Monday, March 29, 2010

losing the much-ness?

cant really sleep last nite - thgs running in my head as usual. and it was pretty damn hot, as well. i had my weekend well-occupied wit thgs - dat by 10pm; i was alrdy in bed.. and as usual - unfortunately for me - by 3am i was alrdy there, lying seein the ceiling, staring into the blank darkness, aimlessly. and today - i woke up wit thee feelin of numb, a bit of lazy dat i had to drag myself to the wash room - to start the whole new day.

started my days back on the track - earlier than i think i wld be. nothg to be much ado off actually - its Monday, God sake. and to start ur Monday wit dis kinda feelin in u is the last thg i wanna do, hell yeah.

i did somethg bad - last nite. s'thg i never think of doin, it was so foolishly idiot of me - to jump into shait like dat. i acted like a child, jst for some silly idiot petty thg. i regret it God sake. i am tremendously ashamed of it, really.

and i managed to do one thang i wanna do for quite a long time. its gonna be tough. i am gonna miss it alrite. but i hav to - sooner or later. no one wld ever realized it, one day. the absence. dat is.

starting counting days. for somethg yg betul2 mean a lot to me.

and i cant wait.

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