley jawab.. aiyoooo! my blood really goes up-stairs lah!

be it la.. no one can go questioning my P&P. i know wat i am doin. and its not like dr 108 stdnts - sumer flat on the ground. cuma ada 7 - 8 ekor ni je.. yg sah2 aku kenal muka, sah2 aku kenal siapa. yg kaki korek idung dlm kelas and getting high for it, yg kaki tido dlm kelas and lost conscious for it, yg seeing me but seeing thru me and.. erk - i dun know if they r or not getting high on it lah! hahaha.. heh. i did my part. if theres no readi-ness, if they dun wanna learn - who am i to force em? i aint no their daddy! let alone their mummy larr!! kej.

sometimes aku rasa sdey dgn budak2 skang neh - taking thgs for granted. taking thgs easy - heh.. 'lecturer will giv us notes, lecturer will giv us all.. all we hav to do, is get out arses seated, and listen. understand it or not.. lain kira..' aku ingat my own time - last time, so different. everythg is on own effort. tp ye lah - tak kena jugak nak compare dulu and skang.. wldnt be fair pun.. heh.


Josh said...

Errk...sebijik like what I'm thinkin. Cuma yang bezanyer, they don't get high when looking at me. They drool, pastu terus takut.

Drool pasal lecturer dia hensem.
Takut pasal lecturer dia garang oooooo..


alhaqimi said...

haha...panggil je budak2 cam nie...menyirap sgt...

kalo dapt lect cam SS pon leh jd cam nie...susahla kan...hehe...!