Saturday, March 6, 2010

life is journey..

l i f e ?

most of us at some time in our lives hav had, or looked forward to an exciting journey. be it to anywhere on earth, at all. very often - it is not jst the journey - but wat we as individuals put into it. a journey to see ur love ones. a journey wit ur lovely frens et al. we look at it in a certain way; we permeate it wit s'thg dat is in ourselves - the events become alive wit the exuberance of our own spirit. u love the sea. the highlands. a journey on an outing to the sea or into the country - the day, the journey - every minute is fraught wit excitement.

life is a journey it self. and it aint a destination. for dats wat they say. life is a journey and it shld be an exciting journey wit its ups and downs, its uncertainties, its joys and sorrows, its trial and tribulations. its successes and its failures. its the variety, the uncertainty dat shld make it exciting; for these r the spice of the life.

life concerns us all. me. u. all of us. we hav many books about life - perhaps u read a lot on it, as well. how to live life, and such. there r books in which author avers dat life begins at forty. heh. why does it takes so long - to start a life? a real one, dat is. another writes dat life begins at fifty. God sake! so where DOES life begins? ask me - for i am about to ask u the same thang.

from the time we r born, it can be exciting, adventurous journey of trial and error, exploration and discovery. so long as we look on life as a road along which we find new experiences, new knowledge, new learning - we shall continue really to live; and the variety of our experiences will carry us on to the end..

from birth - the instinct is to seek pleasurable experiences and sensations. dis search causes us - to reach out in even-widening circles for more and more pleasures.. we gain pleasure and we tend to repeat the experiences; conversely we learn to avoid the experiences which bring pain or dissatisfaction.

now - if u ask me; wat life is? i mght as well jst shrug my shoulder. and i mght as well tell u dis - go live life, for u hav the chance of doing so. live life, and learn. for u'd be in regret - one day, knowing dat - dat is life's gonna leaves u behind, while ur still having tonnes in store.

wat life is.

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