Tuesday, March 16, 2010

its Tuesday!

skipped lunch today. i din even hav my brunch like aku used to pun, today. i remember only had a big mug of Milo (euw!) and a various colors of pills and such - off aku went out to work. feel like kinda sleepy, yet it aint make any use pun when aku tried to close my eyes - it wont help pun. the fact is - i am havin all lobes of the brain - workin like shait. heh. penat la..

coupla stndts dtg lepak bilik aku durin lunch time tadik - sembang2 for they din go out for meals either. kinda nice to hav em around. the jokes, the gossips and such. they r the only thang - at time being - yg really makes me feel i am alive, havin my both feet on the ground.

reached home after the karaoke - final selection semlm, around 12.30am. aku totally knocked out - penat mental and fizikal. sampai rumah, pressed baju, mandi and solat - aku terus dozed off. by 5.30am - i had a nite mare, dragging myself off to bilik air mandi, solat and siap2 pi kerja.. i know theres nothg much in store for me today - kinda leisure - no classes no such; cuma aku need to make sure all yg aku dah re-scheduled dulu, worked out properly. so - i was there doin my clinical teachin kat Psyche Setting/Wards wit the stndts discussing on hallucination, delusion and a bit of MSE in general.

and by noon - aku dah settled. aku still hav coupla thgs bugging my head - i gez tak pe la.. its not like i am not doin my part. i worked hard for it. and may be i shld put a space in it - so dat everybdy can breath well, and do the thinkin and such. it hurts alrite. but i gotta think in better way - tryin so hard not to be a self-centered kinda bloke. its like que sera sera la kot - wat ever will be, will be. 'accept it as it is, and carry on wit life..', as someone told me. it hurts. really. but heh - do i hav any choices left, to choose?

and i gez - dats life.

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