Tuesday, March 30, 2010

its.. erk - Tuesday!

ppl say its the past dat mold u into wat ur now. the experience. the pain u went thru, the betrayal and such. makes u into someone ur now - dats wat they say. it doesnt takes a genius to figure out dat particular one. u know it, as well.

erm - i am not sure why on earth i am rambling on dat.. but i gez dats wat in my head even before i jumped into my MuMuLand, God sake.

done marking around 1am in the morn., i was like cldnt help myself to keep on peeping the crib for i was like so mengantuk giler last nite - but damn; i managed! done wit the first part - MCQs, aku terus masuk tido! in no time at all - i dozed off, and the next thg i know, i was there lying, terjaga from the sleep since anjing Cina belakang rumah aku howling like hell - and it was like 4.30 in the morn. arkhh.. u know rite away dat i cant go sleeping like a beauty queen rite after dat, eh? so i went down stairs, into my bilik baju-baju keje.. and started to pick - mix and match; wat to wear for today. pressed em all, get the rite tie and such. i realized like 1/4 of my working shirts aku dah tak hav em on for about 2 months plus now.. which means - i gotta take em out from the wardrobe and put em aside. i remember reading somewhere - kalo baju dah tak pakai for more 2 months, u shld 'get rid of em' for theres a possibility dat ur not gonna hav em on, after dat!

and aku did somethg i never did before - aku trim rambut aku sendiri at 4.30am, and aku did some shaving over my goatee and such. heh.. i did it well pun!

i gez dats life is - a simple as it is. it wldnt be dat bad - as long as u wld be able to hold on to dis three.. the ability to learn, to re-learn, and to un-learn.

i think life can be meaningful then, eh? morning anyway!

tinggal misai and janggut sajork!


ezam said...

ade lagi terlupe nk mensyen....



jerry maguire, jr. said...

euw. haha